Admission to study abroad ( Guide for international students)

Getting started with a comprehensive admission to study abroad guide in this article.  Today we will explain Why you should go study abroad, the Top ten Universities where go abroad,  applying processrequirements, the best admission abroad consultants, admission Guidelines, tuition Fees & scholarships, and more facts. 

Why should you go study abroad? 

Studying abroad helps us to learn about new languages, and the richest traditions,  overcome the challenges of living in another country,  appreciate other cultures, and gain a larger understanding of the world. 

1. Top quality education: 

Of course, your destination is always going to be to get the highest quality of education (possible), no matter where you study. 

Becoming a foreign student can comprehensively broaden your study options. All The Same, why be limited to choosing a college/ university in your home country?

Often, the best choice for international students may be to study at a foreign college/ university. For example, the UK,  USA,  Australia, and Canada all have Exceptionally highly considered higher education systems, and a huge percentage of the world’s top-ranking high education Institutes are in these few countries.

2. Experience a different culture:

You can get a comprehensive experience of a different culture to study abroad.  

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad for international candidates is the chance to become immersed in a different environment. On the other hand 

While living abroad, international students will be able to hear traditional music, try new foods, have a go at local activities, and explore everything else including traditional activities.

3. Learn a New language

You must have to know English if you are not a native English speaker to study abroad.  Without it, You must also have proper knowledge of the mother language of the country you wish to visit.

4. Become independent

Normally you can not get an independent life when you become truly independent from your family. However, when you study abroad in a foreign country then you will have an independent life. That can not get from your family and country. 

5. Career opportunities

Studying abroad provides your career prospects. Studying abroad helps you to get comprehensive Career opportunities that are accredited worldwide.  Provides special benefits for international jobs affairs.


10 abroad study university list of top

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is a comprehensive private Ivy League research co-educational university,  located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1636. The university is the oldest educational institution in the USA and among the most prestigious worldwide. There are the best common course programs: Economics; Econometrics and quantitative; Computer science; 

Social sciences; Applied mathematics ;

Political science and government etc.

Brief Description

Ranked: 1

Founded: 1636

Founder: Massachusetts General Court

Location: Cambridge, USA

Avg cost after aid: $15K

Acceptance rate: 5%

Graduation rate: 96%

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, abbreviated to MIT, is a private land-grant co-educational university, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and founded in 1861.

It is one of the best technical education institutes in the world. 

Brief Description

Ranked: 2

Students: 11,934 (Fall 2021)

Founded: 1861

Founder: Massachusetts General Court

Location: Cambridge, USA

Application Deadline: 5 January

Avg cost after aid: $17K

Acceptance rate: 7%

Graduation rate: 94%

3. Stanford University

Stanford University, officially known as Leland Stanford Junior University, is a comprehensive research private university,  located in Stanford, California, USA. There are 17,000 total enrollments in this University.  

Brief Description

Ranked: 3

Students: 11,934 (Fall 2021)

Founded: November 11, 1885

Founder: Leland and Jane Stanford

Location: Stanford, USA

Graduation rate: 94%

Avg cost after aid: $11K

Acceptance rate: 5%

Application Deadline: 5 January

4. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology,  abbreviated to CIT, is the best technical co-educational private university.  Located in Pasadena, USA, and was founded in 1891. There is some best common program course available: Computer science; Electrical and electronics engineering; Physics; Mechanical engineering; Biology/biological sciences etc.

Brief Description

Ranked: 4

Students: 2,397 (2021–22)

Founded: September 23, 1891

Founder: Amos G. Throop

Location: Pasadena, USA

Graduation rate: 94%

Avg cost after aid: $24K

Acceptance rate: 7%

Graduation rate: 89%

5. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a comprehensive collegiate research co-educational university,  located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founded in 1209 by Henry III.  

Brief Description

National Rank: 1

World Rank: 4

Quality of Education Rank: 3

Total enrollment: 21,656

Founded: 1209

Location: Cambridge, UK

Acceptance rate: 21%

6. Princeton University

Princeton University is a comprehensive research private Ivy League co-educational university, located in Princeton, New Jersey, and Founded in 1746. 

Brief Description

Ranked: 6

Students: 8,419 (Fall 2019)

Founded: 1746

President: Christopher L. Eisgruber

Location: Princeton, USA

Academic staff. 1,289

Total staff: 7,300

Graduation rate: 97%

Acceptance rate: 6%

Avg cost after aid: $11K

7. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate comprehensive research co-educational university, located in Oxford, England, and established in 1096. This is the second-oldest university in the world. 

Brief Description

Ranked: 7

Total enrollment: 25,820 ( 2020)

Founded: 1096

Location: Oxford, UK

Acceptance rate: 17.5%

8. Yale University

Yale University in New Haven is a comprehensive research private Ivy League co-educational university, founded in 1701 as a collegiate school and located in New Haven, Connecticut. 

This university is the third-oldest institution of higher education among the most prestigious in the world.

Brief Description

Ranked: 8

Total enrollment: 12,060 ( 2020)

Academic staff: 4,869 (Fall 2019)

Founded: 1701

President: Peter Salovey

Location: New Haven, USA

Acceptance rate: 17.5%

9. The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a comprehensive private research university, located in Chicago, Illinois. It was established in 1890.  The university’s main campus is located: in Chicago’s Hyde Park Outskirts. 

 Brief Description

Total enrollments: 18,452

Undergraduates: 7,559

Postgraduates: 10,893

Academic staff: 2,859

President: A. Paul Alivisatos

Provost: Ka Yee Christina Lee

Founded: 1890

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

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10. University of California – (Berkeley Campus)

The University of California in Berkeley is a public land-grant comprehensive research university, located in Berkeley, California. It was founded in 1868 as the University of California. This is the first campus of the University of California System and the state’s 1st land-grant comprehensive University. 

It has some best common course programs: Electrical and electronics engineering (EEE), Computer science, Econometrics, and quantitative economics, Political science and government, and  Cell/cellular and molecular biology. 

Brief Description

Ranked: 10

Total enrollment: 45,057 

Total staff: 23,524 

Founded: 1868

Chancellor: Carol T. Christ

Location: Berkeley, USA

Graduation rate: 91%

Avg cost after aid: $15K

Acceptance rate: 17%

How to get admission abroad after 12th

You have to participate in exams like ACT, SAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL exam to study abroad after 12th. These exams are some of the important standardized exams which learners can take to study abroad.  The choice of test Incessantly depends on the Institute,  course,  course duration and country where you want to go. 

Study abroad admission guide for international students

Here is a step-by-step admission guide to studying abroad for international students.  Just mentioning the points list, visit the Institute’s website for more details.

  1. selection a country and university

2. Check eligibility and pre-requisites

3. Meet an Academic Advisor/ education counselor

4. Passport and visa

5. Review your finances

6. Apply online

7. Pack your bags and depart

8. Apply for financial aid.

Best admission abroad consultants

SICAS Consulting Agency is one of the best comprehensive Admission requirements to study abroad consultants based in China. This Consulting Agency helps foreign students from any country get into any education Institute in China.


Below, the consultant’s Agency offers one-on-one counseling services:

  • Study Abroad Planning
  • Airport pickup
  • Enrollment Guarantee Service
  • Future career counseling
  • University Transfer Services

They also provide the following standard consulting services, including: 

  • Admissions application and tracking
  • Letter of Acknowledgment sent to students
  • Scholarship application services,w
  • Booking accommodation

Click here to read more about their services and charges.

Admission requirements to study abroad 

You must have an academically compelling, To be a successful applicant.

For applicants who meet the criteria below, we mentioned admission requirements to study abroad. 

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Application Form
  • Minimum Accretive GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Essays
  • Personal information

Apply for a Student visa 

A student visa is just only offered out to the masses who have a confirmed place of study at accredited educational institutions for a set part of the duration.  

There are seven main steps in the student visa process:

  • Accept your Form I-20
  • Pay the $350 USD I-901 SEVIS fee
  • Complete your online visa application 
  •  Pay the MRV fee of $160 USD
  • Cadastre your  visa interview
  • Join a PASS (Pre-Arrival Support Services) session with a visa specialist at INTO for interview preparation
  • Prepare all documents to take with you to your visa interview
  • Attend your visa interview!

Visa length 

Usually, the visa length is six months, No more than a year at first. The length of the visa varies according to the visa.   

Generally, Student visas can last from 1 month to 12 months or above depending on the country where the international student will be studying. However, You can apply for extensions you must give a proper reason as to why you need a visa extension.

On the other hand, surprisingly,  some countries do not require a visa for U.S. students traveling to their country for less than 3 months. 

Necessary paperwork collection  

A student must have some Necessary paperwork collected During the course of admission.  

Below, here is a general set of Necessary paperwork you will need during the admission process: 

1. Application form  

2. Entrance exam scores

3. Academic certificates   

4. Passport size photos

5. National identity Card 

6. Bank Statements Work experience documents  

7. Recommendation letters: 

8. Statement of purpose.

9. Curriculum Vita or Résumé

10. Health insurance certificate 

11. Health treatment certificate 

12. Travel Insurance documents.

General information 

Develop a plan and Determine personal objectives to achieve these destinations.

Below,  we will mention some Important Considerations of general information for studying abroad.  

  1. Where your destination
  2. When to go
  3. Money
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Passports & Visas
  6. Academic Credits
  7. Language Preparation
  8. Living Arrangements

Health clearance

Tropical if you want to study abroad for four weeks or longer, you must have a full body check-up from a health care provider. You have to submit a health clearance on your behalf when the authority wants. 

There is an Authority in the International Oversight Committee (IOC) that requires an international student to Obtain a health clearance before taking any education-related international travel.

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Personal statements

A personal speech is a short essay that tells why you want to study at a university and why you’re suited to your chosen program. It’s your chance to prove you’re a worthy applicant and shout out about your interests, achievements, experience, and aspirations.

Financial plan

You must need a proper financial plan for studying abroad. Otherwise, you can not complete your study program for the financial crisis or proper Finance distribution. 

Colleges cost 

Usually, College costs for study abroad are Between  $10,000 to $15,000 USD. 

The study abroad program course fee is only part of the study abroad costs. In countries with accommodation,  meals and a high cost of living can be more expensive than College fees. So we should take a step carefully to study abroad.  

Tuition Fees & scholarships 

Looking at onlineedudoc community members’ wishlists, we see that the most popular countries for studying abroad tend to be localized in Europe and Western Europe. Below we will mention a chart of study abroad costs and scholarships regionwise . 


Australia is the best place to study abroad for domestic and international students. Australia provides international students an active lifestyle and its vast Outback and sprawling beaches make it easy to enjoy camping, sport, and surfing.

Short Details

Tuition fee:  1. Semester cost through third-party provider: $15,000-$19,500 USD (with housing)

2.semester costs through direct enrollment: $10,000-$13,000 (without housing)

Average cost of living : $1,400-$2,500 USD per month  (with rent).

Scholarship: available 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small but comprehensive Apprentice country in Central American country. This country provides an attractive scholarship opportunity for all students to study abroad. Approximately $250-$450 US dollars is the Average cost of a roundtrip flight ticket from New York City to San Jose.

The minimum monthly cost of living (with rent): $800-$1,200

The average cost of a semester (without housing) through direct enrollment: $1,000-$3,000

The average cost of a semester (with housing) through a third-party provider: $8,500-$11,000

Short Details

Tuition fee:  1. Semester cost through third-party provider: $8,500-$11,000 USD (with housing)

2. semester costs through direct enrollment: $1,000-$3,000 (without housing)

The average cost of living: $800-$1,200 USD per month  (with rent).

Scholarship: Available 


Japan is one of the best destinations to study abroad for international students.   

The Japanese education ministry provides various attractive facility-able scholarships. Such as “The MEXT Research Scholarship”. 

Short Details

Tuition fee:  1. Semester cost through third-party provider: $20,000-$25,000 USD (with housing)

2. semester costs through direct enrollment: $1,500-$2,500 (without housing)

Average cost of living : $1,500-$2,200 USD per month  (with rent).

Scholarship: Available 

Look at the following countries Where exactly you can study abroad for free or at a very low cost by the scholarships.

Iceland: Nowadays public universities Usually do not charge tuition, but fees start from around $500 US dollars a year.

Germany: Fees per year at private universities range from around $ 28376.40 USD  or 26,000 EUR and public universities range Between $100-$400 USD in a semester.  

Sweden: There are no tuition fees in Sweden for domestic students but you will need around an estimated $950 USD in a month to cover living expenses. 

Moreover, you can study at a low cost in some more countries including China, Canada, Azerbaijan, Korea, South Korea, etc.


Language Requirement

The language requirement is one of the main conditions for studying abroad.  Here we will discuss the language requirements to study abroad.  

English Language Programs

If you are not a native English speaker,  then you must have to achieve English skills to study abroad. English is the best-accredited language in the world. All students (especially international students) should know this language well while studying abroad.

Local Language

Students will be able to interact easily with the local people through the local language. Otherwise, the diversity of the local language provides a different cultural experience for international students.   

International students are required to study the local language as part of their academic program. so the local language is massively important.  

Gpa requirement 

To study abroad, A Student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, though most education abroad course programs have higher GPA requirements.  Normally students are not eligible to study abroad when they are on academic probation

Admission abroad without IELTS

Below, we mentioned various universities abroad in Australia where an international student can study without having to take the British Council, TOEFL or IELTS, or any other language skill examination.


  1. The University of Adelaide
  2. The University of South Australia
  3. The University of New South Wales
  4. The University of Queensland
  5. Swinburne University of Technology
  6. Bond University
  7. The University of Southern Queensland

United Kingdom

Here is a list of Some comprehensive universities in the UK that do not require an IELTS score to study abroad for international students. 

  1. The University of Bolton
  2. Robert Gordon University
  3. London Southbank University
  4. University of Bristol

However, various universities  require different levels of language exercise requirements

Study abroad admission process

If you pass the exam then you have to enter to study abroad.  Here is a list of the study abroad admission process.

Step-1: provide a transcript of the admission test. 

Step-2: you have to submit a hard copy of all Academy transcripts and certificates including a valid passport, Bank statements, etc.  

Step-3:  All fees must be paid and 

 keep a copy of it with you. 

Step-4:  Finally,  you have to sign the agreement paper or admission form. 

Submit your Application 


  1. Once you have chosen a course program, Then click on the “Apply Now” button and get an application interface.
  2. Complete all requirements on the application checklist by the assigned application last date.
  3. Upon completion of all application components, then Carefully check the application  
  4. After a complete check of all application components, press the “Submit Application” button.  
  5.  The “Submit Application” button will allow you to submit your application for review.

(N:B:  Applicants submitting an application will be charged a $25 US dollars fee that is non-refundable .) 


I want to study abroad but I have no money

Usually studying abroad is comprehensive and expensive compared to top world ranking universities. Normally there is no option for studying abroad without money.  But if you get a scholarship, you can continue your study abroad for free or less money. A scholarship may not provide all of your tuition fees and living allowance costs. A scholarship is the best way to solve your financial dilemma of studying abroad.  

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