MBBS Fees In Australia For International Students

For an overseas student, the average cost of MBBS in Australia ranges from$255,200 AU to $630,000 AU approximately. As a Physician or Doctor in Australia, learners may make up to AU$214,000 in a year, which is 60% higher than the average pay for health & medical professionals. 

Australia is one of the first destinations to study for an MBBS program in Australia. MBBS in Australia is accredited worldwide. Australian Universities and government both also offer low-cost tuition fees for MBBS in Australia.

MBBS Fees In Australia For International Students

Cost of Mbbs in Australia for International Students

Here are the Mbbs Fees In Australia For International Students as offered by varied MBBS colleges

Institute Average cost 
The University of Western Sydney$345,050 AUD
University of Queensland$324,608 AUD
The University of Adelaide$456,000 AUD
The University of Melbourne322,742 AUD
Australian National University$146580 AUD
Monash University$318,800 AU – 398,500 AU
The University of Sydney$630,000 AUD
The University of Sydney20,000 AUD
Australian National University$336,572AUD
Deakin University$255,200 AUD
University of New South Wales$490,990  AUD
University of Western Sydney$152400 AUD
University of Tasmania$401,917 AUD

How much does it cost to study medicine in Australia in 2022

Usually, the cost of study varies depending on the discipline you choose to study, the university in which you enroll, and the degree level. Tuition for international students: undergraduate degrees: between 20,000 AUD – 45,000 AUD in a year. The Average study cost for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees: is between 22,000 AUD – 50,000 AUD per year. 

Below,  we will mention a simple overview of the costs of studying in Australia. 

Education level Costs of tuition fee 
Fees in high school AUD $7,800 – $30,000 per year
Tuition Fees – Public UniversitiesAUD $15,000 – $33,000 per year (bachelor’s degree)
Tuition Fees – Private Universities67,000 and 130,000 AUD
Fees in Technical Institute $20,000 –  $30,000 USD

How to Apply for MBBS in Australia?

To enroll Home and international students planning to study abroad in Australia for the MBBS program, all medical Colleges use a standardized application process. The undergraduate program begins on the first of January, and you must apply at least 3 months in advance.

Here are the necessary documents to apply for MBBS in Australia for home and international students. 

  • Certificate of Higher secondary school
  • English IELTS or TOEFL proficiency
  • UMAT/UCAT/MCAT score
  • LORs and essay
  • SOP for Australia,
  • Date of Birth certificate
  • Personal interview

Admission Process of MBBS in Australia

MBBS candidates can apply for MBBS in Australia by following two kinds of ways:

  1. MD: Students having an undergraduate degree can directly apply for MD. But, most of the best Australian universities ask for MCAT or GAMSAT  scores for admission to the MD program.
  2. Dual Degree (MD + BMed ) or MBBS: This program is for 12th-pass-out International students. Required subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English.

Australian Student Visa for MBBS

The most essential requirement for studying abroad for MBBS in Australia is obtaining a student visa. 

To study for an MBBS in Australia, 

An international candidate must apply for a Student Visa (Subclass 500), which allows them to study and stay for up to five years. 

However, The most important thing to remember is to follow the conditions specified in it and to keep your visa valid. 

1. Photographs – passport size

2. Valid Passport

3. Application fees for visa

4. University confirmation

5. Documentation for academic degrees (at least achieve)

6. GTE statement

7. Bank Statement or Financial proof 

8. OSHC documents

9. IELTS/TOEFL exam results


10. Parents’ consent (for below 18 years)

Career Opportunities after MBBS in Australia

Since an MBBS degree from Australia is Acknowledged by MCI, international students can come back home and practice as a doctor.

They need not go through any extra screening tests. The average salary of a Physician/Doctor in Australia is 1446 AUD in a month.

Comparing the salaries of general Doctors/practitioners across the world, Australia is the highest-paying country for MBBS holders. They also provide an average salary of 215,000 AUD per year.

Here are the other available foled of jobs in Australia for an MBBS grads along with the average salary offered:

JobAverage Salary (in Annual)
Obstetrician245,000 AUD
Neurologist278,000 AUD
Nuclear Medicine Physician249,000 AUD
Physician: Dermatology285,000 AUD
Physician: Anesthesiology320,000 AUD
Physician: Cardiology347,000 AUD
Physician: Immunology290,000 AUD

Cost of Living in Australia to study abroad 

A living allowance in Australia varies from location to location.  Surprisingly, it is easy to live Perfectly in Australia with a small budget.  Usually, you may spend living Costs of AUD 20,290 in a year, which amounts to 1691 AUD (Approximately) per month. 

Glossary Price and Quantity

QuantityProducts Price
1 literMilk (regular),1.86A$
12 PicEggs (regular) 5.11A$
1kgLocal Cheese11.20A$
1kgRice (white)2.77A$
1kgChicken Fillets11.44A$
1 headLettuce3.38A$
1kg    Beef Round 19.87A$
1.5 liter Water (bottle)2.22A$

Food and Transportation Costs in Australia consistently are $153 USD,  $3.54 – 8.69 /month (Approximately). 

Apartment Rent per month 

ApartmentLocation Costs
1 BedroomCity Centre1,873.94A$
1 BedroomOutside of Centre1,486.18A$
3 BedroomCity Centre3,262.37A$
3 BedroomOutside of Centre2,328.29A$

Conclusion: As a student of MBBS in Australia you have to pay an average tuition fee of AUD$745,000 per year. Living cost: The cost of living depends on your lifestyle and how you can spend it. Minimum as a student you can live in Australia between AUD$11,000- AUD$22,000.


Can I do MBBS in 10 lakhs?


Does age matter in MBBS?

There is no limitation

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Australia for international students?

You have to pay between AUD 255,200 and 63,000 AUD

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