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Miami university history

Miami University is one of the largest and oldest public universities in the United States. The University was made possible by an ordinance signed by George Washington (President) in 1795. Chartered in 1809, this University welcomed its first freshers in 1824.

One of Miami University’s most Celebrated graduates was Benjamin Harrison.  Benjamin Harrison later became the President of the US. A great Professor William Holmes McGuffey revolutionized the education of generations of the United States when he directed research for his Eclectic Readers series while teaching at Miami University from 1826 to 1836.

Miami University’s reputation grew as quickly as its special teaching strategy, and enrollment, and it became well-known as the “Yale of the West” for its Aspiring liberal arts curriculum. Today, Miami consistently ranks among the UK’s top public universities for the special teaching strategy, quality of teaching, and overall student skills & experience.

For more on Miami’s memories, past events, and origins, we invite you to explore the Alumni Association’s collections on the University’s history and tradition.

Miami university study Abroad

Miami university study abroad scholarships


Internal Awards

External Awards

Fieldwork, Research, and Internship Opportunities

Miami university study abroad programs

It’s important to detail that Miami’s study abroad programs for undergraduates are among the top 10 in the nation among public doctoral universities.

Miami University ranks No. 4 — sharing top recognition with Georgia Tech, the University of Virginia, and William and Mary — according to the Open Doors 2023 report released this month by the Institute of International Education.

Miami ranks No. 27 among all U.S. universities for the total number of learners (43.9%) who studied abroad for credit in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Including study abroad, noncredit study abroad and study away (in other U.S. regions), the percentage of the university’s students studying off campus remained steady at 55.6%.

Faculty focus on program development

Of the 25,820 Oxford campus students, doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate, who studied abroad during the 2023-2024 academic year, most students go overseas on one of this University’s faculty-led programs.

Top goals for Miami students include Miami’s Doilies European Center in Spain, Luxembourg, Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Cuba, China, and France.

To Emphasize the impact of studying abroad on international students, the authority of Global Initiatives recently launched academic and professional development opportunities for faculty who lead Miami programs. Cheryl Young said it’s the details in the development of in-depth, high-impact programs.

A workshop series was developed with the Center for Teaching Excellence and led by three faculty – Nohelia Rojas Miesse, John Jeep, and Mark Walsh. The goal of the workshop series is to create higher impact, interculturally impactful, culturally immersive experiences for students. 

Faculty implemented newer assessment mechanisms and cultural mentoring programs and meaningful reflection in all phases of travel study.

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Miami university study abroad application

Preference is offered to majors and minors in the Department of GRAMELAC as well as to applicants without access to other sources of study abroad scholarship funding. Available Capital is reserved for students based on the Permanency of GRAMELAC programs, or, for student support based on need and merit, if not applicable.  

The amounts awarded and the number of scholarships is determined by the currently available funds.  GRAMELAC’s Student Awards, Education Abroad Committee, and student Scholarships, with input from the GRAMELAC faculty Chair, are responsible for Realizing these scholarships.

  • The application deadline for programs that run during the spring or winter term has been extended to October 10, 2023, by 5 pm. 
  • The application deadline for programs that run during the fall semesters or summer is the first of April by 5 pm. 

Scholarships are given to students attending a university (Miami) sponsored program the funds are disbursed to the student’s Bursar account 10 days before the program is scheduled to begin. The Department Admin will email a merit list of awardees to the Education Abroad Office so that freshers may short-pay their tuition the amount offered. The balance will then be paid once the funds are disbursed by the Student Financial Aid Office.

Scholarships offered to students attending the education abroad program NOT sponsored by Miami University, contact the Student Financial Aid Department or Office to find out how the funds are Executed.

Miami university location

Miami’s Provincial locations include the campuses in the Voice of America Learning Center located beside the interstate in West Chester, Middletown, and Hamilton.

Miami began teaching in Middletown and Hamilton in the fall of 1946, Diffusing courses to those communities to serve Past Masters returning from the Second World War. Over the years, this University developed 5 academic centers in the region – Middletown, Piqua, Norwood, Hamilton, and Dayton.

The communities’ desire to have full-service campuses, and steady growth of the student population, combined with Powerful local support for higher education, resulted in the opening of Middletown in 1966, followed by the region of Hamilton in 1968.

Miami’s work in the Piqua and Dayton areas was done in conjunction with Ohio province (which offered graduate programs), leading to WSU —Wright State University’s creation in 1967.

Online learning platform has been an innovator in distance learning since 1999. The Miami Regional Online Campus office is the hub for all hybrid and online courses and programs at the Regionals. The staff works with faculty to create rich online and hybrid and interactive learning experiences that offer students with a more Supple learning environment. 

The Voice of America Learning Center (VALC), built on the platform of a former VOA relay station in West Chester province, opened in 2009 for both graduate and undergraduate instruction. 

Miami university ranking

Here is a great list of the ranking of Miami University. 

Miami University Ranking 2022-2023

Institution NameMiami University
World Rank830
National Rank190
Education Rank
Employability Rank110
Faculty Rank
Research Rank987
Overall Score71.3

Miami university cost

Below we mentioned a guide to the University cost of Miami.  The guide is also designed to answer a question for you: How are you going to carry financial costs at Miami University?

You may know that planning for Pocket Money is an important part of the university application process. What you may not know is how many different options you need to keep track of to apply for financial aid and pay tuition.  

How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad at Miami University?

Knowing what a university cost is Step #1 in managing university costs. There is more to Consider about than just the tuition fee—you also have to factor in what you will eat, where you will live, and more while attending Miami University.

The “Cost of Attendance” is the whole amount of money the average learner has to pay, without financial aid, to attend a particular University. Think of it as a university’s sticker price. It includes not just the Miami application fees, tuition, and fees, but also textbooks, room, board, and personal expenses.

The Cost of Attendance Disruption for Miami University differs depending on whether you are an out-of-state or in-state student – in-state students can expect cheap costs for tuition and fees in Miami.

Miami university admissions

Miami University admissions aren’t selective with an acceptance rate of 92%. Applicant-students that get into the University have an average ACT score of 24-30 or an average SAT score between 1160-1370. The Admission application deadline for Miami is the first of February. Interested students can apply for early decision and early action. The early decision deadline is 1 November and the early action deadline is the first of December.

Admissions fee

Usually, the regular application fee is $50 USD at Miami University.  

Admissions Requirements

What documents really matter When Applying?

  1. High School GPA: Required
  2. High School Transcript: Required
  3. High School Rank: Required
  4. SAT/ACT: also Considered but not required
  5. College Prep Courses: Required
  6. Recommendations: Required

Admissions Deadlines

Application Deadline – February 1

Early Action Deadline – December 1

Early Decision Deadline – November 1

Offers Early Action – Yes

Offers Early Decision -Yes

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