Study Abroad in Singapore – Best programs for costing guide for international students

Singapore is one of the best places for world-class education.  the most popular and first destination for international students to study abroad in Singapore.   

We will explain to you the Top university to Study abroad in Singapore, the requirements, living costs in Singapore, how to provide opportunities for international students, the visa enrollment process,  and course durations including complete guidelines to study in Singapore for international students. 

Top Universities in Singapore

1. National University of Singapore

Brief Description 

The National University of Singapore is a comprehensive research national collegiate university, located in Queenstown, Singapore, and founded in 1980. The university is Asia’s top university and the world’s top-ranking University.    This university has 38,596 enrollment. 

Deadline: Application deadlines in NUS are March to April for undergraduate; February to March for graduate; and January (Round 1) and March (Round 2) for MBA. 

World ranking: 21

QS ranking: 11

Total enrollment: 38,596

Tuition fee: 38,200 SGD for undergraduate

President: Tan Eng Chye

Founded: 1980


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Nanyang Technological University

Brief Description

The Nanyang Technological University, abbreviated to NTU,  is a comprehensive research national collegiate university. Located in Singapore and was founded in 1991. The university is the second oldest autonomous university in Singapore.    

World ranking: 33

QS ranking: 11

Total enrollment: 32,699

Tuition fee: 7,850 SGD for undergraduate

Mascot: Lyon the lion

Founded: 1991

Singapore Management University

Brief Description 

The Singapore Management University, abbreviated to SMU, is a comprehensive research public and autonomous university, located in Singapore and founded in 2000. The Singapore Management University is set up as Singapore’s first publicly-funded university providing a style of education similar to The Wharton School. 

World ranking: 951

QS ranking: 904

Total enrollment: 9,280

Tuition fee: 10,190 SGD for undergraduate

President: Arnoud De Meyer

Founded: 29 July 2000

Singapore Institute of Technology

Brief Description 

The Singapore Institute of Technology is a comprehensive research-based public and the fifth autonomous university, located in Singapore and Founded in 2009, May. This Institute is Singapore’s first university of applied studying. 

Tan Thiam Soon is the president of the Institute.  

World ranking: will be added soon

QS ranking: Will be added soon

Total enrollment: 6,000

Academic staff: 146

Tuition fee: 12,400 SGD for Domestic tuition, and  26,000 SGD for International tuition

President: Tan Thiam Soon

Founded: May 2009

The Singapore University of Social Sciences

Brief Description

The Singapore University of Social Sciences, abbreviated to SUSS, is a comprehensive research-based public and sixth autonomous university in Singapore. It’s located in Singapore and was established in 2017. SUSS is popular for applied degree programs similar to the social sciences.

World ranking: 6232

Country ranking: 16

Total enrollment: 15,000

Academic staff: 146

Tuition fee: 33,079 SGD for undergraduate

President: Cheong Hee Kiat

Founded: 2017

MDIS — Management Development Institute of Singapore 


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Brief Description 

The Management Development Institute of Singapore, abbreviated to MDIS, is a comprehensive research-based autonomous and the oldest non-profit vocational university in Singapore for lifelong learning. It is located in Singapore and was founded in 1956.  The MDIS provides a variety of degree programs like engineering, fashion design, business management, nursing, hospitality management, mass communications, and psychology. 

Its main campus is divided into two campuses: MDIS Dhoby Ghaut (Orchard Road) and MDIS Campus (Stirling Road).

World ranking: 8639

Country ranking: 19

Total enrollment: 13,000

Academic staff: 146

Tuition fee: 5,029 SGD for undergraduate

President: Eric Kuan Choon Hock

Founded: 1956

Nanyang Polytechnic

Brief Description

Nanyang Polytechnic is a research-based autonomous post-secondary education Institute. It was founded in 1992, on 1 April, and is located on Mo Kio Ave 8 in Singapore.  This Institute is known best for its technical education system.   

World ranking: 1489

Country ranking: 4

Total enrollment: 15,000

Tuition fee: 2,200 USD for Domestic students,  and   5,880 USD for international students

Principal: Jeanne Liew

Founded: 1992

Jurisdiction: Government of Singapore

Temasek Polytechnic

Brief Description 

Temasek Polytechnic is a comprehensive research-based post-secondary co-education institution and a statutory board under the wideness of the  Education Ministry in Singapore.  The Institute teaches an industry-focused technical curriculum. Peter Lam is the Principal of the Institute. 

World ranking: 4723

Country ranking: 10

Total enrollment: 15,000

Tuition fee: $3,000.00 USD for undergraduate 

Principal: Peter Lam

Founded: 1990

Jurisdiction: Government of Singapore

Study abroad  Guide for International Students

A complete Guide is one of the main factors for international students to study abroad.  In this article,  we cover the fundamental and core derails Of all outs and ins of the popular study goals about Canada,  Australia, the United States,  and European countries as well as the United Kingdom. 

Reasons to study abroad in Singapore

Studying abroad is a world phenomenon, with international students crossing oceans, countries, sub-continents, and continental to get the best high education possible. Singapore is the best field of study abroad for international students. Usually, Singapore offers a variety of things to do, a Vibratory culture, nearby places to visit, and so many facilities to learn and grow.

An international student gets a new experience like learning about religions, trying new foods, and playing sports. Life in Singapore is great for those studying abroad.  

However below here are some reasons why studying in Singapore is the first destination:

  • Experience a mix of cultures and tradition 
  • Learn a new language 
  • High-quality education
  • Gorgeous career opportunities 
  • Make new friend
  • International travel 

Scholarships opportunities

Here is a chart of the Best scholarship opportunities in Singapore. They are:

Scholarship Best for Scholarship Value The next course starts:Deadline:
Commonwealth ScholarshipEngineering and Integrative SciencesNot specifiedJanuary 202315 May 
INSEAD Greendale Foundation MBA Scholarship Southern and Eastern AfricaMBA: €35,000January 202319 Apr/6 Jun/3 Aug 2023
Commonwealth Scholarship at NUSMasters/Ph.D. DegreeMaster’s: $1,500 PhD: $2,000January 20231 November 
Singapore International Graduate Award Masters/Ph.D. DegreeNot specified1 Jun 20231 June 2022
Lee Kong Chian©  Graduate Scholarships aPh.D. DegreeS$3,300 in a month 1 August 15 November 
Global Business Scholarship Bachelors DegreeUS$3,000 to US$18,000 in a year Jan/Sept 2022Rolling 
INSEAD® Syngenta MBA ScholarshipsDeveloping Country Leaders€22,500July / December 20224 Jan/8 Apr/3 Jun 2022

Cost of Living to study abroad in Singapore

Living costs in Singapore are inexpensive compared to other countries in Asia. 

Products Quantity Price
Milk1 liter (regular)3.43S$
Rice1 kg3.26S$
Local Cheese1kg25.41S$
Chicken Fillets1kg10.37S$
Lettuce1 head2.17S$
Beef Round1kg27.60S$
Water1.5-liter bottle1.45S$

At a glance chart of Dormitories costs 

DormitoriesCosts  Duration 
1 bedroom Apartment  in City Center2,988.79S$Per month 
2 bedroom Apartment Outside of Center2,006.79S$Per month 
3 bedrooms Apartment in City Center6,054.90S$Per month 
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Center3,531.45S$Per Year 

Average tuition fee in Singaporean University 

Type of UniversityAverage Costs for the first year (YEN)
Public Universities20,550 — 32,250 SGD
National UniversitiesUp to 20,550
Singapore Management University24,500-47,320 SGD
Independent schools300-2,500 SGD
Preschool / kindergarten160-320 SGD


Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia and the first destination for international students.  For many reasons,  Singapore is the first choice for international students in visa application processes. 

You can easily get a Singaporean visa to submit some basic information.  Here are some basic requirements for visa application requirements:

  1. A valid passport 
  2. Photo (passport size)
  3. Academic transcript (for international students ) 
  4. Prof of language skill development certificate 
  5.  Bank statements 
  6. Travel insurance clearance 
  7. Health insurance clearance (in special Cases)
  8. Letter of acceptance from Singaporean University 


There are four official languages in Singapore such as English,  Tamil, Malay,  and Mandarin.

If you are not a good English,  Tamil, Malay, or Mandarin speaker. You have to need a language skill development certificate to study abroad in Singapore. 

Language Program requirements in Singapore 

Language Program Score
IELTSMinimum 6.0 – 6.5
TOEFLMinimum 80

Tuition Fees

Normally tuition fees are between around $22,500 USD to $53,200 USD For Singapore citizens,  an average of $37,850 US dollars approximately.  

At a glance of average tuition fee in Singaporean education Institute  

Type of University Average tuition fee 
Public university $22,500 to $53,200
Private university $30,800 or up to
Medical school S$435,000 to S$477,000
Technical Institute $13,300 to  $39,900

Top Courses in Singapore

Singapore is knowledge-based driving the global economy. Education in Singapore is one of the best factors responsible for shaping Singapore’s economy. 

Here we will mention a list of top courses in Singapore which are accredited worldwide.  


  • Applied Economics
  • International Economics
  • Microeconomics

Applied and Pure Sciences

  • Mathematics
  • Physic
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Science
  • Earth Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Astronomy / Space Science.

Agriculture and Related Subjects

  • Veterinary Services
  • Agriculture / Horticulture (General)
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Gardening / Floristry


Civil Engineering 

Defence Engineering / Aerospace

Power / Energy Engineering

Electrical / Electronic Servicing

Electrical Engineering

Engineering & Maintenance

Electronic Engineering

Engineering / Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Metals Working / Finishing

Marine Engineering

Road Vehicle Engineering

Ship & Boat Building  

Tools / Machining


Architecture, Building, and Planning

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Construction
  • Architecture / Building Design
  • Building / Construction Operations
  • Building Maintenance / Services

Medicine and Life Sciences

  • Medical Sciences
  • Healthcare Management / Health Studies
  • Caring Skills
  • Pharmacology / Medical Technology 
  • Nursing
  • Dental Services
  • Paramedical Services
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Crisis Support / Advice Work / Counseling 
  • Health & Safety
  • Ophthalmic Services
  • Family planning and social work.

Physiotherapy (Therapeutic) Personal Care

  • Chinese Medicine
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Massage Techniques (Personal Health)
  • Shiatsu

IT and Computer Science

  • Computer Science
  • Using Software
  • ICT — Information and Communications Technology (General)
  • Information Use / Information Work 
  • Libraries / Librarianship

Mass communication and media

  • Communication Skills
  • Communication / Media
  • Journalism
  • Photography / Media Production
  • Print & Publishing
  • Writing (Authorship)

Job Skills and Career Planning

Preparatory Courses

Study Skills

Career Planning

Teaching and Education

  • Careers  Guidance Work
  • Education / Training  (Theory)
  • Teaching / Training Subjects
  • Teaching / Training

Applying to Study in Singapore

Here we will discuss the process of applying to study in Singapore.   

  • Step-1: Firstly, Applicants can choose the Singaporean University they want to pursue and the entrance test that it accepts.
  • Step-2: To qualify they have to apply for the seat, entrance for it, and cross the pass mark in the admission test.
  • Step-3: Applicants will be able to apply at the official website of the University. However, in some special cases,  applicants can apply physically.  
  • Step-4: a  merit list will be published on a certain date for the admission test. they (applicants) will be able to participate in the admission test if applicants find themselves on the list.


How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

Normally, study cost in Singapore is very low compared to other comprehensive or higher educational standards countries. Usually, it costs at large around 8,000 SGD to 9,000 SGD  per 
Year in a Singaporean public university to study abroad.  

Is Singapore cheap to study?

Singapore is cheap to study abroad for local and international students.  Usually, international students can study to pay an inexpensive tuition fee by getting a scholarship. However,  according to the last ten years’ performance,  we can say that studying abroad in Singapore is so affordable compared to other countries.  

Can I study in Singapore for free?

Normally, University education in Singapore is free only for local and national students of Singapore. If you are not a citizen of Singapore,  you can not study for free. But many scholarships and government fellowships both provide a low-cost tuition fee. However, usually, foreign students are required to pay tuition fees, a living allowance, and study accessories for their studies.

Is studying in Singapore good?

Studying abroad in Singapore is good and suitable for local and international students. Singapore offers an accredited world-class higher education system.  Culture, traditional continental meal, and a variety of language in Singapore is sound for international students to experience.

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