What is MBA salary in UK

What is MBA salary in Uk? MBA in the UK stands atop the most popular Professional business courses. There are several reasons for this. This is one of the reasons that the MBA salary in the UK is very good, so the UK is the first destination to study MBA courses for international students. Today we will explain MBA salary in the UK, and more facts about it. 

What is Average MBA Salary in UK

The average MBA salary in the UK is $51797.28 USD (£46,455) in a year or $26.56 USD (£23.82) per hour. Entry level positions start at around $33705.30 USD (£30,229) per year while most experienced workers make up to $66017 USD in a year. 

MBA Salary in UK after graduation

UK has been featured as the 5th-highest payer for MBA degree holders, with the average MBA salaries upto $122,000 USD, according to 2022’s version of QS Salary Trends report in the UK.

However, are you Speculating how much you will make once you have graduated in MBA degree? Below, the following table will provide you an approximate value of what your salary would be, in Accordance with salary Range.

Job ProfessionSalary Range (GBP)Average Salary (GBP)
Finance Manager30,000 – 60,00050,000
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)50,000 – 150,00095,000
Management Consultant43,000 – 121,00065,000
Operations Manager28,000 – 96,00045,000
Business Development Manager25,000 – 75, 00045,000
Project Manager30,000 – 70,00040,000
Marketing Manager28,000 – 65,00040,000

Top 10 MBA program in UK with Salary Range 

Here is a list of top ten MBA program in UK including Tuition fees, and MBA Salary. 

B-school Tuition fees MBA salary 
Oxford Said Business school $98,103$104,414
London Business School $146392$123,912
Warwick Business school $68,801$116,850
University of Strathclyde Business school $32,200$117,363
Cambridge Judge school of Business$91,335$109,928
Cranfield school of Management $60,154$92,786
Alliance Manchester Business School $68,876$88,042
Durham University Business School $52,405$94,000
Imperial College Business School $85,646$84,870
City,  University of London $70,374$68,933

What salaries can MBA grads expect in the UK?

Remuneration is undoubtedly a good factor that business professionals consider when weighing the benefits of an MBA degree.

The average estimated salary for an MBA graduate in the UK is $72,400 USD (GBP 55,000) in a year. 

This amount of MBA salary gives you an idea of the general level of remuneration that MBA graduates can expect. but it doesn’t tell the whole story. 

The professional opportunities that Business Administration Education offers are diverse and vast and average estimates only do them justice. 

However, your salary as an MBA graduate in the UK will depend on various factors, including your B-school, its connection to businesses, your network & your preferred employer, industry, employment position, etc.


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1. How much does an MBA add to your salary UK?

The average salary after MBA in UK can jump up to 55 percent to 65 percent increase within 5 years of graduation. In recent years, according to the same research study, MBA grads can expect to earn around two million euros on an average.

2. Does an MBA from UK have value?

Yes, it is definetly valuable course does an MBA from UK.  MBA Degree in UK is world-wide recognized which makes it easier for graduates to Possession job opportunities abroad.

3. What job can I do with an MBA UK?

You can do these (mention below) type of job after MBA Degree in UK. 

Jobs you can get with an MBA

  • Finance manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Information technology manager
  • Business development manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Medical director
  • Business analyst
  • Business operations manager, and more comprehensive job 


The UK is home to some of the most popular MBA courses in the world.  MBA in the UK is recognised in all the major global league tables. 

MBA in the UK provides learners with a wide range of experience, skills to develop a deeper understanding & management knowledge. 

So the UK is the most popular destination for international students to learn MBA programs.  

If you face any doubt or have any questions, please comment inbox,  we will try to solve your problem in our next Blog.

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