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Today,  we will discuss the cheapest master’s course in the UK,  and more facts about it.  If you want to extend your Master’s Degree studies in the cheapest way. UK Universities offer affordable master’s-level courses.  That also is an excellent opportunity, both for your academic and personal career life. Not only will you have a lot of choices of world-renowned top-ranked universities at which you can study.

Why study for a Master’s in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the most popular Study-place in the world, there are some of the leading universities in the world, renowned for their quality of research and teaching. Still, a United States master’s degree is held in high Honor by employers.  Studying in the UK for international students is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself, and English in an exciting community and multicultural academics and students. You will:

  • Internationally gain a recognized qualification
  • Improve your career Expectation
  • Be able to Appearance study around your daily Intention
  • Earn more over the course of your career opportunity cause of the weight a UK Masters Sustained

A report by the Education Statistics Agency of the UK showed that up to 86 percent of business students who completed a Postgraduate Masters in business administration in the United Kingdom were in full-time jobs following graduation.


Cheap universities in the UK for masters

A master’s degree lets you explore your subject to a higher level and makes you stand out in the Strong job market. It comes at a cost though, so consider this list of cheap universities in the UK for master’s degrees. 

1. University of Derby 

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £6,000

The University of Derby is the most affordable university in Derby for master’s study. This Institute always focuses on applied leading. 

Maybe this is why its master’s program is at a reasonable cost of £6,000 Pounds. There are some Courses that are accredited globally:  Leadership and Management, Early Years, Lifelong Learning, and more.

Search more through master’s degree courses at the University of Derby.

2. Teesside University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,900

Teesside University The Curve, abbreviated to TU, is a comprehensive research public university in Middlesbrough.

Recently, You will benefit from a developed £275 meters city-center campus At Teesside University in Middlesbrough. Teesside University also plans to invest a further approximately £300 meters in student facilities over the next 12 years.

There are a variety of postgraduate options available, from MBA to DClinPsy. The average cost for a master’s-level study is £5,900 pounds.

Search more through master’s degree courses at Teesside University.

3. Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,940

Wrexham Glyndŵr University

The Wrexham Glyndŵr University has an award-winning commitment to social mobility. 

The University also offers some comprehensive Master’s level course-program such as MSc Engineering (Aeronautical), and MA Education (Leadership). 

That is less than a 3rd of the hold amount you can get from taking out a master’s degree in finance, leaving you much to cover your study & living costs.

Search more through master’s degree courses at the University of Derby.

4. Edge Hill University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,580

Edge Hill University is only well-known for affordable master’s courses. Master’s courses at this University will extend and challenge you, helping you to excel in your career.

The average cost for a master’s degree course program is £5,580 Pounds, Master’s Degree programs at this price include Conservation Management, Film & Media, Big Data Analytics, Mental Health, and Sport & Physical Activity among others.

Search more through master’s degree courses at Edge Hill University.

5. University of Bolton

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,400  

Master’s degree students at the University of Bolton benefit from the dedicated support and small class sizes of a personal tutor. For £5,400 pounds, you could study an LLM Law or master’s of Sciences in International Management to make cross-cultural management skills – both useful to Higher Research professionals looking to enlarge their roles.

Search more through master’s degree courses at the University of Bolton.

6. De Montfort University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,725

De Montfort University is one of the best affordable Master’s levels Universities.  

For a fee of £5,725 Pounds, you could study a master’s in Youth and Community Development Studies or Education Practice at De Montfort University. 

This University is located in the heart of bustling Leicester. The recently updated campus also offers modern study facilities.

Search more through master’s degree courses at De Montfort University.

7. Queen Margaret University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,500

Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University offers an inexpensive master’s course program for those working across the health and political spectrums, and arts.  Rising Entrepreneurs can make use of practical business mentoring and support via the uni’s BIZ (Business Innovation Zone).

The average tuition fee for a master’s is £5,500.

Search more through master’s degree courses at Queen Margaret University.

8. Liverpool Hope University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,200

Liverpool Hope University is one of the most popular Universities in England for higher research. It was also founded in 1844. 

There are Disability Studies, Education, Performance, History, and many more comprehensive researchable study programs available here. 

Search more through master’s degree courses at Liverpool Hope University.

9. University of the Highlands and Islands

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £5,000

The most affordable university for a UK-resident Master’s degree, the University of the Highlands and Islands focuses on the job ability of its students.

The tuition fee for master’s Programs at this university offers £5,000 pounds.

Search more through master’s degree courses at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

10. Leeds Trinity University

Tuition Fee for master Programs: £4,000

The cheapest university for UK-resident masters in 2022/2023, Leeds Trinity University focuses on the higher education research and employability of its students. Graduates from Leeds Trinity University have become award-winning journalists  

, published authors, and pioneers in their research fields. Usually, you could join the University, with a master’s Administration in Creative Writing costing just £4,000 pounds  (approximately). Search more through master’s degree courses at Leeds Trinity University.


Cheap postgraduate courses in UK 

The UK is the first destination for the cheapest postgraduate courses for international students.   

We recently looked at some top-ranked UK universities with the cheapest international postgraduate tuition fees here.

However, here we’ll list the cheapest postgraduate courses in the UK. 

University Tuition fees 
Royal Veterinary College (RVC)£8,925 (~US$12,030)
University of Birmingham$27,670 USD or 20,430 GBP
University of Chester$27,670
University of Cumbria£10,500 (~US$14,100)
University of Chester$18,210
York St John University£10,000 (~US$13,450)
Newman University£10,400 (~US$14,000)
University of Suffolk£10,080 (~US$13,530)
Wrexham Glyndŵr University£10,750 (~US$14,440)

Cheapest master course in UK duration

Course duration may vary depending on the type of Master’s degree. Usually, a Masters’s degree in the UK takes around four years with part-time study or two years of full-time study. A Masters’s degree can be studied as a 2nd degree, which builds on any experience you have or an undergraduate degree.  

Master’s in UK Requirements

For pursuing a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom, the Basic eligibility criteria for most the University in the UK is briefed below:

Requirements Short Brief
Academic RequirementsUndergraduate degree with 2:1 qualification equivalent to 50-60%
GMAT ScoreRequired for most colleges 600+ (minimum)
Language ProficiencyTOEFL: 95+, IELTS: 6.5+
Work ExperiencePreferred 2 or 4 years (minimum) 5-6 years, but not always mandatory
VisaMust be needed for out of UK
Essay500 words personal
Bank Statement Financial ability Proof of being able to finance your course

Master’s in UK Admission Deadlines

The upcoming deadlines for master’s  in UK Admissions for top universities are Investigated here:

UniversityAdmission Deadlines
Case Business SchoolMay 9 June 13
Warwick Business SchoolMay 31 July 31
London Business SchoolApril 27
Alliance ManchesterApril 19 May 24 June 1
Cambridge Judge Business SchoolApril 26
Imperial Business SchoolApril 30 June 18
Said Business SchoolApril 1

How to apply 

We will mention how to apply for postgraduate courses in the UK.   

Step-1: First of all, applicants can see the University they want to pursue and the entrance exam that it accepts.

Step-2: To qualify they have to apply for the admission Test, sit for it and cross the negative mark.

Step-3: In this duration of pressing time,  you will be able to apply at the official website of the University which you want to study. 

Step-4:  merit list will be issued on a certain date for the entrance exam. If you find yourself on the merit list, you will be able to participate in the practical/ Viva test.

Living costs 

This section highlights the detailed features of living, study costs, meals,  personal expenses, and miscellaneous expenses of an individual on a monthly basis while he/she stays in the UK.

However, the cost of living expenses will depend on the dormitories opted in the UK, the city one is living in, lifestyle choices, etc.

Cost intentAverage cost (monthly)
Food200 GBP
Clothing75 GBP
Stationery Items40 GBP
Rent450 GBP
Mobile Phone30 GBP
Laundry25 GBP
Transportation45(monthly card)
Internet40 GBP
Miscellaneous25 GBP

However, the average yearly living cost in the United Kingdom stands up to  11,880 GBP in a year, which takes the average cost of living and studying in the UK to approximately 32,310 GBP in a Year for international students.

UK masters tuition fees

The average tuition fees for a master’s degree in the UK for international students range between 5,000 to over 30,000 GBP in a year. This amount of tuition fees is accredited for full-time courses of either one or two years.

However, costs can get considerably higher depending on the type of study program and the institution/ University you plan to attend.

MS Scholarships in the UK

Universities in the UK  offer many MS Scholarships and specialization opportunities and the degrees can be either research-based, course-based, or a combination of both.

Which will expedite our higher education and job career.  

1. CSFP — The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan 

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is an international Scholarship program.  It also offers a whole range of fellowships and opportunities for career development to citizens of other British Commonwealth countries.

It was founded at the first Commonwealth Education Conference in 1959. There were over 27,000 individuals who benefited.

The Scholarships are available for doctoral level, postgraduate scholarships at master’s, and undergraduate awards, undergraduate exchanges, post-doctoral fellowships, distance-learning scholarships, short professional fellowships, and mid-career academic fellowships.   

2. Chevening Scholarships & Fellowships

Chevening Scholarships & Fellowships is the United Kingdom Government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing worldwide leaders, opinion-formers, and decision-makers in countries with whom the UK’s economic relationship is Prospective to develop. 

This Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for influencers and future leaders from all over the world to develop academically & professionally, experience UK culture, network extensively, and build lasting good relationships with the UK.

3. The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF)

The International Research Foundation, abbreviated to TURF, is a non-profit organization.  whose mission is to generate new knowledge and skills about English language learning and teaching. 

This Institute applies research findings to Pragmatic language problems by working collaboratively with authors, researchers, publishers, teachers, government agencies, philanthropic foundations, and major companies.

4. Gates Scholarships

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships in the UK  is responsible for managing the UK’s contribution to the Gates Scholarships

It was founded in October 2000 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation following a donation of US $210m to the University of Cambridge. 

After completing graduation, students achieve more comprehensive research skills and experience. 

Students of the University will then use these skills to benefit others and be of service to their social communities.

5. Rotary

Rotary Club offers a comprehensive scholarship to citizens of countries where there are available rotary clubs. 

There are 33,000 rotary clubs available in more than 195+ countries and geographical areas.

It also describes itself as a worldwide network of 1.2 million friends, neighbors, problem-solvers, and leaders. 

6. The Royal Society

The Royal Society operates a number of grant schemes aimed at encouraging top-level postdoctoral researchers in the life & physical sciences from around the geographical areas to come to the UK without excluding clinical medicine.

Jobs after MS in UK and salary 

Here is a list of the best jobs fields after completing a Master of Science in the UK with a chart of salaries. 

(MS) Master of Science JobsAverage SalarySalary Range
Software Developer£31,490£22k – £49k
Senior Software Engineer£53,649£39k – £78k
Marketing Executive£25,263£19k – £37k
Software Engineer£38,314£26k – £59k
Project Manager,£36,658£25k – £56k
Data Analyst£27,854£21k – £42k
Data Scientist£38,852£28k – £55k
Management Consultant£46,194£29k – £76k
Research Scientist£27,491£21k – £38k
Project Engineer£31,436£24k – £44k
Marketing Manager£32,861£24k – £55k
Mechanical Engineer£32,961£25k – £46k
Civil Engineer£32,973£26k – £44k
Quantity Surveyor£34,479£25k – £48k


Are Masters in the UK difficult?

Usually, a Master’s degree in the UK is not difficult, If you are not lazy and the smartest candidate. But it depends on how smart you are and how hard you want to work. 
A Master’s degree in the UK has no difficulty pursuing a Master’s degree in any other country like Australia, Canada, or the USA.

Is getting a job in the UK easy?

Very Easy, Job hunting in the UK can be an easy task, however, it’s a competitive market. The United Kingdom is the job ‘capital’ of Europe. 
In the UK, some jobs are easier to find than in other countries without massive requirements, job experience & skills.

How long is the UK student visa valid?

It only depends on how long your course program is and how long you can stay. 
Generally, you can stay in the UK for five (up to) years. If it’s below graduate level, you can stay in the UK for up to two years.

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