Best Hotel Management Colleges in South Korea in 2024

Hotel management is a highly demanded subject in the world, providing a world-class Job opportunity.  We recommend that you, read this article at least once before getting admitted to hotel management.

In this article, we will discuss more the hotel management program in South Korea, facilities of hospitality & tourism management, Hotel management jobs in South Korea for foreigners, free course in hotel management, how to apply process, job facilities, and many more facts.

The Impact of Global Perspectives and Specializations in Hotel Management Education

Hotel management education is constantly evolving, offering students various opportunities to specialize and excel in the ever-changing hospitality industry.

International Perspective

  • Broadening Horizons: Studying abroad exposes you to diverse cultures, practices, and industry standards, enriching your understanding of global hospitality trends.


  • Standing Out: Focusing on areas like event management, revenue optimization, or sustainable practices allows you to sharpen your expertise and distinguish yourself in a competitive job market.

Industry Trends

  • Staying Ahead: Keeping up with technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences, and other trends is crucial for success in hotel management.

Internship Opportunities

  • Real-World Preparation: Internships are essential for preparing you to tackle real-world challenges, enhancing your practical skills and offering insights into hotel operations.

Soft Skills Development

  • Beyond Technical Skills: Developing soft skills like communication, leadership, and problem-solving is vital for building strong relationships with guests and colleagues.

Sustainability Practices

  • Environmental Responsibility: Incorporating eco-friendly practices into hotel management programs is imperative as sustainability becomes increasingly important across industries.

Global Rankings

  • Choosing Wisely: Considering global rankings when selecting a hotel management program can provide valuable insights into academic reputation and industry connections.

Industry Partnerships

  • Building Bridges: Collaborations between universities and industry partners create pathways for gaining hands-on experience, accessing insights, and securing internships in the hospitality sector.

Research Opportunities

  • Exploring Innovations: Engaging in research within hotel management allows you to explore new ideas, contribute to industry knowledge, and enhance critical thinking skills.

Lifelong Learning

  • Continuous Growth: Embracing lifelong learning through continuous education, workshops, and staying updated on trends is essential for advancing your career in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Management Courses in South Korea

South Korea, known for its rich culture and vibrant tourism industry, offers a range of top-notch hotel management courses that groom future hospitality leaders. These courses blend theoretical knowledge with practical training to prepare students for dynamic careers in the ever-evolving hospitality sector.

The Best Hotel Management Courses in South Korea:

  1. Kyung Hee University :Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and industry connections, Kyung Hee University’s hotel management course stands out for its emphasis on global perspectives and hands-on experience.
  2. Sejong University :With a focus on innovation and sustainability practices, Sejong University’s hotel management program equips students with the skills needed to thrive in a competitive industry.
  3. Kyonggi University: Kyonggi University’s course in hospitality management offers specialized tracks and internship opportunities, allowing students to tailor their learning experience to their career goals.
  4. Yonsei University :Yonsei University’s hotel management course combines academic rigor with practical training, preparing students for leadership roles in the hospitality industry.
  5. Sookmyung Women’s University: Known for its strong emphasis on soft skills development and industry partnerships, Sookmyung Women’s University provides a nurturing environment for aspiring hoteliers.
  6. Ewha Womans University: Ewha Womans University’s hotel management program focuses on experiential learning and research opportunities, fostering innovation and critical thinking among students.
  7. Hanyang University: Hanyang University offers a holistic approach to hotel management education, incorporating global trends and industry best practices into its curriculum.
  8. Konkuk University: Konkuk University’s hospitality management course emphasizes practical skills development and real-world applications, preparing students for the challenges of the industry.
  9. Chung-Ang University: Chung-Ang University’s hotel management program combines academic excellence with industry exposure, providing students with a well-rounded education in hospitality.
  10. Dongguk University: Dongguk University’s hotel management course focuses on sustainability practices and ethical leadership, instilling values that are crucial for success in the modern hospitality landscape.

In conclusion, South Korea offers a diverse range of hotel management courses that cater to the varied interests and career aspirations of students. By choosing a reputable institution with a strong focus on practical training, industry partnerships, and global perspectives, aspiring hoteliers can embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming future leaders in the hospitality industry.

Best Hotel Management College in Korea list

Which university is best for hotel management in South Korea? South Korea is safe and suitable for Foreign students.  There are world-class comprehensive institutes available here. 

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30 Top best South Korean universities list:

1.  Seoul National University

2. Sogang University

3. Sungkyunkwan University      

4. Korea University         

5.  Yonsei University

6. KAIST              

7. Ewha Woman’s University

8. Pusan National University

9. Hanyang University

10. Kyungpook National University

11. Chung-Ang University            

12.  Kyung Hee University

13. Pohang University of Science and Technology

14. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

15. Pukyong National University

16. Ajou University         

17. Seoul National University of Science & Technology (SNUST)

18. Sookmyung Women’s University

19. Jeonbuk National University

20. Inha University         

21. Konkuk University

22. Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST)

23. Chungbuk National University

24. Myongji University

25. Yeungnam University

26. Handong Global University  

27. Dankook University

28. Woosong University

29. Sejong University    

30. Dong-A University   

Below, we will mention a list of the best universities in South Korea, based on their ranked research performance in Hotel Management. 

Kyung Hee University

 Kyung Hee University in South Korea is a comprehensive research University. There are some best faculty in this university: Journalism and Communication, Sociology, Economics, Political Science & International Relations Hotel management and hospitality management, etc. Hotel management is the most comprehensive subject in this university.  

Brief Description:

Acceptance rate: 45%

Enrollment: 35,826

Highest Degree: Doctorate

Languages requirement:  Korean, English

Funding: Private

World Rank: 96 of 5,829

Rank In Asia: 7 of 193

Rank In South Korea:6 of 39

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Sejong University

Sejong University is a comprehensive private university,  based in Seoul, South Korea. Famously known for its standing in hotel management,  hospitality & tourism management course,  animation & rhythmic, etc. 

Brief Description:

Rank: 47

Rank In Asia: 6

Rank In South Korea: 1 of 39

Enrollment: 13,350

Funding: Private

Highest Degree: Bachelor


Languages requirement: Korean, English

Acceptance rate: 30%*

Woosong University

Woosong University, abbreviated to WU,   is a comprehensive research university. It’s located in Daejeon, South Korea. Woosong university offers IT education for every main study and a specialized curriculum based on international students. 

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 4449

Rank In Asia: 1517

Rank In South Korea: 92

Enrollment: under review 

Funding: Private

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean, English

Acceptance rate: 30%*

Hanyang University

For Hospitality and Hotel Management

Hanyang University in South Korea is a private research university. Hospitality and Hotel Management are good products in this university.  This university is divided into two campuses: one is Seoul,  South Korea and another is a satellite campus. 

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 504

Rank In Asia: 115

Rank In South Korea: 4

Enrollment: 35,000 

Founded: 1939

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean; English

Acceptance rate: 4%

Pusan National University

For Hospitality and Hotel Management

Pusan National University is one of 10 Flagship South Korean comprehensive National Universities. It’s located in South Korea. Known for Its standing  Hospitality and Hotel Management and many more.  

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 797

Rank In Asia: 230

Rank In South Korea: 9

Enrollment: 27,780 

Founded: 1946

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean; English

Acceptance rate: 25%

Dong-A University

For Hotel Management and Hospitality 

Dong-A University is a comprehensive research private university,  located in Busan, South Korea. Famously known for Its standing media school and law school. However, Hotel Management and Hospitality & tourism management are the best demandable subject  

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 701

Rank In Asia: 186

Rank In South Korea: 8

Enrollment: 21,519 

Founded: 1946

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean; English

Acceptance rate: 18%

Yonsei University

For Hospitality and Hotel Management

Yonsei University is a private university, located in Seoul, South Korea. Yonsei University is particularly respected in the studies of Hotel Management, hospitality, and business administration.

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 700

Rank In Asia: 185

Rank In South Korea: 07

Enrollment:  29,502

Founded: 1957

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean; English

Acceptance rate: 40%

Seoul National University

For Hospitality and Hotel Management

Seoul National University is a public comprehensive research national university, established in 1946,   located in Seoul, South Korea.  

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 623

Rank In Asia: 158

Rank In South Korea: 6

Enrollment:  28,378

Founded: 1946

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean; English

Acceptance rate: 15%

Hanyang University

For Hospitality and Hotel Management

Hanyang University in South Korea is a private comprehensive research university. It has two academic campuses, one is located in Seoul and another is a satellite campus. 

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 504

Rank In Asia: 115

Rank In South Korea: 04

Enrollment:  35,000

Founded: 1939

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean; English

Acceptance rate: 4%

Kyonggi University

South Korea Flag South Korea | Suweon

For Hospitality and Hotel Management

Kyonggi University is an accredited research university, mainly a  private higher education institution, located in Suweon,  South Korea. It was founded in 1947. This university is accredited for the faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management. 

Brief Description:

Global Rank: 326

Rank In Asia: 58

Rank In South Korea : 3

Enrollment:  16,400

Founded: 1947

Highest Degree: Bachelor

Languages requirement: Korean, English

Acceptance rate: under review 

Which university is best for hotel management in south korea

Choosing the best university for hotel management in South Korea involves considering various factors like academic reputation, internship opportunities, industry connections, and specialized programs. Based on recent rankings and information available, Kyung Hee University appears to be a top choice for students pursuing a career in hospitality and hotel management in South Korea.

Top List for Hotel Management in South Korea:

  1. Kyung Hee University
    • Highlights: Known for its strong hospitality and tourism management programs, Kyung Hee University stands out with its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and opportunities for practical learning.
  2. Sejong University
    • Highlights: Sejong University is another excellent choice, offering specialized programs in hospitality and hotel management. The university focuses on innovation, sustainability practices, and industry-relevant skills.
  3. Kyonggi University
    • Highlights: Kyonggi University offers robust programs in hospitality management, emphasizing practical experience through internships and partnerships with industry leaders.

Why Consider These Universities?

  • Global Perspective: These institutions provide a global outlook on the hospitality industry, preparing students for careers that may span across different countries and cultures.
  • Industry Connections: Strong ties with the hospitality sector ensure that students have access to valuable internships and job placements upon graduation.
  • Specializations: Opportunities to specialize in areas such as event management, revenue optimization, and sustainable hospitality practices.

When selecting a university for hotel management in South Korea, it’s crucial to consider your career goals, interests, and the specific strengths of each institution. Visiting university websites, reaching out to alumni or current students, and attending open days can provide further insights to aid your decision-making process.

Below, is a list of some countries that are best for study in hotel management courses.  

  1. Canada.
  2. UK
  3. Switzerland.
  4. Spain
  5. Japan
  6. Netherlands.
  7. Finland
  8. France.
  9. Fiji
  10. Austria
  11. South Korea 

What is a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality?

Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality is a good Professional subject,  this kind of degree usually focuses on the management aspect of hospitality.  In general Hospitality, management provides both academic achievements as well as professional exercise.   

Practical courses cover hotel operations and management,  event planning, and food & beverage service operations.

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Reasons to obtain a Bachelor program in Hospitality in South Korea

The Bachelor program in Hospitality Management (HM) of the world education ranking is 17. its world economy ranking is No 29 and world ease of doing business ranking is 16.  

Hotel Management fees in South Korea

Though  You want to study in Korea for free. You have to get a scholarship by getting SNU scholarships. Surprisingly this opportunity covers full tuition fees,  study accessories, and a living expense allowance of 600,000 KRW.

How much does it cost to study hotel management in Korea?

Nowadays Bachelor’s programs in hotel management in South Korea charge (Average fees) $4004.75 US dollars in 3-4 years. These costs to study hotel management may vary from University to University. 

Top 10 Bachelor in Hotel Management University in Korea

Bachelor programs in hotel management in Korea provide the best opportunity to study abroad.  Here are the best Institutes,  cover bachelor programs for hotel management in Korea. 

1.  Seoul National University  

2.  Kyonggi University

3. Dongguk University

4.  Pusan National University

5.  Yonsei University 

6.  Hanyang University  

7.  Woosong University

8. Dong-A University 

9. Mokwon University  

10.  Cheongju University

Top Career prospects in the hotel management industry

There are the best career prospects in the hotel management industry, below we mention a list of career prospects in HMI (hotel management industry).

  1. Fast food restaurant manager
  2. Catering manager
  3. Chef
  4. Restaurant manager
  5. Accommodation manager
  6. Conference centre manager
  7. Hotel manager
  8. Public house manager
  9. Event manager

Hotel management jobs in South Korea for foreigners

Hotel Clerk in South Korea

Company:  World Multi Awarded Immigration and much more Company

Duration: Full–time

Food & Beverage Manager 

Company:  Four Points

Location:  Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 

Job Duration: Full–time

Restaurant Supervisor in South Korea

Company: World Multi Awarded Immigration Company

Location: South Korea

Job Duration: Full–time

Accounting Manager

Company:  Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Location:  Seoul, South Korea


Job Duration: Full–time

Engineering Manager

Company:  Marriott Hotels

Location:  South Korea


Job Duration: Full–time

Assistant Market Manager – South Korea

Company: Agoda

Location:  South Korea

Job Duration: Full–time

Calling Pastry Chef in South Korea

Company:  World Multi Awarded Immigration Company

Location: South Korea

Job Duration:  Full–time

General Manager-Four Points 

Company:  Marriott Hotels

Location:  Sheraton Seoul, Gangnam, South Korea

Job Duration:  Full–time

Housekeeping Manager

Company:  Marriott Hotels

Location:  Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Job Duration: Full–time

Guest Relation Manager 

Company: World Multi Awarded Immigration Company

Location:  South Korea

Job Duration: Full–time


Some requirements for a job opportunity 

1.   minimum 5+ years of experience

2. Honest,  active and customer-friendly

3. Experience in the e-commerce,  internet, online travel agency, or travel /the hotel industry is valued.

4. Nice outlook and handsome 

5. Strong  quantitative and analytical skills 

6. Extraordinary ability to communicate well

Top universities for hotel management courses

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Bluche

BBA in Global Hospitality Management

1st Year Tuition FeesDurationExams Accepted
26,214.08 United States Dollar3.5 YearsIELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 70

Glion Institute, Glion & Bulle of Higher Education

BBA in International Hospitality Business

1st Year Tuition FeesDurationExams Accepted
30,381.45 United States Dollar3.5 YearsIELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 70

Cornell University

Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration

1st Year Tuition FeesDurationExams Accepted
57,671.11 United States Dollar4 YearsIELTS: 6, PTE: 51

Oxford Brookes University

MSc International Hotel and Tourism Management

1st Year Tuition FeesDurationExams Accepted
21,373.99 United States Dollar1 YearIELTS: 6, PTE: 51

Ecole Hoteliere de Geneve

Certificate in Catering and Hospitality Administration

1st Year Tuition FeesDurationExams Accepted
51,081.45 United States Dollar2 YearsIELTS: Accepted

Which are some of the most well-known hotel management UG courses?

Below you can Check out the top undergraduate (HMC) Hotel Management courses (UG Courses )

1. BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

2. BA in Hotel Management

3. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

4. BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism

5. (BHMCT) Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technology 


Can I become a chef after hotel management?

Candidates can go for a diploma course in hospitality management and culinary arts or hotel after 10+2 to get into the culinary and HMC world.  There is an edge as they open up more facilities for a formal Bachelor’s degree like BCTCA and BHM. 

Factors for choosing a hotel management institute

The factor for choosing a hotel management institute is a major issue for a properly equipped career. Here is a list of  Factors for Choosing an HMC (Hotel Management institute) 
Academic Performance:  this is the main factor when selecting an Institute is academic achievement. 
Reputation: Institute reputation is another Authoritative factor.  that can’t be neglected at the time of admission tests and other exams. Many more factors have decided the reputation of the Institute.
The candidates to Faculty Ratio: The candidate-teacher ratio or student-faculty ratio is the number of students attending a  university or Institute Separated by the number of teachers in the institution. 
On the other hand, There are Location, Campus Recruitment, Accreditation Infrastructure and Facilities, and Affordability here. 

How can Justdial help you find the best institutes for hotel management nearby?

Justdial will help you to find the best Institutes for HM nearby, learn more about this topic please Click this link

What are the career prospects in the field of hospitality?

Below is a chart of hotel management and hospitality career progression: General Manager >> Assistant Director of Operations >> Rooms Division Manager >> Front Office Supervisor.  
Group Regional Manager >> Director of Sales >> Guest Relations Manager >> Night Manager. 

What are the eligibility criteria to pursue hotel management?

Usually, a candidate should have the Minimum qualification required for a Hotel Management and Tourism course. There are 10+2 marks to the criteria to pursue hotel management. candidates can even opt for a degree course certificate and diploma certificate. This Certificate course’s age must be of six months to 1 year or above duration.

Do I need to have any specific skill sets to be able to pursue hotel management?

If you want to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism.  Below we will mention the top skills you need to break to succeed on the job and in the industry.  
1. Customer service skills
Customer service skills are a very effective skill for hotel management and hospitality courses. Because when you can understand customer expectations, then your business will grow. 
Above all else, when you are dealing with a customer, it is important to remain professional, be a polite smile, etc. 
2. Interpersonal skills
Though hotel management candidates plan on pursuing a front-facing role in hotel management,  hospitality, and Tourism courses. Then candidates will be required to assist people
and interact on a daily basis. Above all else, a fresher must possess interpersonal skills such as active listening, empathy, and conflict resolution.
3. Foreign languages
Language skills are the best huge skill in this field. Because you can communicate with a wider range of customers/ clients. You can communicate particularly with your customer when achieving these skills. 
4. Communication skills
Strong Communication skills like Aladdin’s magic funnel. Because that can do everything magically.  You can understand client expectations. So Strong communication skills are highly valuable skills in every Sector, especially hotel management and hospitality. so this ability to build a relationship can make a large difference in your workplace.  
5. Multitasking skills
One of the best reasons why hospitality and hotel management can be so difficult is to work.  It’s almost always hectic, so this work is always challenging.  
This is highly sought after in any workplace: how to prioritize and manage your time, remain calm when things get chaotic, and more varied skills.

Do institutes for hotel management near me offer placement services?

Yes, the University or Institute of Hotel Management near me provides placement services opportunities. 

What is the average salary after completing a hotel management course?

There is good demand for hotel management courses worldwide.  Usually, A fresher hotel management candidate can earn somewhere around 161.32 to 201.65 US dollars in a  month. 
For a candidate of hotel management with a degree in Betechor of hotel management, the starting salary could be anything around 201.65 USD – 268.87 USD per month. 

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