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Canada is massive popularity for online study & Distance education. Online study in Canada is a highly attractive opportunity for international students. In this article,  we will discuss more about Canada’s online degree, distance education,  Tuition fees, the application process, scholarships, study programs, Best Places to Online Study, Pros and Cons of Getting an Online Degree, and language requirements for online study, and many more facts.

Why Study Online In Canadian Universities?

Canada is the Best for Online study for international students.  Nowadays most universities in the world provide online study abroad. Distance education (online study) allows international candidates to gain remote entry to world-class Institutes and universities in Canada. Online universities in Canada offer the best facilities for Distance education. 

Online universities in Canada for international students 

Online universities in Canada offer the largest opportunities for international students.  The top 10 online universities in Canada provide tuition fees, admission fees,s, and other facilities within some simple conditions.  

Online universities in Canada for international students 

Facilities of Higher education in Canada 

1. Comprehensive Canadian universities

There are top universities and comprehensive research institutions in Canada, recognized all over the world. Canada has some popular online schools and institutes that are recognized all around the world.  

You can visit online universities in Canada that provide online degree  

5 of the top 100 Canadian universities in the Times Higher Education Rankings:

1          University of Toronto

2          University of British Columbia

3          Simon Fraser University           

4          University of Waterloo           

5          McGill University

2. Accessible visa process for International students: 

You can easily get a Canadian visa by submitting supplementary and necessary documents to the Canadian Embassy. This is one of the main reasons why international students get an easily accessible visa process. 

3. You can work and study in Canada:

International students can temporarily work in Canada.  Nowadays you can usually work 30 hours per week during school breaks and 40 Hours per two weeks during the semester.  

Here we mentioned some best part-time student jobs in Canada are:

  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Office Assistant

Below we will have a discussion about some temporary jobs during summer breaks 

  • Holiday Venues
  • Camps
  • Festivals
  • Concerts

4. Perfect blend of technology, culture, and nature

The top comprehensive research university in Canada is the largest and highest-ranked university in the world. You have to study properly in technology, Nature and culture, etc. otherwise Canada is highly safe for international students.

What Types of Online Degree Offered By Canadian Universities?

Here is a list of different types of online Degrees offered by Canadian universities. You can choose which one is looking for as an international student studying in Canada. Let’s get to see.

1. Free online courses for seniors in Canada

2. Free online courses in Canada for international students

3. Government of Canada free online courses

4.  Online agriculture courses in Canada

5. Online business courses in Canada

6.  Online healthcare courses in Canada

7. Online law courses in Canada

8. Online nutrition courses in Canada

9. Free online psychology courses in Canada

10. Online leadership courses in Canada

11. Online diploma courses in Canada

12. Free online management courses in Canada

13. Online social work courses in Canada

14. Online electrician course Canada

15. Online computer courses in Canada

16. Free accredited online courses in Canada

17. Leadership courses online in Canada

18. Psychology courses online in Canada

19. Free online education courses in Canada

20. Free online history courses in Canada

21. Free online administration courses in Canada

One of the most relevant perspectives is those distance students considering online universities in Canada are worried about what types of consequently diplomas and degrees they are going to be given. Here we will discuss A to Z information about the type of online study program in Canada. 

Best Free online study program in Canada

Associate Degree: 

This Degree is the best opportunity for job demand. An associate degree usually takes up to two years and demands the place where you picked. 


Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree will be more regarded because more undertaking is invested in getting this degree. Surprisingly this degree for this educational rank is about two years.  If you are interested in coming to be a BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BS (Bachelor of Science). That will infer the direction and tasks your online study takes. You can save your time studying for this degree. 

Master’s Degree

A Master’s Degree means a wider knowledge level because this degree is deemed among the most Glorious ones. Candidates are following either the Master of Arts or Master of Science guidelines. Candidates must have a bachelor’s academic rank to join. Keep in mind that some courses may require at least some minimum work experience to qualify, so survey all the requirements formally. Such programs last for two more years.

Doctorate Degree

The doctorate degree is not available for anyone, also divided into narrow and a student needs to expand from about 3 to 7 years on achieving this opportunity. 

This is not sufficient to simply choose your program in the list of Axiomatic online universities in Canada You have to appreciate very well what expectations you have and how much effort you are ready to apply in achieving them. 

Language Requirements to Study an Online Program in Canada?

Distance students must have English or French skills they a student can participate in an online study program in Canada. 

Visit this link to know the language requirement to study abroad in Canada for an online degree program.  Language helps you get to know the local people, traditions, and culture in that country.  

Read more about the language requirements of your study program on the university’s admission.


Cheap online universities in Canada

There are some cheapest online universities in Canada. These Universities are world-class Institutes.  You can study at that Institute for a low tuition fee.  This amount of tuition fee is not enough compared to the study program.   

Institute Costs
Great Basin College$3,248
The University of Texas of the Permian Basin     $4,837
Western Governors University$6,670

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Online Universities in Canada?

As a whole, the cheapest price for a program ranges between  $780-$1000. This place also has relatively low fees. For most programs, the price is about $1,000 for a course.

Generally, a program ranges between $780-$1000 USD 

Usually, the cheapest price in a program is $780-$1000 US dollars approx.  

What Types of Online Degrees & Diplomas in Canada?

Distance education or online study is a way of providing education and guidance, often on an individual basis, to learners who are not present (physically) on campus.

Best online degree for Distance education Diplomas in Canada

1.  Exeed College

CMI — Certified Manager Programs 

Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional Institute.  It is dedicated to promoting the worldwide standards in leadership Nobility and management. 

Degree Type: Postgraduate Diploma

Duration time: 3 – 4 months

Language: English

Campus: Online

Located: Canada Online, Canada 

2.  Diploma in Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs  (Food, Cosmetics, and Pharma)

AAPS — Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences 

There are Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical Programs in this online degree.  This online degree is a worldwide standard Diploma Degree.   

Degree Type: Diploma

Duration time: 46 weeks

Language: English

Campus: Online

Located: Toronto, Canada

3. University of Saskatchewan

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agriculture

The BSc in Agriculture program at the University of Saskatchewan offers the largest opportunities for Distance students.  You can find information about Canada’s agri-food sector.  

Degree Type: BSc in Agriculture  

Duration time: 4 years

Language: English

Campus: Online

Located: Toronto, Canada

4. Georgian College

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors) – BBAA (Automotive Management) 

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors) program at Georgian College covers Distance students with a degree-level education in business management.

Degree Type: BBAA (Automotive Management)  

Duration time: 4 years

Language: English

Campus: Online

Located: Barrie, Canada

How to enroll?

First of all, to enroll, you have to complete an application to the university or Institute that you want to attend as a distance or online student. If you have any doubts or questions. So you can contact the international office, where you are interested in applying.

Best Online Universities in Canada  2022

1. Athabasca University: Athabasca University in Canada is a comprehensive public research university.  Nowadays that usually operates with online distance education. Founded in 1970, It is the first and best university to specialize in distance education in Canada. 

Total enrollment: 38,464 (2010)

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): 4,660 CAD, International tuition 9,320 CAD (2011 – 12)

Founded: June 25, 1970

Motto: Learning for Life

Colors: Blue, Orange

2. McGill University:  McGill University is a comprehensive public research university, located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. McGill University was established in 1821 by a royal charter granted by King George IV in Canada. 

Total enrollment: 39,736 (2020)

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): Domestic tuition 7,402 CAD, Local tuition 2,391 CAD, and International tuition 29,200 CAD 

Acceptance rate: 46.3% (2016)

Province: Quebec

Mascot: Marty the Martlet

Endowments: over C$1 billion

3. Thompson Rivers University:  

Thompson Rivers University in Columbia is a comprehensive public teaching and research university. This university is divided into two main campuses: British Columbia, Canada; Kamloops, South Thompson, and North Thompson. This university also offers undergraduate, graduate degrees & vocational training. 

Total enrollment: 24,954 (2010)

Tuition And Fees (Undergraduate):  Domestic tuition 5,187.18 CAD, International tuition 14,831.6 CAD 

President: Brett Fairbairn

Province: British Columbia

Colors: Royal blue, Sage Green

4. Royal Roads University: 

Royal Roads University in Canada is a comprehensive research public university.  The main campus is in Colwood in British Columbia, founded in 1995, located at (Historic Site) Hatley Park National on Vancouver Island. 

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): Domestic tuition 8,240 CAD, International tuition 19,200 CAD 

Province: British Columbia

Founded: 1995

Colors: White, Blue

5. Laurentian University: 

Laurentian University is a mid-sized bilingual research public university, located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario in Canada, founded on 28 March 1960. Laurentian university also provides a Difference of undergraduate, postgraduate-level, and doctorate degrees. This university (Laurentian) is the largest & oldest bilingual provider of distance education in Canada. 

Tuition And Fees (Undergraduate): Domestic tuition 8,538.24 CAD, International tuition 27,445.2 CAD 

President: Robert Haché

Founded: 1960

Colors: Blue, Gold.

Mascot: Voyageur

6. University of Manitoba: The University of Manitoba, abbreviated to Bisons, is a public research university, located in Manitoba in Canada. This university is the first university of western Canada, Founded in 1877. 

Global Rank: 387

Total enrollment: 29,987 (2016)

Tuition And Fees (Undergraduate): Domestic tuition 4,400 CAD, International tuition 14,700 CAD 

President: Michael Benarroch

Founded: 1877

Province: Manitoba

7. University of Lethbridge: 

The University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, is a comprehensive public research university, founded in 1967 with a liberal education tradition. The University is divided into two campuses: Lethbridge, Alberta in Canada; and Lethbridge, Alberta in Canada. 

Total enrollment: 9,150 (2011)

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): 5,300 USD (2011 – 12)

Founded: 1967

Province: Alberta

Mascot: Luxie

8. Lakehead University: 

Lakehead University, abbreviated to ‘Lakehead U’, or ‘LU’, is a comprehensive public research university. Its main campuses are in Orillia, Ontario in Canada, and Thunder Bay. 

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): Domestic tuition 6,268 USD, International tuition 20,500 USD 

Total enrollment: 8,310 (2016)

President: Moira McPherson

Province: Ontario

Mascot: The Thunderwolf

9. The University of Fredericton:

 The University of Fredericton, established in 2005 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is a private for-profit online university.  It provides online courses in several fields. In 2007, The University’s 1st verified degrees were provided. This University is the largest popular Online University in Canada. 

Campus: Online

Province: New Brunswick

Founded: 2005, Fredericton, Canada

Subsidiary: Don Sayers and Associates Ltd

Motto: Accessible. Affordable. Accredited. Colors: White, Red

10. Yorkville University: Yorkville University is a comprehensive research private university,  located in New Brunswick, Canada, founded in 2003 this Institute Promised its first students in the fall of 2004.

Province: British Columbia

Founded: 2003

Parent organization: Yorkville Education Company ULC

Chairperson: Michael Markovitz

Colors: Blue, Gold

Subsidiary: RCC Institute of Technology

11. University of New Brunswick: The University of New Brunswick is a comprehensive research public university, based in Canada. This university is divided into two primary campuses in Saint John, New Brunswick, and Fredericton. The (University of New Brunswick) is the first & oldest English-language University in Canada.

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): 6,187 CAD, International tuition 13,905 CAD (2015 – 16)

Location: Canada

12. Université TÉLUQ: 

Université TÉLUQ is a comprehensive public French-language distance learning university. This university is part of the Université du Québec system, founded in 1972. 

Total enrollment: 18,000 (2010)

Parent organization: University of Quebec

Founded: 1972

CEO: Lucie Laflamme (Mar 30, 2020–)

Mascot: Télé-université Citadins

Province: Quebec

13. University Canada West: University Canada West is a research private university, founded in 2005 and founder is David F. Located in British Columbia in Canada. 

President: Verna Magee-Shepherd

Chairperson: Alfred Morris

Founded: 2004

Campus: Urban

Province: British Columbia

Parent organization: Global University Systems

Colors: White, Red

14. Queen’s University:

Queen’s University in Kingston, abbreviated to Queen’s University or simply Queen’s, is a comprehensive public research university, located in Kingston, Ontario in Canada. This university owns Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex in England and it has 1400 hectares of land. 

Total enrollment: 24,143 (2017)

Acceptance rate: 42% (2014)

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): 6,153 CAD, International tuition 27,513 CAD 

Colors: Blue, Red, Gold

15. Memorial University of Newfoundland: 

The Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada, abbreviated to MUN or p Memorial University, is a comprehensive public university, Located in St. John’s. 

It’s the main campus in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and satellite campuses in Corner Brook, Saint Pierre.

Total enrollment: 19,429 (2020)

Tuition and fees (Undergraduate): Local tuition 2,550 CAD, Domestic tuition 3,330 CAD, International tuition 11,460 CAD Acceptance rate: 66.8% (2009)

President: Vianne Timmons

Province: Newfoundland and Labrador

Different Types of Open and Distance Universities

Nowadays Distance education (online study) is the best choice for international students. 

You can successfully complete your online degree by distance education (online study) without formal admission criteria. 

Athabasca University: online students at Athabasca University can complete the following undergraduate degrees thoroughly online

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Professional Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of General Studies
  • Bachelor of Health Administration
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (BSc in HRLR)
  • Bachelor of Management

Thompson Rivers University 

At Thompson Rivers University, the especially online students can complete the following online degrees (undergraduate) entirely online:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Bachelor of Commerce

The distance education that CVU member universities offer includes the following:

Find out about online programs in Canada

Featured online schools in Canada

Find a program that meets your flexibility, learning and ability needs through an Accepted, online school.

Of the seven most affordable online education institutes, one is in Texas, with the six remaining schools located in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Nebraska.

In general, these Institutes offer the cheapest tuition fee of up to $9,500 USD. 

NCES College offers extremely inexpensive online degree programs with tuition up to $10,000 US dollars per year.

1.  Newfoundland & Labrador’s University

This University is known as the Memorial University of Newfoundland, abbreviated to MUN. It is one of the cheapest universities for international students in Canada, founded in 1925.

Tuition Fee:  

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 11,460 (~$9,035) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 6,654 (~$5,245) per year

There are 7 faculties at MUN University:  Medicine, the Arts, Education, Business, Nursing, Engineering, and Science. 

2. University of New Brunswick

This university provides 70+ bachelor’s degrees and graduate programs Expansion across 30 fields: Computer Science, Engineering, Business, the Arts, Forestry, Kinesiology, Nursing, Science, Law, and Leadership Studies. 

Tuition Fee: 

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 29,399 (~$23,175) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 29,399 (~$23,175) per year

3. Concordia University

Concordia University in Canada is a comprehensive research public university, which is the best for international students for the cheapest tuition fee.   

Tuition Fee: 

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 19,812 (~$15,620) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 15,467 (~$12,190) per year

4. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta, abbreviated to U of A, is a comprehensive public research university. It was established in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

Tuition Fee: 

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 29,500 (~$23,255) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 15,360 (~$12,110) per year

5. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, abbreviated to U of T, is a comprehensive and oldest higher education institution in Ontario, Canada. This education Institute in the World Rankings at number 18 or 16.

Tuition Fee: 

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 39,560 (~$31,185) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 26,210 (~$20,660) per year

The University of Toronto is divided into numerous faculties, including that Architecture, Music, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Forestry, Management, Information, Public Policy, Education, Law, Arts & Science,   Applied Science & Engineering, and Social Work. 

6. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba, abbreviated to U of M, is a comprehensive public university, located in Bannatyne and Fort Garry.  This education Institute was Opened in 1877.

Tuition Fee: 

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 15,800 (~$12,455) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 11,694 (~$9,220) per year

The University of Manitoba is divided into numerous faculties, including that the Environment, Art, Education, Engineering, Architecture, Kinesiology, Science, Social Work, Human Ecology, Rehabilitation Science, Architecture, Graduate Studies, Business, and Music. 

7. Ryerson University

Ryerson Institute is a comprehensive research education institution in Canada, established in 1948, Based in downtown Toronto.

Tuition Fee: 

LevelTuition Fee
Undergraduate ProgramsCAD 28,633 (~$22,570) per year
Graduate ProgramsCAD 23,795 (~$18,760) per year

How to connect online, anytime

Distance education allows foreign students to gain remote access to our world-class Institutes and Universities.  You can connect in your online class anytime.  This is the best facility for an online study in that you are not able to physically present in the classroom. Distance education provides the best opportunity for Melodious learning.  You can present your classroom at your own place and time. 

Cost of online and distance education

Usually, online learning or Distance education is a more affordable option in Canada.  You’ll get a high-quality education for a low-cost tuition fee. Distance education has no accommodation costs, food costs, and more costs. So you can complete your online degree with a small significant investment. In general, this study cost is based on what type of program and Institute you choose. Read this Article to know the costs of your online degree program.  

Pros and Cons of Getting an Online Degree 

Many people consider an online study to be a popular study abroad for distant students. Though most people think this type of education system is great. But online / Distance education has some Pros and Cons of Getting an Online Degree.  You can see the chart of Pros and Cons of getting Accepted in online degrees in online universities in Canada before admission. 

Pros Cons
Able to do practical experiments directly Unable to do practical experiments directly
Improvements in culture and local people.Not Knowing about the culture,  tradition, and local people 
Within a living allowance Study  Without accommodation cost 


Are online degrees recognized in Doa?

Online study Degree in Canada is accredited in the world.  Nowadays Distance students Located in 200 countries of the world are extremely benefited from this distance study Course and online degree program of Canadian Colleges and career universities.   

Do Canadian universities accept distance education?

Many colleges, universities, and technical institutes in Canada welcome international distance students into their distance education programs (online study). You can accept distance education without a doubt.  

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