Online Learning Tools for Kindergarten – Free At Home

This collection provides a list of free online learning tools for kindergarten (Kids- 0–12). This article is very useful for pre-primary, and kindergarten students and their Guardians and teachers. In this article, we will discuss more kindergarten’s free online learning tools, Best Free learning programs for toddlers, online kindergarten websites for kids, suitable YouTube channels for kids, and many more facts.

How can I teach my kindergarten online?

Online teaching is difficult between typical classroom teachings.  We will mention to you how we make learning online pleasurable and successful. Please share if you have any tips for teaching your children online?

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1.  Teach your kids basic computing skills: 

Basic computing skills are very essential for your kids.  Give your kids a how-to before kids start their online activity or class.

Basic skills (computing) for your kids include:

  1. typing the keyboard and how to use
  2. how to copy, paste select and cut and operate the mouse 
  3. switching and using computer programs (mainly software and programing)
  4. Basic knowledge of navigating a website
  5. turning the microphone and camera, and how to operating 
  6. Connect Internet or Wi-Fi 
  7. how to sign-up to the platform or account 

Nowadays we have been Instructing on Zoom for the last 7 years. Navigate Zoom is suitable for the age of 8.  Most toddlers will pick up on these (computing, online) skills quickly.

2.  Fix technological issues As soon as possible 

Technological issues can Effortlessly cause toddlers and their parents to be frustrated.  Toddlers are stressed when they cannot Join in online-class.  Usually, learners are using different browsers, different operating systems, and more useful browsers.  

All software works not good seamlessly together.  So you should fix technological issues before online-class.  

3. relationships online and Fuel connections: 

Cheer Up your kids to build connections with classmates and teachers. This can develop your kids’ mental ability.  Many children learners are having hangouts and online parties with friends and teachers, getting to know each other in this online way.

How can I make my online classes more interactive for kindergarten?

How do you make Zoom Interactive for kindergarten?

Is ABCmouse accredited? 

Of course, ABCmouse is an award-winning kid learning platform by accredited USA. It is the best widely Child-friendly Learning app. 

How to Clever online activities

The benefits and flexibility of online learning allow students to develop new skills and further their education, and mental ability. Online classes are a bit more difficult than in the classroom. but not impossible. 

We will mention five practical tips for Progressive the human connection in online classrooms/distance classrooms.

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  1. Use communication multiple tools: you have to use multiple communication tools to develop your online self-education.  You might be a good Learner for these reasons.  
  2. real-time interaction:  real-time interaction is a powerful activity.  Though most learners cannot continue.  
  3. Get creative with discussion boards:  online discussion boards are a bit more creative Between Typical class-rooms. Because you have to know how to operate the device. 
  4. Maximize engagement with non-task interaction:  Non-task interactions are not a direct learning but also Supportive education. It provides more knowledge of the main Curriculum.  
  5. Have a plan around the tool:  This type of online tool is the best study place where you can make an online study plan.

How to make online lesson plans

Ask for feedback: After completing your study, you have to submit feedback.  Because feedback is a great strategy for the education process.  feedback will help you to develop.

Let people choose the way: Giving the students the choice of where to start in a selection of units and topics.  Because selected lectures can be read with pleasure. However, it takes a short time. 

Make it social: You can share your study with your social community.  A proverb, Sharing is carding.  So share your study with others. This is a lot of fun for the students.   

Encourage peer evaluation: “Encourage peer evaluation” is the best way to learn. Enabling learners to review each other’s work Buttresses their understanding of what they are studying and encourages a culture of sharing.

How to connect with students while out of the classroom


Best 30 Free learning programs for toddlers’ standards

America’s Test Kitchen: 

America’s Test Kitchen provides a “kitchen curriculum” to help infants learn how to cook. It is not only to learn how to cook but also to teach them practical lifelong skills.  

  1. Crayola

Crayola is an arts and crafts platform for kids. This platform provides easy step-by-step guides for creating arts and crafts, and also offers a selling process for arts and crafts. Nowadays you usually Possibly already have the necessary supplies for your apartment.

2. Boardmaker: 

Boardmaker is a popular kids’ learning platform. made for Children Kindergarten-12.  They are visual learners. that offers free printable activities-to-go. This Boardmaker is also designed kid-friendly. 

3. Highlights: 

Highlights is an American kid magazine. It covers a lot of bases kid’s hands full, pre-primary and nursery rhymes, etc, and entertained. 

4. TypingClub: 

TypingClub is a kid typing skill-developing learning app. Your child will be able to learn typing skills through activities and online games for free.

5. Khan Academy: 

You can Livestream on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Zoom, Khan Academy has a wide Difference of lesson plans provided. Khan Academy offers free online exercises, lessons, quizzes, and tests for students aged 4-17.

6. ABC Mouse: 

ABCMouse is an award-winning learning Application, specifically designed for pre-primary and early learning, with educational activities, games, and more facts.  Their program is offering 900+ lessons across 10 grades for free for 30 days.

7. Soft Schools: 

There are thousands of free worksheets, quizzes, games, and exercises in Soft Schools. that are organized by topics and grades for ages Pre-primary, Kindergarten, and Middle School. 

8. Moovlee: 

Moovlee is a kid’s meditation learning platform. In this Application, An Animated monkey teaches important life skills, yoga, meditation, and cardio. You can have a free trial of this App for a few weeks.  

9. Math Planet: 

Math planet is the best learning application for high school classes.  Math planet is offering geometry, pre-algebra, and algebra 1, and 2 for high school classes.  You as well as exercise tests for the ACT and SAT.

10. Raddish Kids:

Raddish is a popular learning platform where your kids can build academic skills, especially cooking skills. Raddish kids offer free cook-along classes for the children.

11. Fender: 

Fender provides easy step-by-step guides for learning music, guitar, and bass.  This platform is generously providing three months of online music, guitar, and bass lessons for free. So this platform will benefit your child well Behind a temporary lockdown.

12. Fitness Blender Kids Workout:  

You can trial a workout video (free 25 minutes) that features kid’s toys, simple exercises, and games. There is no equipment required in the fitness blender kid’s workout.  

13. Duolingo ABC

Duolingo ABC is designed to teach children ages 3-6 in reading and writing. This learning platform is designed for kids-friendly, English language.  It also covers basic services of preprinted and nursery.

14. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose kids learning is an American kid learning Application, that teaches math for K-4th grade students basic math. This kids’ learning platform is Developed by a former teacher at NYC Public Schools and a Stanford University educator in Early Fundamental Education.  

15. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon provides a world-class interactive computer science curriculum (high school). There are no costs for this program including high school courses and other facilities with 120 hours of instruction. 

16. Children’s Museum Houston: 

Children’s Museum Houston is a great kid research learning app for Pre-primary – 5th. You can get a comprehensive Database of free learning videos and activities for pre-primary and kindergarten grade 5th. 

17. SAT Word Slam: 

SAT Word Slam is a popular kid learning Application. For Using rhymes, poems, Alphabet, numbers, audio, and clues, is the best study place.  This learning platform will help increase a kid’s Scholastic Aptitude Test and vocabulary.

18. Kidz Bop Dance Along

There are graciously provided hours of free exercise in Kidz Bop. Kids can learn dances here. This platform is a comprehensive research kid learning platform. that are choreographed to versions of the dance, and popular songs, and have fun with their peers. 

19. Thinking Blocks Multiplication:

We recommended this “Thinking Blocks Multiplication” application that is suitable for every student.  who thinks they’re “not good at math.” This learning App is Made for ages 7 and 7+ and their teachers.  It teaches learners how to Expose math problems and understand multiplication.

20. 567Broadway!

567broadway is a popular dance learning platform, that offers workouts for musical theater kids, centered on dancing.  

21. Boho Beautiful: 

Boho Beautiful is a meditation learning school, that offers online meditation and yoga classes. There is no free option for a trial on this platform. The beautiful learning school is very well-produced. 

22. The Kids Coach:  

The Kids Coach offers a seven-day free trial for simple workouts. The Kids Coach is a great platform for wellness activities and smart & simple workouts that can be done at the house. 

24. Cosmic Kids: 

Check out the youtube channel or  2 weeks free trial for the Cosmic Kids learning platform.  In this platform, we got proper guidelines for children’s mental ability and basic educational elements. 

25. Coach Josh: 

Though you are an Amazon Prime user with a kid or pre-primary, we will recommend checking out the show of Coach Josh.  It is a kid-friendly workout show that promotes coordination and promotes balance, also teaching nursery rhymes, numbers, and colors. 

26. Kids HIIT Workout: 

This workout is suitable for all ages, mainly made for kids. It keeps us active and healthy. Kids’ hit workout focuses on building mental ability, timing, coordination, strength, and endurance.  

27. Scratch:      

Scratch is the best learning app for aged 8-16 students who are interested in learning to program.  Learners will be able to learn coding, animations, and create stories and games. which they can share with the world widely. 

28. Book Creator: 

Book Creator is a kid-friendly learning Application.  At the time of coronavirus, it is offering a free 3-month trial.  Toddlers can illustrate and write their own books wisely.


A century is usually a subscription-based tool (technology) for students, guardians, and teachers. Surprisingly, this platform is offering its award-winning services for free. During the coronavirus pandemic, this service is free for years 3-11.  

30. CK-12 Foundation: 

CK-12 is a free learning platform.  is committed to providing toddlers with Equivalent access to education, no matter the Environment. always free of charge, every learner learns in their own way.

Free Best learning tools for kindergarten

What is ABCmouse? How to use it for kid 

ABCmouse is an award-winning kins learning app. This kid learning app is dedicated to pre-primary, nursery rhymes, reading, phonics, and more. This ABCmouse is a 100% free website and   Full Online Curriculum, is also Completely Safe for Children. 

  1. Sign up ABCmouse Account  (Free account ) 
  2. Set up Your Family Account
  3. Create Your Parent Profile
  4. Create up to Three Child Profiles
  5. Take an Assessment
  6. You’re Ready to Play

What is Starfall? How to use it for kid 

Starfall is a kid’s website.  This website teaches basic writing skills and English reading. Starfall kid website’s main demographic is pre-primary, kindergarteners, and preschoolers. The website teaches toddlers how to read and write by using games and phonics. 

You can use this toddler’s learning app like a normal app. Creating an account, logging in, etc. is like a normal app.

What is Cool Math? How to use it for kid 

Cool Math learning app is based on the nursery, pre-primary, and kindergartner. This learning app teaches children through games, puzzles, videos, books, songs, and more, making learning entertaining and exciting!

  1. Sign up ABCmouse Account  (Free account ) 
  2. Set up Your Family Account
  3. Create Your Parent Profile
  4. Create up to 3 Child Profiles
  5. Take an Assessment
  6. You are Ready to Play 

Your favorite casual games and mini-games from the web are now on mobile! Coolmath Games is full of fun casual games, mini-games, trivia & brain-training puzzles for everyone. Play fun logic, math, and thinking games today!

Play strategy, logic & learning games for a fun mental workout!

ABCmouse teaches children through books, games, songs, puzzles, videos, and more, making learning fun and exciting!

What is Funbrain? How to use it for kid 

Funbrain learning app is an educational game website for toddlers and adults. This site is Only designed for learning and entertaining. Funbrain’s website was published before being turned into a successful movie franchise and book series.   

What is Wonderopolis? How to use it for kid 

 Wonderopolis is a learning App, built for ALL ages people, but is especially based on kids 1– under 13,  and summer learners for grades 2 to 8. 

  1. Sign up Account 
  2. Create a parent or guardian profile 
  3. registration verification (with a parent email address)
  4. Successfully  Login
  5. You are ready to play 

 What is National Geographic Kids? How to use it for kid 

National Geographic Kids is a kid’s friendly magazine, published by the Society of National Geographic. There are National Geographic Kids magazine, Kids books, Kids quiz, Kids Learning videos, and more kids entertainment Apps on the National Geographic Kids website. 

What is the Curious World?  How to use it for kid 

Curious World is a kid learning app that delivers 500 entertaining and educational videos, books, and games. This app is suitable for kids ages 2-7. There are two kinds of subscriptions: Monthly: $7.99 USD per month, and Annual: $64.99 USD per year.

What is the NASA Kids’ Club? How to use it for kid 

NASA Kids’ Club is a popular kid-Friendly learning app in the world. This learning App provides a safe and children-friendly learning platform.  

NASA provides a safe place for children to play as they learn about NASA and its missions. On this platform, kids will find games of various skill levels for children pre-primary through grade 1 to grade 4.  

What are the Highlights? How to use it for kid 

Highlights for Children is an American toddler’s magazine. Highlights kids is a learning platform, supporting national education standards in Nursery and pre-primary. 

You can use Highlights learning tools like other apps. 

What is Bamboozle? how to use it for kid 

Bamboozle is a funny learning platform.  It is an easy-to-use tool for learning education, playing, and creating games. This learning app covers nursery rhymes, pre-primary, and under 8 age of children. 

  1. Sign up Account 
  2. Create a parent or guardian profile 
  3. registration verification (with a parent email address)
  4. Successfully Login
  5. You are ready to play

Educational Videos for Kids

Blippi Educational Videos for Kids:  This YouTube channel is dedicated to pre-primary,  animated nursery stories and rhymes. This channel is also designed to Raise a Laugh and educate kids between the ages of two and seven.

Kids Diana Show: Kids Diana Show provides Learn ABC of pre-primary Class and nursery rhymes and stories with entertainment.  

Wolfoo family: This channel features 1k+ videos that will teach nursery or pre-primary kids.  

Super Crazy Kids: your kids can joyfully Learn with funny animation videos from this channel. 

Nursery rhymes: Nursery rhymes is the YouTube channel for toddlers to Learn Alphabet,  number, and shape with entertainment.  

The Soft Roots: The Soft Roots is a kid-friendly Youtube channel.  kids can learn the ins and outs of Alphabet, Numbers, shapes, colors, and more. 

 Vlad and Niki: Vlad and Niki feature 500+ animation funny learning videos that will teach nursery rhymes,  Shape, numbers, and Alphabet. 

Online 30 Kindergarten Websites for kindergarten that helps the kid to learn from home 

Preschool Websites

1. is a Part of the IXL group, is a comprehensive learning kid’s website.  It is a one-stop website to help teachers, educators and parents support toddlers on their learning journey.

Age Level: 4 to 11

Cost: Membership starts at $5.00/month or Free. 

Website age: 23 years old 

Please note: Now 50% off for Premium membership. 


2. Starfall:  Starfall is an excellent kid learning website that helps infants develop problem-solving skills, math, early literacy, and nursery rhymes.  The website is designed for kids, teachers, and parents.  

check out this website Learn to Read app & Starfall ABC review.

Age Level: Grades Pre-K to Grade 3 (ages 2-8)

Website age: 20 years old (nearly) 

Cost: Free or annual membership for $35/year

Visit the website: Starfall 

3. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a kid-friendly reading platform. It provides a comprehensive reading program and more facts about reading skills.  

Age Level: 2 to 4

Cost: Free 2-week trial,  

Premium: £6.99 per month 

Website age: 6 years 

Visit the website: Reading Eggs 

4. Reading IQ

Reading IQ is a curated digital library of thousands of book titles.

Reading IQ is a part of the award-winning ABCMouse. This website covers comprehensive reading skills programs.  There are Titles of thousands of books available in Reading IQ. These books are mainly suitable for preschool or nursery kids. 

Age: 2 to 12

Cost: Free 1-month trial then $7.99/month

Website age: 20 years old. 

Visit website: Reading IQ

Science Websites for Kids


5. Easy Science For Kids

Easy Science for Kids is a Kid’s website, based on Science fiction.  Easy Science for Kids is also designed for is the choice free online resource for educators, parents, tutors, and teachers. It provides free science worksheets, extensive articles, coloring in activities, science quizzes, science experiment tips, and more. 

6.  Science Kids

Science Kids for children is a choice-free online resource for educators, teachers, tutors, and parents.   Science Kid’s learning platform offers lesson plans, online games, quizzes and science projects, free activities, experiments, and many more.

7.  National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a toddler’s science magazine. It provides many science fiction videos, games, toys, magazines, and Apps. This website is an award-winning toddlers-friendly science website.  

Free Educational Apps for Kids

8. ABCmouse Early Learning Academy

ABCmouse is a comprehensive award-winning toddler learning Application, offering the first 4 weeks of online learning free. After the first month, the monthly subscription Charge is $9.95 US dollars.  ABCmouse provides science for ages 2-8, math, art, reading, music, educational games, and puzzles.

Age level: 2-8

Cost: $9.95 US dollars per month

Website age

Visit website: ABCmouse

Educational Apps for Toddlers


Epic is a comprehensive educational app for toddlers. Epic has more than 40,000 books ready to learn. Usually, an Epic subscription is $8 per month and the first user gets a free 30-day trial. 

Age level: 2- 8

Cost: Free for 30 days, then $8 per month

Website age: 9 years old

Visit website: Epic

10. PBS Kid Games

PBS Kid is a kid-friendly learning game application. It is also designed for preschool-aged 2-8 kids. PBS Kid game is a free App. 

Cost: Free

Age level: 2- 8

Website age 

Visit the website: PBS Kid

11. Goodness Shapes

Goodness Shapes is a Kid-Friendly-looking shape. This preschool-friendly app helps kids learn shapes, colors, sorting, and matching.   You might want to use it as a de-stressing tool, too.

Cost: $2 per month 

Age level: 2- 8

Website age: 35 years old (approx)

Visit the website: Goodness Shapes

Educational Apps for Preschoolers

12.  Kids Academy

Kids Academy is one of the popular pre-kindergarten learning apps.  There are 5000+ preschool learning activities for kids.  This Academy covers preschool rhymes, songs and puzzles, animated videos, interactive stories, educational games, and worksheets. 

Age Level: 3+

App: Android, iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free to try for4 weeks, then users must subscription 

Visit the website: Kids Academy

13. Kokoro Kids

Kokoro Kids is a toddler’s learning platform. It provides songs and puzzles, music, arts, a funny and secure education game environment for preschool kids.  

Age: 3+

App: Android, iPhone, iPad

Cost: free

Visit website: Kokoro kids

Educational Movies for Kids

14. Babe

Babe is an educational movie for kids-friendly.   It demonstrates a unique lesson. The Babe movie can teach kids abilities, how to process learning and more facts about educational skills. 

Suitable Age: five years

15. The Sound of Music

This Sound of Music movie is a comprehensive kid suitable research movie. A few years later, the Sound of Music movie was released in India. The main actress in this movie teaches the toddlers to sing and sing their own tunes. This movie is also suitable for ages six years old or above. 

Suitable Age: six years or above

16. Moana

Moana is one the best kids learning movies, covers music, sings and sings their own tunes and traditional song activities.   Your Child Will Learn an interesting lesson about the Music industry from this movie. 

Suitable Age: 8-10 years old or above. 

Science Books for Kids

17. Outdoor Maker Lab 

Outdoor Maker Lab is a wonderful Kid-friendly science fiction Book. You will find out later in the book about a latitude locator, giant bubbles, a water rocket, and a more effective Science fiction theme. 

Price:  £12.99

Suitable age:  9-11 years

18. Science is Magic 

” Science is Magic ” this movie is the best science fiction magazine. There are some unique study techniques. Such as step-by-step learning, and funny and attractive study methods. 

Suitable age:  5-7 years

Price:  £12.99

19. Crafty Science 

Crafty Science is a comprehensive toddler’s science magazine.  There are over 500 articles in this Crafty Science book. 

Price:  £8.99

Suitable age: 5-7 years

20. Science You Can Eat – age 7-9 years

Science You Can Eat is a kid-friendly learning platform.  It covers many science fiction theories and is funny. It is suitable for all people between the age of 7-9 years or above.

Suitable age: 7-9 years

Price: £12.99

Please share with us if we’re missing something Expensive topic.

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