19 Best Free Learning Games Online for Kids

Online research show a list of free online learning games for Kids. Today we are going to show you free online educational games for useful to pre-primary, and kindergarten students and their teachers and Guardians. 

In this article, we will discuss more Low-Cost Educational Games Online For Kids, kindergarten’s free online learning games, Best Free learning website for toddlers, online kindergarten websites for grades kids 0- 8, suitable YouTube channels for kids, and more facts.

Free Educational Online Games for Kids

Nowadays, there are a lot of free online learning resources and other educational online games that are available for kids to help them learn. These online e-learning games are free and fun and can be helpful when it comes to learning. Toddlers will get to interact and play games while learning at the same time.

Here is a list of Free Educational Online Games for Kids.

1. PBS Kids

PBS Kids has a lot of free games in most of the general categories. Many of the games in PBS kids are built around the fun cartoon characters they feature on the PBS kid’s shows. Usually, Kiddies will love playing with their favorite cartoon characters with free educational online games. Usually, The subscription rate for PBS Kids Prime Video Channel is $4.99 US dollars in a month with a Prime Video or Amazon Prime subscription. Viewers can stream full episodes of shows for free on PBS Kids.

2. Funbrain

FunBrain is one of the best websites for online educational games for kids of all ages. It was created for kids of all ages, especially grades Pre-K through 8th grade. There are hundreds of free online games on this platform. They are also focused on math, science, spelling, grammar, and history. Kids can also view videos and comics that will develop proficiency in reading, problem-solving, math, and literacy.

3. Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software, a free online educational game site, is an explosion of activities. Be prepared for tons of options upfront and lots of brightly colored options.  But do not let the busy homepage scare you awayâ€. There are so many learning kids games here that you are Pledged on to find a bunch to add to your homeschool routine or for free play time on devices.

The Sheppard Software free online game site includes games and activities for:

  • Art Activities
  • Animals & Science
  • Brain Games
  • Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Spanish
  • Preschool Activities
Free Learning Games Online for Kids

4. Education.com

This site offers an assorted and diverse range of learning games to help children learn and build essential skills. Subjects offered are math, reading, writing, digital literacy, and more.

This site offers an assorted and diverse range of learning games to build essential learning skills and help children learn. Subjects offered are digital literacy, reading, writing, math, and more. Games of this site are available for grades K-5. As the grades get more advanced, kids will enjoy more advanced challenges of the games on the website .

5. ABCya

ABCya free online educational game platform is an explosion of activities. It also offers free educational online games through a General account (free account) or you can join as a premium subscriber.

All of their games and online videos are free to play on desktop computers. But, free users-only get access to six mobile games each week. As a premium user of the ABCya platform, you get some more benefits we will highlight in the low cost games section below.

6. Mr. Nussbaum

Mr. Nussbaum is a most popular online educational game platform for grades K-8. It has a lot of online lessons and online games for just about every area and subject for grades K-8.

7. Arcademics

Arcademics is a well-organized free online learning game platform that uses creative and fun animals & characters in games across the curriculum. We especially like how each game lists the content, a short description of the game, and number of players so that you are able to learn more about this game before playing.

8. National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic Kids website is a most popular e-learning website for kids. It has few fun and interactive online quizzes and games for kids. There are not a lot of games listed on this site, still the ones they do provide kids will enjoy. However, The National Geographic Kids website overall is a great educational resource.

9. CoolMath4Kids

CoolMath4Kids is appropriate for grades K-4 or ages 4 through 12 and CoolMath Games site includes math games for grades K-8 or younger children. With CoolMath4Kids, kids can play online math games for grades K-4. CoolMath4Kids games help them with letters, numbers, decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more.

10. Primary Games

Primary Games is one of the most popular online entertainment and learning fun platforms. It is the largest Online-platform for playing exciting new games, celebrating the holidays and seasons, and practice.  

It also offers over 1,000 games in science, math, language arts, and social studies. However, The Primarygames are all played on the browser so there is no downloading. As a bonus, you do not have to register for an account. It also offers curriculum guides that you can use to go along with the online e-learning games.

11. Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a longtime favorite of kids and adults, and a staple of PBS, “Sesame Street” bridges several cultural and educational gaps with a fun program and Teacupful program. Big Bird is one of the major characters in this program, leading a cast of characters teaching children rhymes, colors, letters, animal sounds, numbers, and the alphabet. Oscar the Grouch and Grover,  and Bert and Ernie are just a few of the other creatures involved in the Sesame Street show, set on a town street full of valuable  E-learning opportunities.

12. Nick Jr

Nick Jr. has created an online learning platform where kids can play games with Learning fun and their favorite Nick Jr. characters . The games and activities are all geared to younger children.

13. Cool Math

Take your Cool Math adventure online where children can play games that help them learn. Kids are able to learn their letters, addition, subtraction, decimals, division, multiplication, and more. It also has tons of educational videos that children will enjoy watching as they learn. Cool Math has a few different sites set up for several ages; this online e-learning platform  is geared toward ages 13 and up.

14. SplashLearn

SplashLearn is a comprehensive Learning fun e-learning website. It is Designed for grades K-5 or equal level. It also offers cool math games for grades K-5. Games are set in fun interactive themes and include basic math topics from counting numbers to comparing fractions. Bonus! SplashLearn has a lot of free and low-cost online games and apps that you can download.

15. Disney Jr.

On the Disney Jr. Online game sites, Toddlers can play games with their favorite Disney Jr characters. Disney Junior characters like Miles, Doc McStuffinsfrom, Henry Hugglemonster, , Tomorrowland and many others are available.

Low-Cost Educational Games Online For Kids That are Worth A Look

Usually most of the online e-learning games has free and premium Version.  But, While some educational online games are not free, they are cheapest. They also have a ton of fun educational games that kids can play.

These Premium memberships cost as low as $3 USD per month and have a wide variety of content and resources.  little kids laying on the ground of his room playing an educational fun game online on his MacBook/ tablet Poptropica – If you want to get a bit more than the free plan, you can join as a premium membership. At the premium membership level, you get access to unlimited educational online games, resources and content. 

16. ABCMouse 

ABCmouse is the most kid-popular and great e-learning website. ABCmouse.com features hundreds of fun and interactive games, each designed to teach a specific concept.

ABCmouse varies from helping kids learn the alphabet to learning new words. Kids will also learn about rhyme, numbers and shapes, and even learn about the planets. Prime subscriptions of  ABCMouse costs $9.95 USD in a month. You can try the ABCmouse prime membership package out to see if you like it with their 1-month free trial.

17. Poptropica 

 kids create a character, and then take it on adventures and quests in a fun island world.  They also have what is Poptropica is called Poptropica Worlds, where Children will be able to dive into additional Investigation and islands. Prime subscriber Memberships start at just $3.99 USD in a month, with discounts offered for longer memberships.

18. Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is well-known e-lernging game platform. It keeps the learning going for grades kids  8-13. Kids can find lessons on Math, Science,  Reading and more with over 4,000 activities. There is a monthly fee of $12.99 USD for premium subscription members , but you can get a free first in a month to use it out and see if your preteen likes it!

19. BuzzMath 

 BuzzMath is paid math online game platform. It has over 14,000 lessons that Classify with and the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge requirements and the Common Core Math Standards. Teachers,  students and parents from Grade 1 to 8th Grade can benefit from the BuzzMath online program.

What is the best free online game kids- 10 and up ?

What is the best free online games for toddlers age?
List of 10 Free Online Games for Kids in 2022/23
SplashLearn. Age: 3 to 8 years
Funbrain. Age: 4 to 8 years
Cartoon Network Games. Age: 4 to 10 years
CBC Kids. Age: 4 to 10 years
KILOO.com. Age: 3 to 12 years
National Geographic Kids. Age: 9 to 13 years
Word Game Time. 5 to 10 years
PBS Kids Games. 3 to 8 years
Arcademics Games

Is PBS KIDS game free?

is PBS KIDS game Free ? yes. Play free PBS KIDS games and learn your child anytime, anywhere! Research top shows, including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why , Wild Kratts, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, Dinosaur Train and much more. Run free learning games with your favorite PBS KIDS characters anytime, anywhere

Is ABCya free for kids?

is ABCya free for kids ? Yes ABCya! is a free educational games website .it organized by grade level and subject area. With a little of help from adults, it’s simple for kids to access tons of games. select a grade level from pre-K to sixth grade, and then choose a subject: Letters, Holiday, Numbers, Strategy, or Skills

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