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Australian Universities and The Australian Government offer a large number of scholarships for foreign students wanting to study in Australia, Studying abroad in Australia is a highly attractive opportunity for international students. In this article, we will discuss more about Australia’s Study abroad, Tuition fees, the application process, scholarships, study programs, Best Places to Study Abroad, allowance, health and travel insurance, and many more facts.

Why Study Abroad in Australia

Why Study Abroad in Australia?

Australia is the smallest continent, situated southwest of the Pacific Ocean.  

Australia is a suitable place for study abroad where international students get many Attractive facilities, maximum security service, and high satisfaction levels. World-class education, high satisfaction levels, and safe and culturally diverse country,

 These are some main reasons to choose Australia as your study-abroad Intention. Studying in Japan is the best opportunity to study abroad.

Why study at an Australian university?

Cogitation to study abroad in Australia is a good decision. Studying abroad in Australia may be slightly difficult, you are able to develop self-education and personal development.  High-quality universities, incredible work opportunities, Easy communication, Cultural diversity, Internship Availability, and Easy access to student visas are some of the top reasons why foreign students choose Australia to study abroad. 

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

Here are just five of the many reasons why international students could consider making Australia your studying-abroad destination. 

★ Easy access to student visas: 

You can get a student visa from the Australian Embassy under certain general conditions. Usually, the Australian embassy provides a streamlined process for the Student Visa (approximately subclass 500).

★ High-quality universities

Australia has 43 universities in total, with 1 university being private, 2 international Universities, and 40 Australian universities.  Most of the Universities in Australia is a comprehensive research university and six Universities is ranking in the internationally 

Renowned top 111. So we will recommend to you that Australia is the best study abroad for international students.  

★ Incredible work opportunities: Australian embassy also provides a Graduate Visa (Temporary) in subclass 485.  That allows a few international candidates to stay in Australia, and continue to work after they (international candidates) have graduated.

★ Cultural diversity: There is a diverse melting pot of cultures in Australia. You will know about a multicultural society and about local people.

★ Wildlife: There are some of the most diverse wildlife on earth in Australia.

You might be lucky to stay in Australia because  

You can get some experience in the wild. 


How to study in Australia as an international student? 

If international students are going to study abroad in Australia for a longer time, international students will need to apply for a student visa. Here we will guide you through the application process in Australia step by step.

1. Apply to an Institute and get a COE:  Candidates must be enrolled at a university/ Institute in Australia, then candidates can apply for a student visa.  From the university, candidates have received an offer letter. When Accredited the offer in paid their deposit (tuition) the University/ Institute will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment, COE.  

2. Create an account with Australian immigration authorities: 

Normally you apply online for Australian visas.

Candidates have to create an account for visa applications.  

Authority will ask you to submit some necessary documents as well as your name, address,   phone number, Bank statements, and email address.

3.  Complete the visa application online: 

Candidates can apply for a student visa in subclass 500.

These applications can be made up to 124 days before the start of your course (according to your CoE date). 

4. Get your visa decision: 

Your visa decision depends on how busy the immigration of Australian authorities are and where candidates are applying from.  

Nowadays you get your decision within 1-4 weeks when the application is complete. 

5. Travel to Australia: 

Before the course starts, according to the date of your CoE, you can enter Australia in 3 months (when you receive your Visa). 

If candidates have not booked dormitories/ Hostel Through the candidate’s university/ Institute, candidates must inform authorities of their address in Australia within one week of appearing there.

How to apply to study in Australia?

  •  Personal Details: Usually the application process is online. You have to submit some personal documents such as your name, address, Bank statements, phone number, GPA, and more. 
  • Academic achievement: you can mention details of your previous academic achievements, such as academic transcripts, extra curriculum, creativity, etc. 
  • Certified proof: certified proof of applicant’s level of GPA, English language proficiency, and financial ability.  
  •  Course preferences: The ability to achieve the course you are applying for must be demonstrated.  
  • Employment experience (condition apply): candidates can mention a summary of their employment experience. 

What are the Best Places to Study Abroad in Australia

Melbourne: Melbourne is one of the best places to study abroad in Australia, Melbourne is the oldest and looking for an amazing city.  

Sydney: Sydney is second place in the Best Student Cities ranking in 2022.

Canberra: Canberra is one of the best places for study abroad within the top 10 places. 

Brisbane: Brisbane is safe and suitable for studying abroad.  There are comprehensive research universities available here. Much more best places in Australia cities which one you can choose Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Perth


Best Study Abroad Programs in Australia: 

Studying abroad in Australia has 600+ Study Abroad Programs, these Programs are also Accredited Worldwide. 

CIEE College Study (Sydney, Australia)

Program Details

Program Type: Provider

Degree Level: Bachelor

Term: Fall, J-Term, spring, summer

Location: Australia, Sydney

Language: English

Accommodation: Apartment Dormitory

Subject Areas:

Computer Science, Biology, Earth Sciences, Anthropology Arts, Accounting,  Business, Ecology, Geography, Health Sciences, Humanities, and  +6 subjects.

Program Details 

IFSA: University of Sydney Partnership

Program Details

Program Type: Direct Enrollment

Degree Level: Bachelor’s Masters

Term: Academic Year, fall, spring

Location: Sydney, Australia

Subject Areas: Computer Science Communications, Chemistry, Archaeology, Earth Sciences, Art History, Arts Biology Business Creative Writing Criminal Justice, and more 22+ subjects. 

IES: Abroad Sydney

Program Details

Program Type: Direct Enrollment

Degree Level: Bachelor’s Masters

Term: Fall, spring, summer

Location: Sydney, Australia

Subject Areas: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture Anthropology, Architecture Arts, Business, Computer Science Design, Economics, and +24+ subjects. 

 James Cook University, Australia (Semester Program)


Program Type: Direct Enrollment

Degree Level: Bachelor’s Masters

Term: Academic Year, fall, spring

Accommodation: Apartment Dormitory Host Family

Location: Australia

Language: English

Subject Areas

Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Earth Sciences, Archaeology Arts,  Australian Studies, Ecology, Conservation, and Preservation Cultural Studies and +25 subjects. 

Study Abroad in Australia Scholarships  

Australian Universities also provide fully-funded scholarships to international candidates who do not have enough financial support or resources to explore a degree (graduate complete) in one of the Australian institutes/ universities.

Below, we will mention some of the scholarships for international students in an Australian university: 

1. University of Sydney (Graduate Research Scholarships)

This university is Funded by the University of Sydney and offers tuition fees offset,  a living allowance and a stipend to postgraduate candidates (international)  This scholarship covers tuition fees as well as a living allowance for three years. 

2. University of Melbourne (Graduate Research Scholarships)

The University of Melbourne is offered this scholarship to exceptional students undertaking undergraduate/ postgraduate research at this university. This scholarship program provides around 600 scholarships per year. 

This scholarship covers health insurance and a Living allowance of $31,200 per year. 

3.  Macquarie University (International Scholarships)

 The scholarship at Macquarie University provides up to $10,000 AUD applied towards your tuition fee without other facilities. Selected candidates must come from any country without New Zealand or Australia. Candidates must meet the academic and English requirements for postgraduate, or bachelor’s degrees at Macquarie University. For postgraduate applications, the WAM equivalent is at least 65.

4.  University of Adelaide (Adelaide Scholarships)

Adelaide scholarship is offered by the University of Adelaide for international students, it covers full tuition fees, stipends, and a living allowance. You will find some benefits that provide Adelaide University: 

Tuition fee waiver:  

Master’s degree for 2 year  

Doctor of Philosophy for up to 3.5 years

Stipend: This University offers stipends for up to 3.5 years for a Doctor of Philosophy, up to 2 years for a Research Master degree).

What are Summer Study Abroad Programs in Australia

The summer program is the perfect time to study abroad in Australia.   If you’re short on time or don’t want to study abroad to interfere with your academic schedule. 

Here are just a few more benefits of Scholarship and studying abroad in the summer

 How much are university tuition fees in Australia?

Tuition fees in Australia are more expensive than in other countries. Nowadays this tuition fee varies from Institute to Institute.  

Here we mention a chart of top universities and tuition costs in Australia.  

University / Institute ProgramTuition fee 
University of MelbourneUndergraduateDomestic tuition 9,050 AUD, International tuition 39,168 AUD 
University of the Sunshine CoastUndergraduateDomestic tuition 15,000 AUD, International tuition 54,000 AUD
University of TasmaniaUndergraduate/ GraduateDomestic tuition 12,976 USD, International tuition 17,000 USD 
The Australian National UniversityUndergraduateInternational tuition 39,024 AUD 
University of South AustraliaUndergraduate8,613 AUD
RMIT University Melbourne City CampusUndergraduateLocal tuition 9,050 AUD (2017 – 18)
University of Wollongong, Wollongong campusUndergraduate8,768 AUD, International tuition 26,000 AUD 
UNSW SydneyUndergraduate16,016 AUD (2013 – 14
The University of Notre Dame AustraliaUndergraduateDomestic tuition 9,072 AUD, International tuition 14,472 AUD 
University of CanberraUndergraduate19,440 AUD (2012 – 13)
Monash University Clayton CampusUndergraduateInternational tuition 37,050 AUD 
University of Technology SydneyUndergraduate Local tuition 8,768 AUD, International tuition 25,282 AUD (2015 – 16)
Macquarie UniversityUndergraduate26,596.5 AUD (2015 – 16)
The University of Western AustraliaUndergraduateDomestic tuition 6,849 AUD, International tuition 28,380 AUD (2012 – 13)
James Cook UniversityUndergraduate16,872 AUD, International tuition 20,000 AUD (2012 – 13)
University of NewcastleUndergraduateDomestic students- 21,550 AUD, International tuition 25,400 AUD
Swinburne University of TechnologyUndergraduate21,750 AUD (2012 – 13)
Australian Film Television and Radio SchoolUndergraduateInternational students  12,000 AUD 

How much does it cost to study abroad in Australia?

Average student living costs in Australia may vary from place to place. As a whole, you normally need up to $1,432 per month for living costs in Australia.  

Accommodation cost: 

ApartmentPer month Location 
One-bedroom1,697.72A$City Center
One-bedroom1,308.52A$Outside of City Center
Three bedrooms2,806.16A$City Center
Three bedrooms2,002.33A$Outside of City Center

You have to need a budget of $80 to $280 per week for Groceries and eating out. 

Extra Lick costs: 

Public transport:  $15 to $55 

Car (after purchase) – $150 to $260 

Gas, electricity – $35 to $140 

Phone and Internet:  $20 to $55

Entertainment – $80 to $150

How to find free internships in Australia? 

Comprehensive Research University / Institute has attractive free internships in Australia.  You can find internships in many ways in Australia, but one of the most useful ways to find free internships is to search online. Websites such as Jora, Indeed, and Seek are great advertisements for available positions across multiple internship industries.

Best student cities in Australia?

Ans:  Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide are the best student cities in Australia.   

Is Australia a good place to study abroad?

Ans: Yes, why not. Australia is a good and 100% safe place to study abroad.

Is Australia an expensive country to study in?

Ans: Australia is an expensive country to study abroad but you can get a large number of stipends.  

Can a foreigner study in Australia?

Ans: Yes, foreigners can study in Australia.

Is it easy to study in Australia? 

Ans: Education system in Australia is a massive good, so it is acceptable and easy to study abroad in Australia.    

Australia is in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, a beautiful country, filled with safe and friendly people, and an outstanding peaceful environment and normal life. 

Australia is 100% safe and suitable for international students to study abroad. 

There are many attractive reasons why international students could consider making Australia their studying-abroad Purpose. 

Studying abroad in Australia usually has over 4,000 courses available. 

Most comprehensive universities offer full tuition fees and stipends including a living allowance and health and travel insurance.  

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