Student Part Time Jobs in Ghana

Searching for a Part time job in Ghana then you came to the right place. You can find and search your way through thousands of part-time jobs in Ghana. Most universities and colleges allow students to work part-time or full-time work. But it doesn’t allow preferably over 20 hours in a week.

Below, we will discuss What type of problem you may face in Ghana to study abroad and part-time jobs and mention complete guidelines about student part-time jobs in Ghana.

Best way to find student part-time jobs in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most well-known Study-place for home and international students. There are a ton of opportunities for students in Ghana to find part-time jobs. You can work as a tutor, a shop assistant, or a waiter/ waitress. You can also do some online work or take on some freelance projects.

The best way to find work is to ask around your school or university and see if anyone knows of any openings. Another good option is to look online on job boards or classifieds- websites. Many companies in Ghana that offer part-time work for students, and these positions can be found both on and off campus.

Many students take advantage of the opportunity to work while they study, as it allows them to gain valuable experience and earn some extra money.

Working part-time can be a great way to offset the cost of tuition and other expenses associated with attending college. It can also help students build their resumes and prepare for their future careers. For those who are looking for an on-campus job, there are a number of options available at most colleges and universities.

These jobs typically involve working in the library, dining hall, or bookstore. Off-campus jobs may be more difficult to find, but there are still many companies that hire part-time workers. Working while attending school can be challenging, but it is often worth the effort. Students who take on part-time jobs gain valuable experience that will help them in their future career pursuits.
Student Part-Time Jobs in Ghana

What Work Can I Do As a Student in Ghana?

There are a few attractive opportunities for all international students studying in Ghana who are searching for a job in Ghana. Education costs in Ghana might be cheaper than in the USA, but the cost of living is relatively high. For international students to study and live comfortably in Ghana, they might need to work also. There are a number of different types of work that students in Ghana can do in order to earn some extra money. One option is to find part-time jobs in restaurants, cafes, or shops. Many businesses in Ghana are always looking for reliable and hardworking employees, so this can be a great way to gain some work experience while also earning some money.

Another option for students is to offer tutoring services to classmates or other students who need help with their studies. It is a great way to make some extra money. And it also helps others improve their grades. Finally, another option for students looking for work is to start their own small business.

There are many opportunities for enterprising students in Ghana to start up their own businesses, whether it’s selling products or providing services. With hard work and dedication, any student can be successful in finding paid work in Ghana.

Here are some part-time jobs for home and international students including salary, especially those who want to study in Ghana.

Job opportunitiesSalary
Tutoring£1100 per year
Online Math tutor$400 per year
BloggersGHS 600 (Minimum) to GHS 6,000.
Hotel Housekeeper/CleanerGH₵416 to GH₵2,053 per month
Dog walkerAverage R 4 792 per month.
Child care workersGH₵901 to GH₵8,063 per month
Web developer$2500 per year
Au Pairvaries
Barista- 1,050 GHS to 3,000 GHS per month
Retail WorkerGH₵483 to GH₵1,753 per month
Prep cookGH₵416 to GH₵2,053 per month
Hotel ReceptionistGH₵557 to GH₵2,221 per month
Research Assistant3,270 GHS per month

Find out the Easiest Part Time Job for Students

There are a number of different types of part-time jobs that students can do in order to earn some extra money. All kinds of part-time jobs are not perfect and easiest for students. The easiest part-time job for students is likely to be one that requires minimal skills and training. Such as, many students work as baristas in coffee shops or retail sales assistants. 

These roles usually involve relatively simple tasks such as serving customers and restocking shelves. Another idea is to work as a tutor, teaching other students in your area of expertise. This can be a great way to earn some extra money whilst also helping others to improve their grades.

Student volunteers have many opportunities, which can provide valuable experience and look great on your CV.

What type of Jobs Pay Well in Ghana?

Ghana is one of the most popular Study-place for home and international students.  Usually, a student can get a part-time job alongside their studies.

There are many different types of jobs that pay well in Ghana. Some of the most popular and in-demand jobs include teaching, nursing, engineering, and business. These types of jobs typically offer high salaries and great benefits, making them very attractive to job seekers.

However, it is important to keep in mind that competition for these positions can be high. As such, it is important to have strong qualifications and work experience if you want to land one of these coveted positions.

What Work Can I Do from Home in Ghana?

There are a lot of work-from-home opportunities available in Ghana, which you can do remotely. Below are some popular options:

1. Freelance writing: There is a growing demand for freelance writers in Ghana, as more businesses and individuals looking to outsource their content needs. If you have strong writing skills, you can start your own freelance writing business and work with clients from all over the world.

2. Social media management: With the power of social media, businesses, and individuals are increasingly looking for help to manage their online presence. As a social media manager, you can help them create and execute effective social media campaigns that will reach their target audience.

3. Virtual assistant: It provides administrative support to businesses and individuals remotely. Virtual assistants can include tasks such as customer service, data entry, scheduling appointments, and much more. If you have strong organizational skills and experience working in an office setting, this could be the perfect work-from-home opportunity for you.

4. Online tutoring: Are you an expert in a particular subject? You can share your knowledge with students from all over the world by becoming an online tutor.

Work From Home part time Jobs You Can Do In Ghana | HOW TO EARN A LIVING IN GHANA?! | Remote Jobs

Part-Time Jobs Accra

Are you looking for a part-time job in Accra? There are a lot of job opportunities available, depending on your skills and interests. Below we will mention some part-time jobs in Accra:

1. Retail jobs: If you enjoy working with the public, there are plenty of retail jobs available in Accra. You can find work in shops, supermarkets, and other businesses that sell goods to consumers.

2. Food service jobs: If you have experience working in the food industry, there are several restaurants and other food businesses that may be hiring part-time employees.

3. Customer service jobs: Many businesses need customer service representatives to handle customer inquiries and complaints. This could be a good option if you have excellent people skills.  

4. Office support jobs: From data entry to filing and telemarketing, there are many office support positions that can be done on a part-time basis.


Ghana is one of the best places to study abroad on a small budget. There are a ton of opportunities for students to find part-time jobs. There are a variety of industries that offer part-time employment, including retail, hospitality, and tourism. Many students choose to work in the service industry because it offers flexible hours and the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.

Part-time jobs on campus are a great opportunity to earn money while still being able to focus on their studies properly.  

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