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Explore the A to Z information about the best psychology degrees in Australia. By studying psychology programs to know how human behavior and thinking. Find out which best psychology degrees in Australian universities are world-class programs are providing. In this article, we will explain all directions from admission to job opportunities in psychology.

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  • 1.1.What are Psychology degrees?
  • 2.2.Why study for a Psychology degree?
  • 3.3.10 Best university for psychology Australia
  • 4.4.What can you do with the best psychology degree in Australia?
  • 5.5.Living costs in Australia
  • 6.6.Psychology Course fees in Australia 
  • and job opportunity in Australia
  • 8.8.Go through the career paths in Australia
  • 8.8.Requirement 
  • 9.9.How to apply to psychology

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What is a Psychology degree?

Psychology is a subject that can be studied to give a clear idea about the mental state of a person, mental problems, and Their remedies.

Psychology plays an important role in our lives in overcoming Physical and mental problems. to study this Scripture, we will be able to remove frustration, depreciation, and technic of various psycho problems.  


Why study for a Psychology degrees

Psychology is an Impressive best field of study. There are many reasons to study psychology abroad. One of them is: It will help you understand mental processes and human behavior.  Otherwise allow learners to better understand how we act, think, and feel and others’ feelings. You should study psychology if you are interested in understanding human behavior and mental condition.  

10 Best university for psychology Australia

Psychology is available in most Universities in Australia.  Here is a list of the 10 best Unversity for psychology in Australia.  Scroll down and find out which one is the best university for you. let’s get started.

1. The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is a comprehensive research public, coeducational university, located in the Australian state of Western Australia, founded in 1911. There are two comprehensive campuses in this University. They are Albany and Perth. The vice-chancellor of The University of Western Australia is  Amit Chakma. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 91

Tuition fees: 37,300 per year

Application Fee: 100 AUD

Application Deadline: February 19

Total enrollment: 19,520

2. University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne is a comprehensive research,  co-educational public university, located in Melbourne, Australia. It was  Founded in 1853 and its founder is Hugh Childers. This (University of Melbourne) University is Australia’s second-oldest university.  

Duncan Maskell is the present Vice-chancellor. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 23

Tuition fees: 46,700 per year

Application Fee: 100 AUD

Application Deadline: December 2

Founder: Hugh Childers

Founded: 1853

Total enrollment: 48,088 (2016)

3. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney provides some attractive facilities for a Fresher of psychology degree.  The tuition fee at this university is Between 21,000- 42,000 per year. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 31

Tuition fees: 21,000- 42,000 per year

Application Fee: 100 AUDApplication Deadline: January 31

4. Australian National University

The Australian National University is a comprehensive research public university, founded in 1946,  located in Canberra, Australia, the great capital of Australia. There are two campuses available at this University. 

The Total enrollment (students) is 21,113. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 67

Tuition fees: 50,400 per year

Application Fee: 100 AUD

Application Deadline: November 16

5. The University of Queensland 

The University of Queensland in Australia is a comprehensive research University. The application fee for a psychology course at the University of Queensland is 100 AUD, and the application deadline is November 30. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 52

Tuition fees: 40,000 – 50,000 per year

Application Fee: 100 AUD

Application Deadline: November 30

6. Monash University

Monash University is a comprehensive of Australia’s leading universities and ranks among the world’s best 100. Monash University provides many attractive facilities including scholarships. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 126-150

Tuition fees: 37,000 per year

Application Fee:  95 AUD

Application Deadline: Late November


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7. Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is a comprehensive research-based public university,  located in Sydney. There are Australian multi-campus in western Sydney university in the Greater Western region of Sydney, Australia. Present Vice-Chancellor is Barney Glover AO. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 151-175

Tuition fees: 38,400 per year

Application Fee: No Fee

Application Deadline: May 15

8. Macquarie University

Macquarie University in Australia is a comprehensive research public university,  located in Sydney, the capital state of Australia. , in the suburb of Macquarie Park. It was Founded in 1964.  The present Vice-chancellor is S. Bruce Dowton.  

Brief Description:

Ranking: 101-125

Tuition fees: 38,800 per year 

Macquarie University

Application Fee: No Fee

Application Deadline: September 15

9. Flinders University

Flinders University is a comprehensive research co-educational public university,  located in  Adelaide, South Australia. It was Founded in 1966. Colin Stirling is the present Vice-chancellor. Total enrollments are  25,574. 

Brief Description:

Ranking: 201-250

Tuition fees: 37,500 per year

Application Fee: 60 AUD

Application Deadline: Rolling

10. University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle is a comprehensive coeducational public university in Australia,  informally known as Newcastle University. It was founded in 1965. 

 Alex Zelinsky is the present Vice-chancellor.  Total enrollment is  37,677 ( according to 2018)

Brief Description:

Ranking: 201-250

Tuition fees: 42,390 per year 

Application Fee: 100 AUD

Application Deadline: 12 January

What can you do with the best psychology degree in Australia?

With a degree in psychology, you can get good job opportunities in Australia like human resources, teaching, marketing, public relations, Human Resource Professionals, and Welfare Support Workers.  Psychology course in Australia is accredited in the world.

Living costs in Australia 

Here is a list of costs of living in Australia to study abroad including the cost of accommodation in Australia, books & supplies, food expenses, as well as transportation.

At a glance a living cost in Australia 

Costs Monthly Cost (in AUD)Monthly Cost ( in INR equivalent)
Rent an Apartment750 – 170040,700 – 92,341
Homestay450 – 120024,444 – 65,182
Share a rented Apartment/House380 – 85020,640 – 46,170
Students Halls of Residence440 – 110023,900 – 59,750
Groceries500 – 100027,159 – 54,318
Internet70 – 1203,800 – 6,518
Public Transport30 – 701,629 – 3,802

Courses fees

The cost of studying for a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the best Australian universities ranges from $ 23254.24 USD to $ 36625.43 USD (Australian exchanges 32,000 AUD to 50,400 AUD).  Nowadays, usually, psychology courses in Australia are very inexpensive compared to other countries.

Career and job opportunities in Australia

Career affairs in psychology in Australia are gorgeous.  There is a lot of respect in this job as well as money. 

‘Psychologist’ is a great occupational category. Some of the biggest potential employment areas are human resources, marketing, public relations, teaching, and welfare support.

Job fields Salary ( in AUD / month)
Public Relations Professionals22,394
Child Care Centre Managers20,495
Social Professionals19,701
Special Education Teachers29,012
Social Workers34,595
Journalists and Other Writers32,419
Health and Welfare Services Managers36,223
Pre-primary School (Early Childhood) Teachers56,162
Human Resource Professionals70,618
Human Resource Managers86,822
Advertising and Marketing Professionals105,478
Welfare Support Workers73,279
Secondary School Teachers157,523
Primary School Teachers179,843
Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Managers185,773

How to Go through the career paths Australia

Below, we will Recommend a pathway to registration for overseas qualified psychologists in Australia.

  • Complete the application paper for APOS-76 and provide all required documents to AHPRA
  • The Board of AHPRA will Measure whether the applicant meets the registration requirements
  • Use the Incidental form to submit a plan for your specified period of Inspected practice to the AHPRA Board for approval
  •  Receive advice that the applicant needs to complete a specified term of supervised the National Psychology Exam and practice 
  • Accept approval of your supervised practice plan and granted provisional registration
  • Complete the Observed practice period according to your Authorized plan
  • Apply for general registration
  • Pass the admission test (National Psychology Exam) 
  • Granted general registration


A Candidate ready to pursue a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Psychology in the best universities in Australia.  Applicants must satisfy the following requirements (minimum). They are:

  • Valid Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Proof of Identification
  •   Minimum GPA: 7.3 GPA on a scale of 10.
  • English Language Scores
  • Two Academic Reference Letters
  • Bank statements 
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Personal statement (no more than 500 words) 
  • Exams required: IELTS/TOEFL

How to apply

Below,  we will provide a step-by-step process on how to apply to psychology courses in Australia.  They are

  • Create an applicant profile on the application portal​.
  • Enter your details, and carefully submit  including your education history
  • Select and rank the Institutes /Programs in order of your preference.
  • Submit!
  • You (Applicants)  will be contacted to pay the $75 collect references, and application fee, and arrange an interview.


Is psychology a good degree in Australia?

Psychology in Australia is a very highly comprehensive, demandable subject in the world.  There are a lot of job opportunities and various facilities for studying abroad in this subject. Australia is a good destination to study abroad in psychology for international students.  

How long does it take to become a psychologist in Australia?

Usually Becoming a registered psychologist in Australia, you have to take a minimum of 6 years, but candidates have some different choices to get you there. When someone says “I’m a psychologist”, that means they have completed a minimum of 6 years of study, practice, and work experience. These are registered with the PBA. PBA means “Psychology Board of Australia”. 

Is psychology a hard degree in Australia?

A degree in psychology is easy compared to other courses of Bsc (bachelor’s of science).  Normally University degree is not easy,  it is not a secondary school Degree. Higher degrees require a lot of hard work. 

What qualifications do you need to be a psychologist in Australia?

You will come to be a psychologist,  you have to need some requirements. They are:
First of all, you have to complete an online course in psychology or take a Wider diploma in psychology. 

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