Australia student visa Requirements ( Complete Guide)

Student visa processing is hard, not easy for everyone, you have to fulfill the Australian student visa requirement. Complete the student visa new rules, entry, IELTS, visa cost, age limitation, Academic Requirements, etc. which type of visa do you have to choose for your study abroad. let’s deep into that

What is an Australian student visa?

The Australian student visa is an endorsement that is added to the Australian government passport, which permits international students to study at a country’s educational institutions. An Australian student visa is accredited worldwide. Student visas in Australia are comprehensive and demandable. Each year 2233 applicants apply in Australia for student visas.  

How to fill Australia student visa application

It is easy to process an Australian student visa application.  Below is a list of how you can fill up an Australian visa application.  

Create an ImmiAccount with the Australian Immigration Department.

Login ImmiAccount

Give all documents in digital format.

Complete and submit the visa application online.

Pay the visa fee,  then you get a TRN-number

Acceptable health checkup

 You will get a confirmation SMS, you will be ready to interview.

After completing Scrutinised, Get your visa decision.


Australia student spouse visa requirements 2022

Below, We will discuss Australian student spouse visa requirements in 2022. They are: 

  •  Get your documents prepared: Applicants have to be prepared to benefit from every document, which Improves your visa process.
  • Make a decision with the DHA: Once you set that (partner visa), the visa application (partner visa) takes a few months for the DHA to process your student visa application.
  • Rodent your Australian partner visa application: You will need to submit an online partner visa application. Once you submit a partner visa application, you must pay a fee and keep a receipt.

Wait and get approval: when you obtain the approval from the DHA, you can then receive your visa. then you can start moving on Followingly.

Note:  It is best, to begin with, your spouse’s visa application process Immediately. Because A spouse visa normally takes one year or more to be processed before the spouse visa is Approved.

Subclass 500 Student visa

The subclass 500 (Student visa) allows international students to work, study and live in Australia for up to 5 years in your study program. On this visa (subclass- 500), you are usually allowed to work unlimited hours during study Intervals and a maximum of 42 hours per fortnight during the term.


To get a students visa (subclass- 500), you have to do the same requirements,  below are: 

  • fall into a Release category
  • online Registration and provide the necessary documents that they need. 
  • Candidates must have taken the English language test ( 2 years)  before they apply for a subclass- 500 student visa.
  • have successfully Accomplished certain suitable studies in English.


Here we will discuss the Guideline for Subclass-500  (Student visa) in Australia.

  • must be six years or older
  • be Admitted to a program of study in Australia.
  • hold OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), or fall in the Release categories.
  • If in Australia hold an eligible individual visa.
  • Evidence you have a welfare arrangement.  if applicants are under 18.


Student Visa 500 costs from $456 US dollars/   630 AUD  for the original applicant. A charge will apply to each family member applying for a subclass- 500 visa. You can use the Visa Pricing Estimator and this visa fee is variable. 

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Australian student visa Rules

According to July 1, 2016, a student subclass 500 visa lets you stay in Australia for the duration of up to five years from your enrolment date to study abroad.

if you ensure that your visa remains valid and you abide by the conditions mentioned on your student visa, Then you can renew the visa even after the expiration date of the visa. 

You can read more in detail about this type of Australian student visa on the Department of Home Affairs website of the Australian Government. 

Australian student visa new rules for international students in Australia  2022

The Australian Government and Immigration Department has announced that student visa holders who are currently offshore and have recently traveled to Australia (19 January and 19 March 2022) will be Compatible for a refund of their student visa application charges. Click here To know more information about the new rules of student visas in Australia 2020. 

The new rules  of student Visa in Australia change a number of the following:

  1. Offer Letter.
  2. Passport.
  3. OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)/ Insurance.
  4. Evidence of Financial Capacity for 12 months.
  5. Proof of return and stay airfare (Minimum $20,000 US dollars Expeli Tuition costs)
  6. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Proof.

visa and entry requirements

Australian student visa new rules 2020 is not difficult.  Available as another general condition of visa and entry requirements. They are:      

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Proof of enrolment
  3. Your (GTE) Genuine Temporary Entrant statement
  4. Your visa application fee.
  5. Academic and work experience documents.
  6. English skills ( such as IELTS)


The application process required for an Australian student visa is very easy. The application process is made in the same way as the general application. 


There is no change in the new application 2022  without some interface.  Such as the emergency visa option ( during the COVID- 19). That time,  without application you got a visa.  

As a result, students from different countries could easily return to the country (during the COVID- 19 epidemic).

How to get an Australia student visa 

You can get an Australian student visa easily to study abroad.  They need to show the Home Affairs that you have all the requirements to get a visa. 

1. English Skills requirements

2. GTE requirement (Genuine Temporary Entrant)  

3. Health and character requirements

4. Financial requirements

Excessively, In some cases, applicants may need to attend an interview. Otherwise, you must complete a student visa application form in Australia and pay the visa fee. 


Australia study visa IELTS requirements

Nowadays Generally, You need to score a minimum of 6.5 overall in IELTS to study in Australia. For postgraduate,  your IELTS score is 6.0.  However, when you apply for your undergraduate destinations, you must score a 6.0 (minimum) overall in IELTS.

Band requirements

No!! no band less than 5.5.  The standard score for IELTS or TOEFL requirement to study abroad in Australia is an overall score of 6.0 or above. However, many courses require a higher score than the University’s least requirement.

Student visa Australia cost

Student visas in Australia are inexpensive compared to the USA,  Uk, and other countries.  Normally student visa in Australia’s cost range is  $414 USD ( in $575 AUD).  international students will need to organize OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for themselves and any Associating family members, As a visa requirement in Australian immigration. 

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Australia student visa checklist 

Australian immigration authorities have a document checklist tool.  Using this tool you can check your visa. Click here to visit the Documents Checklist Tool

How to get a work permit

It is difficult to get a work permit in Australia compared to Canada, Japan, China, and other countries.  Below  we mention a list of how to get a work permit in Australia: 

  • age limit: be under 50 years of age
  • hold an eligible visa 
  • provide evidence of health insurance for all candidates when you apply
  • hold a student visa ( subclass- 500) in the last 6 months
  • provide evidence of AFP check when you apply.   
  • have held a degree (at least achieve) in a CRICOS-registered program
  • Provide Proof in the application of the required level of English.  

Australian student visa age limit

Surprisingly the Australian government provides all kinds of visas without an age limit.  But in some special cases,  the visa age condition applies.

Australia student visa duration

Nowadays, an Australian student visa’s duration is a maximum of 5 years from the issue date.  Usually issued primary school students visas for 3 years. You can also extend the deadline if you want.

English Language requirements 

Students will need to supply an IELTS / TOEFL or another English language course certificate if they are not native English speakers.   There is no need for this certificate for native English speakers.  

You need an IELTS score of at least 6.0 to study abroad in Australia.  

There are varying requirements (minimum) for each university, institution, and education level, and sometimes set these requirements for certain programs.

What is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

The genuine temporary entrant, abbreviated to GTE, is used by the Institution and university admissions to identify applicants using the student visa program that can have motives other than gaining a quality education. The GTE means a candidate satisfies the genuine temporary entrant Measure for visa purposes and University / Institute admission. 

Applicants must write a statement to meet this requirement, they are Below:

1. Came to Australia for study purposes only, not for any other purpose. That must be confirmed.

2. First of all, you have to ensure that you are coming to Australia not for any other purpose without studying abroad.  

Academic Requirements 

Below,  we will discuss some general guidance on Academic requirements to study abroad in Australia for different levels of study. They are: 

Postgraduate course: you must have completed at least a bachelor’s degree/undergraduate level. This institution may also consider your relevant work experience or research ability. 

Vocational education training (VET): VET institutions have no entrance exams in most cases. However, some courses may require you to have completed work experience or studied specific subjects in some Cases.  

Undergraduate courses: For this opportunity, you will need to have a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, Australia (12 Year) or equivalent certificate.  Some undergraduate courses may have special requirements or prerequisite subjects.  
Schools: To be admitted to an Australian school,  children must have Academic performance ability.  Then children can continue their studies in any school in Australia. 

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Health Requirements

The Australian Government is most concerned about ensuring the health of immigrants. You can not enter Australia without a medical check-up.  To enter Australia, you needed that requires: 

  • Medical Check-up report 
  • Medical certificate 
  • Vaccine certificate of Covid-19 

Character Requirements

Every country does not allow terrorists, criminals, and International criminals. You need a certificate of police verification To visit any country including Australia. You can not visit any country without a police verification statement.  

Covid -19 and visas   

The COVID-19 Prevalence has impacted Domestic and international students to a great extent. Many international students were unable to return to Australia to continue studying there physically. 

Some countries provide a special visa for international students in durning COVID-19. 

Find out what type of visa you need to study in Australia

There is more than one kind of visa to study abroad in Australia.  One type of visa (subclass 500) for students and another type for guardians. Such as a Temporary Graduate Visa for 3 months or 20 hours per week.

Visa TypeApplicable for 
Student Visa (subclass 500)5 years
Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590)18 months to 4 years
Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)3 months or 20 hours per week
Visitor Visa (subclass 600, 601, 651)3 months
Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 and 462)4 months
Training Visa (subclass 407)2 years

How much money is required for an Australian student visa?

To get a student visa in Australia, at a low cost.  Nowadays money required for an Australian student visa (Visa-subclass 500) is $ 456 US dollars/ 630 AUD. 


Is an Australian student visa easy to get?

Australian student visas are very easy to get Compared to other countries. If you want to get a student visa, You must meet certain requirements to qualify for a student visa. When students are Enlisted in a full-time study program, then students will be able to apply for a visa under Subclass 500.

How much bank balance is required for an Australian visa?

You must show sufficient funds support to studying abroad in Australia.  You have to have $1000 US dollars in your bank account. The applicants must be able to care for their own expenses

What is the age limit for a student visa in Australia?

Apply for an Australian student visa without any age limitation. Usually, if applicants are under 18 years old, they can apply with special conditions. Applicants from All independent countries can apply for this student visa.  However, state-convicted individuals or terrorists cannot apply for Australian student visas.


How to withdraw from student visa application Australia

To withdraw your student visa application, we mentioned a step-by-step process method.  
Step-1: First of all, log in to ImmiAccount.
Step-2: Then Select ‘view’ to open your application file.
Step-3: Select a option ‘Update details’
Step-4: Click the’ withdrawal of a visa application’ option. 
Then using this method you can withdraw your student visa application successfully.

how to check student visa application status for Australia

Here is a list (step by step) of how to check student visa application status for Australia.  
Step 1: Firstly, Go to the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) website.
Step 2: Click on the icon named “check your visa details .” Upon clicking this, the inquiry screen opens up.
Step 3: Enter the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) /Visa Grant Number/Visa Evidence Number/Password in the field called “Reference Type.” 
Step 5: keep in mind to know all the terms, policies, and government conditions carefully before agreeing on them.
Step 6: Please recheck the entered details Before clicking the submit button. If you find any wrong details that you entered. Then click the “clear” button. 
Step 7:  Click on the “submit” button when all details are entered correctly. Select the “Submit” button. Then download the Application and or printed it.    

How you will Apply to lodge a student visa in Australia and get a COE. 

1. Create an account with the immigration authorities in Australia.
2. Make sure that there are all documents in digital format that are needed.
3. Possible health checkup
4. Complete the visa application online.
5. Pay the visa fee 
6. Get a TRN number.
7. Interviews may call for you

How to track Australian student visa application

You can track your student visa application by entering your VLN Number (the Reference Number).  your Date of Birth by using the online Australia visa tracking system. 
Note:  after lodgement,  Normally This tracking functionality will only work for 20 working days.

How to fill out the student visa application form for Australia

You need some basic identity/information To fill out a student visa application form for Australia. We mentioned below which information you will give.
* Family name
* First/given names
* Date of birth
* Gender
* Country of birth
* Country of citizenship
* Permanent Address
* Phone number
* Country of passport
* Passport number
* Passport date of issue and of expiry.

How to get pr from student visa in Australia

Here is a list of processes on how you can get PR (Permanent Residency) from a student visa in Australia.  
1. First of all, you have to need at least 2 years to study at University  (postgraduate level) in Western Australia.
2. demonstrate proficient English.
3. prove sufficient funds (Bank Statement)
4. Proof of work experience.
5. There is a full-time offer on a 12-months contract.
6. A job is listed in the new graduate job list.

How long can international students stay in Australia after graduation?

Usually, international students stay in Australia for 1.5 years after graduation. 
The Department of IBP (Immigration and Border Protection’s)  visa Subclass 485  (Temporary Graduate Visa) foreign students allow remaining in Australia for 18 months up to after graduation. 

Can you get a visa to Australia right now?

You can apply to visit/ study abroad in Australia for a visa. Using the Australian ETA app, You can apply for an ETA if you hold an eligible Passport.
Otherwise, you can also apply online for a student visa through ImmiAccount.

How to get a student visa in Australia from the Philippines

An international student gets an Australian student visa (Subclass 500) early from the Philippines.  For these reasons you will need some requirements, they are Below:
Create an ImmiAccount, 
Login ImmiAccount
Go to “New Application”
Click “Student” and then “Student Visa (Subclass 500).”
Give all information for your application. Attach the documents needed ( Photo,  Passport, etc)
Please revise your application,  then submit it. 

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