Best Travel Insurance For Studying in USA

Travel insurance for students studying in the largest Opportunity that offers medical expenses and trip disturbance. In this article,  we will discuss more how to get travel insurance in the USA, the application process of travel insurance, the best travel insurance companies, student group travel insurance, providing more facilities for travel insurance in the USA, and many more facts. Please share with us if we’re missing something.

What is student travel insurance USA?

Travel insurance for students (domestic and international students)  provides medical expenses and trip disturbance for the time it takes a student to travel and settle abroad. This includes medical treatment costs for any accidents or sudden illness, evacuation, trip interruption, delay, or cancellation, loss of baggage, emergency evacuation, etc.

Why do you need travel insurance as a student?

You need student travel insurance so you do not have to worry about unexpected costs ruining your study abroad experience. For example, if you suddenly get sick or get into an accident, travel insurance will cover the costs of your medical bills. If your flight is delayed and you are stuck at the airport, it will cover food and accommodation until the next flight. If your passport, baggage, or any other items are stolen, damaged, or lost during your trip, student travel insurance will reimburse you for their loss. 

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How Can I get travel insurance for the USA

You can not get travel insurance for the United States of America. Because it is not available for all countries in the world. Basically, the United States of America is not offered worldwide travel insurance; you have to need a policy that Especially includes the Caribbean,  Canada, and the USA. 

 In general, USA travel insurance for trips to the United States of America comes in different forms.


How much does travel insurance cost to the USA

Nowadays travel insurance Policy costs depend on the length of travel and any risky activities, a couple of factors include age, skiing, going on a cruise, or skydiving. So you have to know some requirements before traveling.  

In general, you can expect an Intention will cost 4%-10% of the non-refundable trip cost (you’re total prepaid). such as if you purchased travel insurance for a total cost of $5,000. you will likely range in price from $250-$500 US dollar, depending on Unstable.

Do you need travel insurance as an international student?

As an international student, you have to get student travel insurance before you leave to cover unexpected medical or travel-related expenses as you embark on your new adventure. In many cases, student travel insurance is mandatory to apply for a visa or enroll at the university.

You have to get Travel insurance,  for this reason, you 

which insurance is best for visitors to America

Travel Guard is the best travel insurance agency in the USA. 

 These travel insurance agency plans include student medical travel insurance and student travel insurance. 

However, you can use these insurance plans for both international and domestic trips.

It covers trip interruption, medicals, 24/7 travel assistance services,  optional upgrades to emergency medical evacuation, and more faculties.

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Is international health insurance the same as travel insurance?

Student Travel InsuranceInternational Student Health Insurance
This insurance’s duration is  Short-term. Applicants have to switch from travel insurance to a long-term Travel health insurance planThis insurance’s duration is Long-term, You Can be Expanded for the full duration of your studies abroad.
Normally student travel insurance provides only emergency medical treatmentInternational Student Health Insurance provides non-emergency and emergency medical treatment, including routine check-ups,  maternity check-ups, and pre-existing conditions.
It provides for trip cancellation,  disruption, interruption, and delay.It Does not offer trip cancellation, delay, disruption, or interruption. 
It provides for loss, damage of luggage, theft, or personal belongings.International health travel insurance  Does not cover loss, damage of luggage, theft, or personal belongings.
This Program is suitable for short trips or international students.  It is very suitable for international students. Students will stay abroad for a long part of their duration.
It is Covered for repatriation and emergency evacuation. This program provides only for emergency repatriation and evacuation.

Best Health Insurance Package for International students in USA

Below we will show you best health insurance plan for study in USA

  • Navigator Student.
  • Student Secure.
  • Patriot America.
  • ExchangeGuard.
  • Study USA. Offers
  • Student Health Advantage.
  • Patriot Exchange Program.

Which travel insurance is the best for students in the USA

There are a lot of travel insurance agencies in the USA. But some are comprehensive and some are small & incomprehensive.  

We mention below the best travel insurance agency companies in the USA. 



Travelex,  a travel insurance agency is one of the best insurance companies in the USA, it is the best overall agency company.  

Company: Travelex

Starting Price: $28

Policy Types: 3 

Coverage Limit: $25,000

No. States Available:  50


InsuremyTrip is a comprehensive travel insurance agency in the United States of America.  It is the   Best Value insurance agency.           

Company: InsureMyTrip

Starting Price: $25 to $100

Policy Types: 31

Coverage Limit: varies

No. States Available: 50

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel insurance is the position of Runner-Up, the Best Overall travel insurance agency in the USA. There are the best facilities in this travel insurance.   

Company: Allianz Travel Insurance

Starting Price: $120

Policy Types: 10

Coverage Limit: $5,000

No. States Available: 50


GeoBlue is comprehensive insurance that covers mainly Medical coverage for travelers, it is the Best for Medical Coverage.           

Company:  GeoBlue

Starting Price: Varies

Policy Types: 8 

Coverage Limit: Varies

No. States Available:  50 

HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel insurance company is comprehensive travel insurance that provides  Best for Seniors             Varies, some low cost of requirements, and attractive travel opportunities.        

Company:  HTH Travel Insurance

Starting Price: Varies

Policy Types: 5 

Coverage Limit: $5,000 to $50,000

No. States Available:  50 


Nationwide is the largest Travel insurance agency in the USA and Best for Cruises. Usually, you can complete your travel coverage limit up to $10,000 to $30,000.  

Company:  Nationwide

Starting Price: $100

Policy Types: 8 

Coverage Limit: $10,000 to $30,000

No. States Available:  50 

World Nomads

World Nomads is a Harvest Travel Agents agency in the USA, that covers the most Comprehensive Coverage and some attractive facilities.  

Company: World Nomads 

Starting Price: $100 to $200

Policy Types: 2 

Coverage Limit: $2,500 to $10,000

No. States Available:  50 

Is travel insurance mandatory for US F1 visa?

This is not mandatory for a US F1 Visa.  There is no requirement for applicants to possess travel insurance for F-1 visas.  However, authorities maybe wanted to provide proof of potential medical costs. 

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Here is a list of requirements that you have to  need to fulfill in order to get your student visa (F-1 Visa) : 

1.   Application fee payment receipt

2. Accepted at a SEVP approved school

3. Paid SEVIS fee

4. Completed a Form I-20

5. Completed visa application and submitted electronically (Form DS-160).

6. Accommodations during and Proof of subsistence

7. Acquired legal documents

8. Form 1-20

9. A valid passport

10. A passport photo

11. Scheduled Interview

who is eligible for student insurance?

 How you can buy a student insurance plan:

1. When You are in a vocational training program abroad

2. You are a candidate who will pursue a course of study at a university / Institute or school abroad.

3. When You are a volunteer abroad.

4. When applicants are in an internship with a company abroad 

5. Candidates will work as a member of an “au pair” program abroad.


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Travel insurance cost as a student  

You choose how much coverage you want. Travel insurance agencies provide the highest financial support. 

The travel insurance agency will pay a claim according to your demand, such as medical bills,  emergency medical support, and loss of belongings. 

The policy statement clearly states that the travel insurance agencies pay the right amount for any event. Be sure to read it.

how do I get travel insurance as an American student?

Here are the steps that You can get student travel insurance for students in the USA

1. You can get student travel insurance Online. You can visit their website, then read their plans.  

2. Directly from a travel insurance agency in your country.

3. Before Settling on one travel insurance, Travel insurance agencies allow you to compare plans from various agencies.  

How long time is travel insurance valid for coverage 

Usually, Student travel insurance is designed to offer Medical Evacuation and emergency medical coverage for four years. 

However,  Annual travel insurance plans can be renewed for 1 year. Normally this date will start from the departure date of your first trip.

When Should I Get a Travel Insurance Plan for Students?

You have to get student travel insurance before you travel. You can get international student health insurance before you travel or after you arrive. Covers emergency and non-emergency medical treatment, including pre-existing conditions, maternity, and routine check-ups.

How Much Does Travel Insurance for Students Cost?

1. Usually,  the cost of travel insurance for students depends on which policy you want.  Though you choose a higher policy with maximum travel insurance,  you will have to pay more.  

2. Duration time: travel health insurance depends on How long you need coverage. If you buy this travel health insurance for a month.  This insurance package will be more expensive than a plan for only two weeks or less.

3. Travelling place:  travel insurance costs vary from place to place.

When you travel to more countries,  then you have to pay more. Traveling costs may vary from place to place due to the very high cost of health treatment. 

Is Travel Insurance for International Students Obligatory?

Travel insurance is only obligatory for international students as part of the visa process. For example, though applicants apply for a Student Visa, generally Embassies will ask you to show you have adequate documents and travel insurance for at least the beginning part of your stay.

International students can compare student insurance plans to the most appropriate plan that suits their specific needs.

There are some F1 visa pupils still stranded in the USA or on OPT status.  who are not Enlisted in any classes. For these reasons, students are not limited to buying United States student health insurance. Rather, students can buy short-term travel medical insurance for US visitors. 

 Travel health insurance plans are cheaper for visitors and work well for international students while

 the visitors are not enrolled in classes. Yet this insurance work well for foreign learners. 

We are here to give you  A to Z information about international students’ travel insurance.   Let us know how we can support and help you. Please contact us to feel free by phone, email, and comment on our support team. 


Here is a  Schedule of Services and coverage for student group travel insurance. 

Facilities in USD (per person)Highest costs of Coverage
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services                Included
Trip Interruption                150% of Tour Cost
Trip Cancellation                Tour Cost
Trip Delay  (6 hours)                $750 ($150/day)
Baggage Delay                $300
Emergency Accident/ Emergency  Medical Expense                $25,000
Baggage Loss                $1,500
Evacuation / Repatriation                $100,000
Missed Connection                $500 ( three hours or                      more hours)

Top best Student group travel insurance

Students  Group Travel insurance from $7 USD per student ( domestic and foreign student) for post-departure coverage. This Trip is cancellation optional. Travel insurance companies offer coverage for both international or domestic and international trips up to 1 month in length. Featuring 24/7 worldwide emergency medical assistance services, travel delay, $100,000 USD emergency evacuation, baggage delay, baggage protection, and $25,000 primary medical insurance for each Applicant.  That is not deductible.  Available to U.S. Natives.

1. 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services (medical). 

2. Trip Interruption

3. Trip Cancellation

4. Trip-Interruption – Only if $0 trip cost insured $500 Return Air 

5. Trip Delay

6. Baggage and Personal Effects

7. Missed Connection 

8. Baggage Delay

9. Repatriation /Emergency Medical Evacuation

10. Sickness Medical Expense

11. Emergency Accident  


Do you need travel insurance for the USA?

It’s not compulsory to have travel insurance to visit the USA; you can travel without it if you want. However, doing so means risking a potentially life-changing medical bill should something go wrong during your trip.

Is travel insurance expensive for the USA?

Travel insurance in the USA is so expensive.  because medical treatment care costs are much higher than in other countries in the world.  Since medical treatment claims account for 32% of travel insurance claims. The medical Outlook of the provider is nothing to be blown at.

Which is the best travel insurance for the USA?

There are some Best Travel Insurance Companies in the USA. Here are the top 5 best insurance companies in the USA for 2022. 
Insurance company 
Best for 
01. Travelex Best Overall
02. GeoBlue Best for Medical Coverage
03. Nationwide Best for Cruises
04. Allianz Travel Insurance Runner-Up, Best Overall
05. HTH Travel Insurance Best for Seniors

Can you get travel insurance for the United States?

Travel insurance in the USA is a customized insurance policy & terms designed for people traveling to the USA. It is the best safeguard for travelers. We will mention a list of the Best Travel Insurance policies that are only designed for all your needs.
1. American International Group
2. HTH Travel Insurance
3. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc
4. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection
5. AIG Travel Guard
6. InsureandGo
7. Assicurazioni Generali
8. Seven Corners Inc
9. Generali Global Assistance
10. Seven Corners Inc

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