List of Tuition free universities in Italy for international students

Italy is one of the first destinations countries to study abroad for international students that offers the most scholarship opportunities in Europe. Moreover, there is an opportunity to study in Italian Universities with free tuition fees.

If you get into any of the list of tuition free Italian universities for international students, you won’t  have any doubt about raising tuition fees!

In this article, we will discuss a great list of tuition-free universities in Italy for international students, and many more facts. 

1. University of Bologna

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 3K- 3.5 K

QS World-ranking: 177

Best For: basically overall

The University of Bologna, abbreviated to UNIBO,  is a well-known oldest public university in  Italy. It is the first degree-awarding educational-institution of higher learning. It was established in 1088 by Irnerius. At the university’s foundation, the word universitas was first used.  

The average cost of annual tuition fees is around $3114 US dollars for bachelor’s programs. 

The cost of tuition for the master’s programs is around $3,114 USD in a year. 

The UNIBO offers many course-program with attractive Scholarships. 

2. University of Trento

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: €3,000- 6,000

QS World-ranking: 389

Best For:  Engineering, Computer Science, Health, Social Science and Humanities.

The University of Trento is one of the most well-known cheap universities in Europe. It is located in Trento, Italy and nearby Rovereto. The University was founded in 1962. 

The average tuition fee is around 5,287.5 EUR for international Bachelors students,  and the average tuition fees for masters program from 1,423 USD to 17,012 USD per year.

The University of Trento has been able to achieve considerable results in research, didactics, and international relations according to the Italian Ministry of Education.  

List of Tuition free universities in Italy for international students

3. University of Padua

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 3,500- 4,500

QS World-ranking: 234

Best For: basically overall

The University of Padua is one of the affordable  Italian universities. It is also well-known for its cheap course program that is accredited worldwide.

The University of Padua is located in the province of Padua, northern Italy. This university was established in 1222 by a group of students and teachers from Bologna. The University of Padua is the world’s 5th-oldest surviving university and the second-oldest university in Italy.  

The annual payment for international students is €2,501.38 EUR for the Bachelor’s program . Students who want to study in master’s programs pay an average of 620 USD to 4,745 USD per year. But the tuition fees are different for each faculty.  

4. University of Milan Bicocca

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 3,500 – 4,500

QS World-ranking: 302

Best For: Law, Medicine and Psychology are very good 

The University of Milano-Bicocca, commonly well-known as UMB, is a  public research university.  It als offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education. This institution is best for: Law, Medicine,  Engineering, and Psychology. It is located in Bicocca, Italy, and founded in 1998. 

According to last ten years statistics, 

It was ranked the best 100 Universities under 50 years old as first in Italy, and number 21 globally. 

The tuition fees in this University is 2,632 USD per year for international students.  The annual tuition fees for Italian students is 1,025 USD per year. Students who want to study in master’s programs pay an average of 2,561 USD in a year.

5. University of Pisa

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 2,500 -4,500 

QS World-ranking: 389

Best For: basically overall but especially Engineering (Electrical & Electronic).

The University of Pisa is the most popular and cheapest university in Italy. It officially started their academic activities on September 3, 1343. This institution is the oldest university in Europe. 

The average tuition fees in this University is 2,100 EUR for Undergraduate students.  

It is also well-known and best for: Classics & Ancient,  History, Law, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Veterinary Science, Computer Science & Information Systems, and Engineering (Especially Electrical & Electronic).

 6. Università Campus BioMedico

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: 6,000 Euros per Academic year 

QS World-ranking: 1126

Best For: Medicine and Engineering

Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma is a private research and for-profit college. It also offers many attractive fellowship programs for home and foreign students. It was established in 1993 by Blessed Alvaro del Portillo. It is located in Trigoria, Italy. 

 7. Politecnico di Torino

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: 150 € to 3500 € 

QS World-ranking: 333

Best For: Engineering

Polytechnic University of Turin, also well-known as Politecnico di Torino,  is the oldest public technical university in Italy. There are several courses available in this University: Architecture, Urban Planning, Industrial Design, and Engineering. 

The tuition fees range from 150 € to 3500 € for foreign students. The tuition fees are calculated based on the student’s country of origin and family income.

8. University of Pavia

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 3K- 3.5 K

QS World-ranking: 177

Best For: basically good for Humanities & Medicine

The University of Pavia is a comprehensive research public university. It was founded in 1361by Galeazzo II Visconti, located in Pavia, Lombardy, Italy.

The institution was the only university in the greater Lombardy region until the start of the 20th century. The average tuition and fees is around 1,719 EUR for International students.

9. Polytechnic University of Turin

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 7,000- 19,000

QS World-ranking: 348

Best For: engineering, computer science and technology.

The Polytechnic University of Turin, commonly well-known as the oldest Italian public technical university. It was founded in 1859 and located in the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy. Consistently, the university is ranked as one of the top cheapest universities in Italy and in Europe. 

It also offers Various courses in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design and Urban Planning. 

10. San Raffaele University

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: 

QS World-ranking: 314

Best For: the best for Psychology, Medicine and Philosophy

The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is one of the most popular private universities in Italy. It is well-known as Medicine, and is organised in three faculties; Medicine, Psychology, and Philosophy.  

The estimated tuition and fees for non-European medical students is € 20,140 Euro, and the annual tuition fees for master’s programs is around 9,091.67 EUR.  

The university doesn’t provide any scholarships for international students. Students can pay their tuition fees in three instalments. It was founded in 1996 and located in Milan, Italy.

11. Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Brief Description 

Average Tuition Fee: € 7,00 – 11,000

QS World-ranking: 204

Best For:  Overall 

The Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, abbreviated to SNS, is a most popular and affordable university in Italy for international students. It was founded in October 18, 1810 by Napoleon Bonaparte, and Located in  Pisa and Florence, Tuscany, Italy, 

There are currently 700 undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the University. 

Usually International students can continue their study without tuition fees plus living costs and meals expenses. 

More Italian Universities for international students without Tuition fees 2023

Here is a list of more Italian Universities without tuition fees for international students 2023.

University Rank 2023Word Rank 2023Location 
Sapienza University of Rome3201–250Rome
University of Brescia12351–400Brescia
University of Genoa16401–500Genoa
University of Trieste26501–600Trieste
University of Tuscia26501–600Viterbo
University of Messina26501–600Messina
University of Salerno26501–600Salerno
University of Sassari26501–600Sassari
Marche Polytechnic University34601–800Ancona
University of Perugia34601–800Perugia
University of Urbino Carlo Bo47801–1000Urbino
University of Rome III47801–1000Rome
Polytechnic University of Bari47601–800Bari

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