Best 5 Online Jobs for Teens and Beginners

Hey guys! For today’s post, I thought of writing an article, to help teenagers and beginners. If you will notice, the usual websites we are sharing here, require a legal age of at least 18 years old. But there are some that also work for anyone. So, this time, I decided to focus and help those, teenagers and beginners, and look for jobs that are good for 13 years old and above.

 I did my research, and I was able to find, 5 online jobs or websites, from which you can earn as a teenager or a beginner, while just staying at home.

 If you are 13 years old and above or if you’re a beginner, this post is definitely for you. In this post, we’ll talk about the 5 websites I am referring to. What are the tasks and job duties for each website? The requirements, and we’ll also talk about the salary and payment methods.  If you’re interested in this topic, please keep on reading and stay with me until the end of this post. Don’t skip any part of it, so you won’t miss any information.

How to get an online job as a Teens & Beginners

Before we start writing about each website, that I’d like to share for teenagers and beginners, just a heads-up that before applying, you still need to let a parent or guardian know. They should still know that you’re going to apply for a job. Because even if it’s online, it’s still a job., Especially for that 13 – 17–years–old who is underage, you still need guidance from a parent or guardian or at least approval from them., Also to set proper expectations for most of the jobs, they would require a bank account, Payoneer, or PayPal account. Most of these payment options would require at least 18 years of age and above.

How to create an account 

 There would be ID and document validation along the process., If you are between 13-17 years of age, you will not be able to create your own account. You can definitely use your parent/guardian’s payment account. you can ask for assistance from them to create an account for you. But they will still manage your payment account as a primary holder. There you go! I just wanted to set those expectations, before we start. Now let’s proceed to our topic and start with the website Fiverr. Here with Fiverr, you can offer services., Any type of service will work, there are no limits.

You can offer services in the field you’re an expert at. You will be selling your services online. You will first sign up for an account and start creating your “gigs”. That is what they call the services that you will offer/sell. And then the clients who need that service will be buying it online.

Best 5 Online Jobs for Teens and Beginners

Different Types of Jobs

You can offer transcription and subtitling services., If you’re good at graphic design you can offer services like logo design, thumbnail creation, and graphic content creation. If you’re good at video editing, you can also offer that service. If you are good at PowerPoint presentations, creating a resume, writing articles or stories, and proofreading documents. You can definitely offer those kinds of services; For the requirement, you need a laptop/PC to create your gigs.

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How to apply for an online job

The Fiverr app is available on mobile devices to manage accounts, and to manage orders. But when it comes to creating gigs, you need to use a PC or a computer, because the feature is not available on the app.

You also need to have an email address, a stable internet connection, a resume, and a cover letter to apply for jobs online.  

Here are some steps to simplify how to apply for an online Job, and your online job application process:

  1. Use keywords.
  2. Use job search company websites or search-engine 
  3. Select your Job.
  4. Update your CV.
  5. Update your profile on professional networking platforms.
  6. Complete your online job application.
  7. Make sure your responses are accurate and fully completed without error
  8. Follow and Track up on your online job applications.
  9. Keep applying for Jobs.

You also need to have a skill or skills you can offer on the platform. You can set your own price with Fiverr. But since we’re talking about teenagers and beginners, I would suggest checking the same services as to what you offer. Say, for example, you are offering logo design services. You can also look for freelancers who offer the same service. You can check their prices, and you can also base your price on their rates.

They pay freelancers through PayPal or bank transfer. Anyone from any country can apply. This is available for 13 years old and above. The next company is Voices. With, you can earn by doing voiceovers, voice animations, audiobook narrations, audio production, and anything related to using your voice. Your main investment here is your voice. 

Works a voice artist job

 If you’re someone who has a good voice register and, if you know how to do voice-over and voice animations, you can definitely use this platform, to earn money while just staying at home. On this platform, you need a phone, laptop, PC, or any device available. You need to have a stable internet connection. You need to have a quality microphone., You will need that to perform different tasks. And a headset or earphone for editing purposes, so you can also listen to your own output.

How much Earn from an online job 

The starting salary for this job is about $100 per job/project. That would still depend. If the project requires more time and more effort, and if the project is difficult, you can earn much more money. For their payroll, they use Sure Pay. SurePay is an online payment platform used to pay freelancers. But once your salary is paid with Sure Pad, it will be directly sent to your PayPal account or as a corporate check. So, you can definitely use PayPal.

They hire freelancers worldwide. They also hire freelancers who are 13 years old and above.

Below, is a list of online jobs including Hourly Salary and annual salary. 

Online JobsAnnual SalaryHourly Salary
Blogger$62,400 to $1,000,000+N/A
Virtual Bookkeeper$62,400 to $124,800$30/hour to $60/hour
Social Media Manager$52,000 to $158,080$25 to $60
Proofreader$52,000 to $158,080$25/hour to $60/hour
Online Tutor$40,391
Virtual Assistant$52,000 to $104,000$25/hour to $50/hour
Freelance Writer$62,400 to $145,600$35/hour to $70/hour
Technical Writer$59,267
SEO Consultant$62,400 to $166,400$35/hour to $80/hour
Marketing Consultant$58,961
Affiliate Marketer$60,000 to $500,000+Commission based income
Web Developer$70,053
Coder$72,800 to $208,000$35/hour to $100/hour
Sales Representative$68,933
Customer Service Representative$33,648

How to earn as a video content creator

The third website is YouTube. You can also earn as a vlogger or a content creator. You can think of a specific topic that you would like to cover on your channel., And you can start your own YouTube channel. For being a Content Creator with YouTube, you need your phone. I honestly use my phone only to edit my videos. You can also use your laptop or any device. You need to have an internet connection since this is an online platform. For you to start earning with YouTube, you need to monetize your channel. For you to be monetized, you need to reach 4K watch hours and 1K Subscribers. When you reach these requirements, you can apply for monetization. Once approved, your videos can start earning passive income. With YouTube, you can earn a minimum of $100 on a monthly basis. The only payment option is a bank account or Wire Transfer. Of course, it’s available worldwide, and there is no age limit., The 4th one on our list is Content Gather, With Content Gather, you can earn by being a Content Writer, or by writing stories, articles, or any type of writing materials. Here with Content Gather, you can use your phone or any other device to write content. You need to have a stable internet connection. 

Here is a great list of career opportunities of video creators including Salary

Video creator careers Salary
Video production assistant$22409.77
News Video Editor$54,062
Video producer$33325.28
Social media video producer$32085.79
Video Editor$31257.45
Videographer And Editor$33117.90
Broadcast engineer$39004.29
Content producer$33325.28
Multimedia producer$40898.50
Sports Video Editor$44779
Video engineer$58004.25

How to earn as a writer 

you should have a passion for writing.  The payment is on a word basis. That will be $0.02 USD -$0.20 USD per word. They only pay through PayPal. They also accept applicants from any country. This one is only available for 16 years old and above. The last website that I’d like to share for teenagers and beginners is Sup hands. With Sup hands, you can be a Subagent. That’s what they call their employees. You can work on nonvoice tasks when it comes to data. Tasks include Image Annotation, Data Management, Data Tagging, Data Moderation, or Content Moderation. Those are the common tasks with Sup hands. Then for the requirements, you need to have a computer or PC. You need to have an internet connection. And you should be able to follow specific instructions. Because per task here, there would be instructions you need to follow, to make sure you’ll do the projects right.  With Sup hands, the average earning is $240 per month. You can get paid through PayPal or bank transfer.

They also have an option for Cash Pick Up, only in the Philippines. You can claim your salary through Palawan Express. They hire freelancers worldwide.  And there is no age limit too. Those are the 5 websites that I’d like to share with you, especially for those teenagers and beginners when it comes to working at home. There are definitely legit websites, from where you can earn. I hope this post helps! And if you’re one of the teenagers or a beginner, I hope that you’ll find your online job from one of these websites that I mentioned. And if you have any questions, reactions, or content suggestions, please let me know in the comment section. 

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