Best Schools to Study Abroad in Italy | Top 10 list

Today we will discuss with you the Top 10 best high schools to Study abroad in Italy, the application process, requirements, food costs,  living costs in Spain, how to provide facilities for domestic and international students, and how to study abroad in Italy for free, and program durations and application deadline.

Italy is one of the most beautiful and small countries in the European Union and is also the richest & most peaceful country.  

Italy is a suitable and safe country for international students to study abroad.  Culture,  tradition,  local government & people in Italy is Favourable.  So you can stay in Italy without any doubt.  There is direct rapport, easy with its cultural riches in Italy. Above all reasons,  Italy is the best place to study abroad.

What are Italian Studies Abroad?

Italian Studies abroad is number one ranked for A level. O level and postgraduate prospects according to Times & Sunday Time Good University Guide. It provides the study of the cultural dynamics and expressive cultures.  Italian studies Abroad are comprehensive and demanding compared to the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries.  The Italian studies abroad program system are suitable for all ages of domestic and international students. 

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Why Study Abroad in Italy

Italy is one of the most amazing places for study abroad destinations in the European Union.  where you can study abroad with some attractive facilities. They are tuition fees, study accessories, stipends, and living costs as well. On the other hand, candidates can check out the Studyportals fellowship to get a little help with financing for their study abroad in Italy.  

Above all, Studying abroad in Italy is a good, safe, and suitable study place for all international students and domestic students.

Top10 best  high schools to Study abroad in Italy

The education system in Italy is very massive and is accredited worldwide. Studying abroad in Italy is an Entrance to Europe.  Here we will discuss the 10 best schools in Italy.

1. American School of Milan

Program Details

Address: Via K. Marx 14

Founded: 1962

President: Maureen O. Madden (Director)

Curriculum: Italian

Grades level: KG to Grade 12 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Number of Students: 800

Number of Staff: 83

The American School of Milan (ASM) is a comprehensive coeducational college preparatory day school. Founded in 1962, located in the south of Milan, Italy. This Institute provides many attractive opportunities for kindergarten to Grade 12 standard students.  

ASM’s mission is to provide rigorous and modern education for international students to excel in the changing world of today and tomorrow.

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2. Castelli International School

Program Details

Address: Via degli Scozzesi, 13 Grottaferrata

Founded: 1977

President: MS. P (Head)

Curriculum: Italian, IGCSE

Grades level: Nursery to 8-year stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Annual tuition fee: EUR 9,300

Castelli International School,  abbreviated to  CIS,  is a comprehensive private, independent day elementary and middle school. CIS was founded in 1977 and is situated a few kilometers south of Grottaferrata, Rome. There are both Italian, and IGCSE curricula available in this school. 

CIS provides a challenging & successful program that integrates our Fundamentally.

3. European School Varese

Program Details

Address: Via Montello, 118

Founded: 1960

President: Ms. Ariane Farinelle (director)

Curriculum: Italian, British

Grades level: Nursery to 13-year stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

The European School is one of the comprehensive schools in Italy. It is located in Via Montello, 118, Italy. Founded in 1960. There are Italian and British curriculums available here. 

4. Acorn House International

Program Details

Address: Via Veientana 297

Founded: 1999

President: Michaela Diena (Head) (director)

Curriculum: Italian, British

Grades level: Nursery to 9-year stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Acorn House International is one of the best schools in Italy.  It has been offering quality education for infants since 1999. 

The school is also Attached to teacher training centers and primary schools in the UK and in Italy.


5. Ambrit International School

Program Details

Address: Via Filippo Tajani 50

Founded: 1948

President: Mr. Bernard C. Mullane (Founder)

Annual Fees: EUR 10,812 – 20,355

Curriculum: IB

Grades level: Nursery to grades 8 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Number of Students: 460

The learning experience at Ambit international school is challenging, exciting, and fun. Our courses also focus on the development of social competencies in academics, and our destination is to Nourish the Improvement of globally aware, independent, and responsible candidates who are ready for the future.


6. American Overseas School of Rome

Program Details

Address: Via Cassia 811

Founded: 1947

President: Dr. Kristen DiMatteo (Head)

Curriculum: American

Annual Fees: EUR 10,410 – 26,670 (approximately)

Grades level: Nursery to Grade 12 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Number of Students: 600

7. American Overseas School of Rome

is a comprehensive high school,  Established in 1947, located in Via Cassia 811 Italy,  it has a long tradition of offering a rigorous and well-rounded American international education to Pre-primary through Grade 12 standards students.

8. Anglo Italian School Montessori Division

Program Details

Address: Building della Liberazione, 1 Bagnoli. Italy 

Founded: 1958

President: Under review 

Curriculum: British, Italian

Grades level: Preschool to Grade 8 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

The Anglo-Italian School, abbreviation to AIS,  is one of the international schools of preschool through 8th grade standards children. It is located in the Montessori Division. It is for pre-kindergarten to 8-grade level students.  

9. Andersen International School

Program Details

Address: Via Don Carlo San Martino 8

Founded: 1948

President: Miss Juliet Rawles (Principal)

Annual Fees: EUR 900,000 – 1,455,000

Curriculum: UK EYFS, Italian, British

Grades level: Nursery to 9-year stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education) 

Number of Students: 500

Andersen International School,  abbreviated to  AIS,  is one of the biggest international schools in Milan, Italy.  This Institute follows the British National Curriculum. AIS is a fertile place where students can academically,  thrive socially, and creatively.

We are proud to provide a comprehensive high standard of education system following both the Italian school Curriculum and English National Curriculum. 

10. Britannia International School of Rome

Program Details

Address: Via Segantini 20

Founded: 1987

President: Michaela Diena (Head) (director)

Curriculum: British, Italian

Grades level: Nursery to Class 6 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Britannia International School of Rome, abbreviated to BISR,  is located in a modern villa in the south of Rome. BISR has been operating in Italy since 1995.  It offers an attractive opportunity for the English education system for students from 3-11 years. 

11. Bilingual European School

Program Details

Address: Via Val Crismon 9

Founded: 1999

President: Under review 

Curriculum: Italian, British

Grades level: Nursery to 9-year stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

The British American school is one of the Pre-primary schools that is also designed for Nursing to grade 9 standard children. It was founded in 1999 in Italy. It provides both Italian and British curricula for study.  

12. Canadian College Italy

Program Details

Address: Camillo Benso 13, Lanciano, Italy 

Founded: 1995

President: Mr. David Stephens (Headmaster)

Curriculum: Italian, Boarding

Grades level: Nursery to Grade 12 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Canadian College Italy (CCI) is one of the co-educational boarding high schools. It is mainly designed for university-preparatory.   It is located in the province of Abruzzo, in the central Italian city of Lanciano. CCI School provides academically,  a culturally rich and challenging curriculum for toddlers in Grades 9, to 12 standards. It was established in 1995. 

13. Aleardo Aleardi Institute

Program Details

Address: Via Segantini 20

Founded: 1948

President: Michaela Diena (Head) (director)

Curriculum: Italian, IGCSE, IB

Grades level: Nursery to Grade 12 stranders 

Gender: Mixed (Co-education)

Number of Students: 700

Aleardo Aleardi Institute,  abbreviated to AAI, is one of the comprehensive international schools of Verona. It was founded in 1948 and is located in Verona, Italy. There are 3 curricula available here: Italian, IGCSE, IB. 

We are approved to offer the Exalted International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program for children aged 3-18.

Best study abroad programs in Italy for high school students 

Here is a list of the best study abroad programs in Italy for High school students.

1. CSA— Center for Study Abroad 

Direct Low Cost

2. Accademia Riaci

Art, Design, Craft Academic Courses,

3. Calder Classics

Calder Classics – Summer in Florence

4. ILS Italian Language Schools

ILS Italian Language School

5. Bravo Scuola Italiano

Study Italian by the sea!

6. Center for Italian Studies Babilonia

Study abroad programs in Italy.

7. ArtsAbroad

Visual and Performing Arts  

8. Aspect Foundation

Aspect Foundation: Italy.

9. Abbey Road Programs

Florence: Residential Cultural Immersion and Travel.


AFS Intercultural Programs: Italy.


How much does it cost to study abroad in Italy?

Usually, you can complete your study in Italy with an inexpensive tuition fee.  This tuition fee varies from Institute to Institute.  But Nowadays tuition fees in Italy vary from US$7,200 to US$24,100 (€6,000 to €20,000) for private universities. The tuition fee in public universities is $1,000US- $4,800US.

Public high schools in Italy charge $5,000-15,000 US dollars approximately.  

Below,  we will mention a simple overview of the costs of studying in Italy. They are: 

Education level Costs of tuition fee 
Fees in high school $5,000-15,000.
Tuition Fees – Public Universities€900 – €4000/year
Tuition Fees – Private Universities€6000 – €20000/year
Fees in Technical Institute At Least €4,000/ year

Food and Transportation Costs in Italy are €150 – €250/month (Approximately).  Here is a list of glossary items and Their prices. They are:

Glossary Price and Quantity

QuantityProducts Price
1 literMilk (regular),1.15€
12 PicEggs (regular) 2.81€
1kgLocal Cheese12.28€
1kgRice (white)1.91€
1kgChicken Fillets8.36€
1 headLettuce1.05€
1kg    Beef Round 14.69€
1.5 liter Water (bottle)0.42€

Living costs in Italy

A living allowance in Italy varies from Institute to Institute, and  Place to place.  Surprisingly, it is easy to live Perfectly in Italy with a small budget.  Usually, you may spend Accommodation Costs of €300 – €700/month (Approximately). 

Apartment Rent per month 

ApartmentLocation Costs
1 BedroomCity Centre590.49€
1 BedroomOutside of Centre451.81€
3 BedroomCity Centre1,014.46€
3 BedroomOutside of Centre747.22

How to study abroad in Italy for free

Italian educational standards provide many scholarships that allow all students of school level to master’s level to study for free in Italy. Some best Institutes offer many attractive scholarships for international students.  They are Bocconi University, the University of Padova, and the Polytechnic University of Milan. Nowadays scholarships usually cover the full tuition fees, a living allowance, study accessories,  stipends, and other expenses. In a sentence,   that means studying abroad will be completely free in Italy. 

Study Abroad Application Process

There are degree-specific admissions requirements students must meet before students can enroll in any Institute in Italy. these are documents is known as ‘Admission Standard’, they are: 

  • First of all, You must have a high GPA, including extracurricular activities (if you have).   
  • Give personal information such as
  1. Full Name 
  2. Address 
  3. National ID card 
  4. Mobile number 
  5. And more information that they want.  
  • Then submit the Application, and you get an application Acknowledgement paper.   
  • After some working days, the authority published a merit list result.
  • If you stay on the merit list, then finally you are selected for admission.


you have to need some documents To study in Italy. Here are some requirements for studying abroad in Italy.  

  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • You have to need a high test score, in the SAT or ACT tests. 
  • Scan copies and main copy of a valid passport  ( main passport,  Authority may want to see)
  • Social Insurance Number.
  • Travel insurance (for international students) 
  • Current employment status
  • Your residency status.
  • Bank statement
  • You can mention your work experience thesis 


Is Italy a good place to study abroad?

Italy is a popular country for international students to study abroad. because Italy is a peaceful and safe country.  Otherwise, study abroad costs in Italy are inexpensive compared to the USA or UK, Australia, and Canada.       

What are the requirements to study abroad in Italy?

Here are the general requirements to study abroad in Italy for applicants:
1. Entry visa application form.
2. Passport-size photograph.
3. Valid Passport.
4. Proof of accommodation in Italy.
5. Proof of enrollment or pre-enrollment
6. Travel insurance and health insurance 
7. Bank statement 
8. Proof of subsistence (no less than 449 EUR or $510 per month)

Is Italy cheap to study abroad?

Italy is a popular study place that provides the cheapest tuition fee & study cost.  Usually, this opportunity depends on the student’s personal circumstances, the location in Italy, and the prospective university. 

Is education free in Italy for international students?

Free Education in Italy is free for international students.  But it is limited and conditions apply. Usually, this opportunity is available for only one Academy year. Otherwise, international students can get a free education through scholarships in Italy.  

Is the school in Italy free?

Education at the Schools level is free in Italy. There are public and private education systems in Italy. The public education system is fully free for all residents in Italy.  Free education (school-level) is also available to all children.  
Compulsory primary education: 1859
Minister of Education: Patrizio Bianchi
Primary languages: Italian

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