How can you do a Ph.D. and work full-time?

If you are looking how can you do P.H.D. and work full time? This is possible if you do a Ph.D. and work full-time in some cases but can be very challenging. You can receive full funding offers from a number of Ph.D. programs to pursue a Doctoral. But we suggest going to a Program that does not offer you funding. Thus for you during your entire program, you will work almost all the time. Your work status varied but included consulting gigs, part-time work, and also full-time work.

Below we will share some of our reflections.

Full-time work and PhD

Full-time work and a Ph.D. can be very doable If one has a Malleable schedule. Usually, Ph.D. programs as part of the funding offered do require students to work as teaching and research assistants.

You can work full-time or part-time on your Campus or outside of Campus. There are a lot of facilities to get a job on campus.  You will get a great opportunity to study anytime. 

Full-Time Work 

Usually, you can do full-time work and your Ph.D. studies for about 14 months. To be frank,  the combination of full-time work and Ph.D. studies is challenging,  but also doable. If you have a flexible work schedule, you can get all kinds of facilities including full-time work opportunities. Your boss will allow you to come in early 2 or 3 days a week and leave on time to make your evening class. 


you will need a lot of consulting gigs while you are a Ph.D. Student. Consulting is a great reminder.  He will always update your studies and other work or routine. Which might sound a bit boring to you. There is no substitute for completing your Ph.D. easily.

How can you do a Ph.D. and work full-time

Proper Plan your time

“Proper Plan your time”  is absolutely essential for every step of social being, especially for students.  

Usually, you can not train, study, or play 24 hours a day. So you. Should Proper Plan your time. Divide the time (day and night) as you wish to facilitate the work.

A study partner – An online friend or a study partner can help you support one another. On the other hand, group study is also an effective way to learn.  Use our LinkedIn to network with other students (postgraduate, doctoral) around the work. Alternatively use the several discussion forums on the Student Portal. There are lots of ways to communicate, some are WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Skype, or Snapchat.

5 Ways to Combine Work and Studying a Doctoral Degree in 2023

1. Go for an online degree

Online learning is one of the best platforms for flexibility. It also offers an exclusive way to save money and time and always keep in communication with teachers and Students through online technologies.  

Bellow examples of universities that offer affordable online Ph.D. degrees are:

Royal Roads University

Walden University

RMIT University

Southern Cross University Online

Nottingham Trent University

However, you can find a Doctoral degree that is employees-friendly 

Find the right program: To combine full-time work and studying for a Ph.D. degree, you must find the right program. 

Most of the comprehensive programs will offer Ph.D. classes during the day shift.  That is not suitable for you. 

Find a program that will give you a part-time or full-time job opportunity. 

3. Apply to a work-study program

A work-study program is a way to help students cover part of their tuition fees, and other expenses by working on campus. It is a great form of financial aid given by some colleges, and universities in addition to grants and scholarships.  

Usually, work-study jobs do not fully cover tuition and also offer a minimum salary.   

Talk to your employer: it is worth considering but it may not always be essential. This is a rare fact that may offer financial support towards tuition fees. Some supervisors and employers may offer supple work schedules,  or find some creative ways to help with other processes.  

4.  Taking internships 

You should consider taking internships.  It may be a great opportunity to reduce your financial problem.  In special cases, some internships might not provide an appropriate salary and others expenses. Ensure that They are a great source of free training and business experience. Usually, a good internship offers a wide range of jobs in a respectable company while leaving more time for your studies. 

Networking and communication 

Networking and communication are the best way to close-up anyone. At this time, countless ways of communication are also available.  There are a lot of ways to ensure that you remain in constant communication with your employer. There are some most popular communication and Networking media: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, email, Instagram, etc. 

Some Essential Academic Tips for the Ph.D. Student

While the above-mentioned tips are Indispensable, Nevertheless you will need some essential study tips for Ph.D. students. So below are some essential study tips to complement your Ph.D. degree and full-time efforts. 

  1. Write fast and write often
  2. Practice self-motivation
  3. Get the class schedule as early as possible so you can plan ahead of time
  4. Always Keep in contact with your classmate to keep updating your all academic information.  
  5. Take a break for relaxation and play
  6. Always Focus on long destinations instead of short-time pleasures
  7. Inform your employer and teachers that you are a working student. Hopefully, they may be more flexible knowing your situation.
  8. Learn how to take criticism and how to work in a group
Academic Tips for the Ph.D. Student

5 Tips for Earning a Ph.D. degree While Working Full Time

1. Get into a routine.

A good routine is half of the work. So Take a few time to create a well-planned routine that you can follow easily. Also, record when you go to bed, wake up, class and homework time, etc.

2. Increase self-confidence and Know yourself 

You must be good at finding internal motivation otherwise a Ph.D. degree may be challenging. For these reasons, you have to need self-motivation to get a doctorate degree.  

However,  you always make care of your assignments and other thesis. That can improve your study quality. 

3. Talk to your academic advisor.

You try your best to talk with your advisor about your Doctoral degree. You are unable to meet face-to-face with your advisor, but there are some great online platforms. Such as Google Hangouts or Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. You can easily connect with your advisor using them.

4. Find a little “Mental Replacement” time.

Finally, I can start going back to the gym, and just that little bit of healthy “Mental Replacement” time is helping to reset my mental state.

The best way to increase your personal energize men is to reset your mental state. So “reset mental state” will be essential to continue that practice to keep you energized and focused. 

However, you can do something like watching an informative movie for your mental replacement. Moreover, you can also do things like drawing, swimming, etc. 

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