Studying medicine in turkey for international students’ fees

Studying medicine in turkey country which offers golden career opportunities and premium education is indeed a medical student’s dream. Studying medicine in Turkey is a really cheapest option for you if you are considering studying medicine in Turkey for international students. Today, we will discuss all information about studying medicine in Turkey for international students fees and more facts about this. 

Why Study Medicine in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best Study-place and the first destination for international students. There are some of the leading universities in Turkey, renowned for their quality of teaching and research. But, a Turkey medicine degree is held in high Honor by employers.  Studying medicine in Turkey for international students is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself, and English in a multicultural of academics and exciting community and students. You will:

  • Internationally gain recognized medical degrees
  • Safe and affordable study cost.
  • An exciting and student-friendly environment
  • Improve your career expectation
  • Ultramodern campuses with outstanding facilities.
  • High standards of quality of education.
  • Cultural diversity.
  • Earn more over the course of your MBBS career opportunity cause of the weight a Turkey  medicine Sustained

Studying medicine in Turkey has a remarkable reputation for offering higher medical education due to high education standards with advanced scientific approaches and sophisticated teaching methods. Turkey has one of the most well-known and cheapest medical universities Acknowledged by the world’s major organizations which includes PMC, UNESCO, and WHO.

How much does it cost to study medicine in turkey?

The cost of studying medicine in Turkey varies from Institute to Institute. The average tuition fees at Turkish medical College range from $15300 to $27500 USD per year. There are two installments to pay tuition fees: the first in February and the second in September. 

In comparison to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the US, study costs charged by medical colleges in Turkey for Medicine are very cheap.

Best medical universities in turkey for international students 

Here is a summary of the best Turkish medical universities for international students. 

Hacettepe University

Short description

National Rank: 1 (for medicine)

World ranked: 242

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1967

Languages: Turkish; English

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Istanbul University

Short description

National Rank: 2 (for medicine)

World ranked: 260

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1933

Languages: Turkish

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Gazi University

Short description

National Rank: 5 (for medicine)

World ranked: 494

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1982

Languages: Turkish

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Ankara University

Short description

National Rank: 3 (for medicine)

World ranked: 437

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1946

Languages: Turkish

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Marmara University

Short description

National Rank: 7 (for medicine)

World ranked: 563

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1982

Languages: Turkish; English

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Ataturk University

Short description

National Rank: 9 (for medicine)

World ranked: 647

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1982

Languages: Turkish; English

Location:  Erzurum, Turkey

Dokuz Eylul University

Short description

National Rank: 9 (for medicine)

World ranked: 647

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1982

Languages: Turkish; English

Location:  Izmir, Turkey

Baskent University

Short description

National Rank: 6 (for medicine)

World ranked: 532

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1994

Languages: Turkish

Location:  Ankara, Turkey

Erciyes University

Short description

National Rank: 10 (for medicine)

World ranked: 667

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1978

Languages: Turkish; English

Location:  Kayseri, Turkey

Akdeniz University

Short description

National Rank: 12 (for medicine)

World ranked: 717

Funding: Public-private partnership

Founded: 1982

Languages: Turkish; English

Location:  Antalya, Turkey

Medicine in turkey fees 

Studying abroad in Turkey in medicine is one of the most popular goals for home and international students. Usually, Turkish medical colleges are divided into public medical colleges and private medical colleges. Therefore, tuition fees and other expenses vary. Medical Colleges in Turkey, different from many countries, are separated into private-based universities and state-based universities. 

Here is a list of studying medicine in turkey about tuition fees 

Institute FeesLanguage requirementLocation 
Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University25,000English, TurkishIstanbul
Inonu University25,000English, TurkishMalatya
Istanbul University40,000English, TurkishIstanbul
Mugla Sedqi University41,79027,860English, TurkishMugla
Ataturk University28.000English, TurkishErzurum
University of May 1942.00028.000English, TurkishSamsun
Gaziantep University30,000English, TurkishGaziantep
Ankara University60,00040.000English, TurkishAnkara
Marmara University29.550English, TurkishIstanbul
Haji Tepe University50,688English, TurkishAnkara
Dokuz University54.500TurkishIzmir
Gazi University51.993TurkishAnkara
Yildirim Beyazit University50,000TurkishAnkara
Gaziosmanpaşa University25,000Turkishtokat
Kastamonu University27,854TurkishCustoms
Izmir Kateb Celebi University51,000TurkishIzmir
University of Bamakole27,856TurkishDenizli
Medicine in turkey fees 

Studying medicine in turkey cost 

Turkey is becoming one of the best Study-place for international students day by day. Studying at Turkish Medicine University is very cheap.  

Many Turkish universities are listed by global rankings, and the overall tuition and living costs are very cheap. But how cheap? Let’s see!

Student living costs in Turkey

An international student can live in Turkey with a small budget of 400 Euro – 600 Euro (approximately) in a month. This living cost is much cheaper when compared to Canada, the UK,  and the US. Living costs will go up or down depending on your spending habits and lifestyle.  

[N:B:  the national currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira; 9 Turkish lira equals around 1 euro  right now.]

Accommodation costs in Turkey

While studying in Turkey, you can find accommodation that is suitable for you in different types of accommodation. At the end of finding, it’s up to you to decide what type of accommodation fits your needs.

Below are the popular accommodation options for students in Turkey:

Accommodation TypeCosts
University Dormitoriesdepending on the university
State Dormitories24–38 EUR per month
Renting a flat68–283 EUR/month

Food costs in Turkey

Students can take advantage of the university canteen, which serves two or three very cheap meals daily. These meals cost around 6.01 TL to 23.05 TL (0.30–1.15 EUR) approximately.  Otherwise, there are other canteens, cafés, or restaurants around the University’s campus. You can try other dishes from the outside of campus.

Below is a list of the average prices for food  products in Turkey:

List of Glossary Prices in Turkey 

QuantityProducts Price
1 literMilk (regular),15.41TL
12 PicEggs (regular) 26.86TL
1kgLocal Cheese96.65TL
1kgRice (white)24.36TL
1kgChicken Fillets69.96TL
1 headLettuce11.66TL
1kg    Beef Round 155.79TL
1kgPotato9.35 TL
1.5 liter Water (bottle)5.15TL

Transportation costs in Turkey 

 A transport pass (for metro, bus) is around 27 EUR per month. you can expect to pay for any single trip:

Transport typeCosts Per trip/ ticket
Taxi2.85 EURFor per 5 km trip
bus/metro0.20–0.40 EURper ticket

 Extra costs in Turkey

You can expect to pay extra costs in Turkey:

Extra costsCost value 
Books and other study materials80 EUR
Entertainment10–15 EUR per month
Phone Bill:6.50–11.50 EUR per month 
Private Medical Insurance34–57 EUR per year (minimum) 

Cost of studying medicine in turkey for international students  

The cost of Studying is essential for any student, as the reasonable cost of studying in Turkey has encouraged many international students to study medicine in Turkey.

The costs of studying medicine in Turkey in public universities range between $ 240 USD and $1500 USD in a  year. But tuition fees in Turkish private universities range from $ 10,000 USD to $ 25,000 USD per year.

Both Turkish public and private universities can decide if they offer the cheapest tuition fees to international students from the EEA (European Economic Area) or EU (the European Union). You can check University’s official website to find out how much tuition fees you need to pay. 

Here, you will find all universities offering Medicine in Turkey in English.  

University Annual Fees (without discount)Annual Fees (with discount)Language requirements
Kahramanmaras University30,000ENGLISH
Republics University28.000ENGLISH
University of Malatya35,000ENGLISH

Tuition fees for medicine in turkey public university 

Public universities are much more affordable than private universities. The cost of studying in Turkish public universities ranges between 100 and 4,000 EUR per academic year. Study cost usually varies depending on the Institute and chosen course program. Engineering, Nursing, or Medical-related fields, like medicine and dentistry are more expensive. However, we at are here to help you with essential information for every university.  

Here is a list of tuition fees in public universities in Turkey. 

ProgramTuition fees Teaching Language 
Undergraduate Degree $500 – $1,500English
Undergraduate Degree $250 – $750Turkish
Master Programs$150 – $300English,  Turkey 

tuition fees for medicine in turkey Private universities 

Private universities in Turkey are very cheap, especially compared to similar universities in the United States or Europe. Usually, International students pay between US$2500 to US$20,000 per academic year. Disciplines like Medicine, Nursing, or Engineering can be more expensive.

Bachelor’s Estimated Fees:

– Private universities that teach in the English language cost around US$2500 to US$20,000.

– Public universities that teach in Turkish language cost around 2000 and 21200 dollars per year

Graduate Estimated Fees:

– For Master and Doctoral students in Turkish public universities are affordable but there is a test called YDS, ALES, or TOEFL to join public universities in Turkey. The Master’s Programs in  Turkish Public universities are around US$2500 to US$20,000 per academic year.

Cost of living in Istanbul for international students

 An international student usually can live in Turkey with a budget, of 400–650 EUR in a month. This is much lower when compared to other study destinations in the world like Australia,  Canada, the UK, and the UK.  

Here is a great Summary of the cost of living in Istanbul in Turkey:

  • A single person’s estimated costs are 8,552.7TL per month without rent.
  • A family of four members’ estimated cost is 30,412.7TL per month without rent. 
  • Istanbul usually is 54.4% less expensive than Paris (without rent).

requirements to study medicine in turkey for international students

A student must have a high school diploma to study medicine in Turkey. A student can enter medical schools in Turkey straight from high school. There are several requirements depending on your own educational background. 

Required some common admission criteria/requirements Documents for Application to Faculty of Medicine

  • High School Diploma (Minimum average of 70%)
  • High School Transcript 
  • International Exam Score or National Exam Score 
  • Letter of Motivation  
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • ​English language skill development certificate, if there is any (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE,  PTE, etc.)

Admission to Medicine in Turkey 

The applicants must enroll in the college for one year to study medicine in Turkey, in order to prepare for the university entrance exam.

It can be said that in all countries of the world, enrollment in college is mandatory before specializing in the medical field, and the student must acquire a medical education in Turkey.  and the students spend this first year until they are prepared to study.

The duration of general medicine education or MBBS degree in Turkish universities is six years. This general medicine admission exam is held in all cities. but the admission examination in medicine education for the specialization course in Turkey is only held in Ankara.

Some universities in Turkey do not require the IELTS or TOEFL test to study medicine in Turkey, but others will require the entrance test depending on the language of study.

Eligibility criteria for Mbbs in turkey 

Here is a Summary of the eligibility criteria for Mbbs in Turkey:

Students must have qualified +2 in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math with at least 50% marks. The student must have motivational letters. The student also must have a valid passport for enrollment to MBBS University in Turkey. 

MBBS duration in turkey 

The MBBS duration to complete a medicine Degree in Turkey is 6 years which includes an internship. And the study cost structure of the Medical College of Turkey for medicine differs from one another, however, the estimated tuition fee for a Degree in medicine in Turkey ranges from $15000 to $30000 in an academic year.

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