Best online course to learn Japanese -For Beginner

The online learning platform is a great invention to add a new dimension to education. You can study all kinds of international courses from your home and residence. 

Similarly, you can learn Japanese online in a short time sitting at home, residence, and location. 

In this article,  we will discuss learning online Japanese, the best online Japanese platform,  Japanese Free or paid Courses, complete guidelines, and many more facts.

Best online Japanese language course  

A lot of e-learning or online learning platforms offer Japanese language online courses. In this list, we will mention the best online Japanese courses that are accredited globally.  

1. Busuu’s Japanese Course

Busuu is the best online Japanese Course platform.  real scientific research backing the platform and has 100+ million users.  Because of that, it is the #1 position in online Japanese classes.  

Course Details

Cost: $6 USD per month 

Best for Best Overall

Course link: Busuu

Pros and Cons 

  1. A large community of 100+ million users 
  2. A monthly fee is $6 USD at least
  3. Available independent scientific researchers

2. Pimsleur Japanese

Pimsleur Japanese is a popular online Japanese course for casual conversation and language skills. It is also best for beginners to upper-intermediate learners.

Pimsleur Japanese is a great learning language software for those who enjoy basically audio-based learning.

Pros and cons 

✔️. conversational skills

✔️. active participation in audio lessons

✖️. use more casual language at times

Course Instructor: Dr. Paul Pimsleur.

Who can take this course: someone who wants to learn the Japanese language. 

3. JapanesePod101

Best for Good Alternative

JapanesePod101 is one of the most excellent and cost-expert online courses for learning Japanese.

There are over 1 billion lessons available on their platform. JapanesePod101’s system is time-tested. 

Pros and cons 

✔️. Good for all levels of learners including beginner

✔️. A Large number of high-quality lessons

✔️. Comprehensive learning materials

✖️. Can not be easy to navigate through lessons

✖️. Not all lessons are up to date

Course instructor:  the creator of has been Engaged with the online language teaching Diligence for over 12 years.

Who can take this course: Someone takes this course who starts from beginner level all the way to advanced. 

4. Marugoto Japanese Course

Marugoto Japanese Course is a good beginner-level online course. It has a few attractive different course programs,  where you can learn Japanese culture and the Japanese language free online. 

Pros and cons 

✔️. for Japanese-Language Education

✔️. communicate in Japanese

✔️. can pursue a level based on your requirement

✖️. is a bit more test-oriented

Course instructor: Marugoto Japanese Course Teams

Who can take this course: someone who wants to learn the Japanese language. 

5. Rocket Japanese

Rocket Japanese is one of the most popular courses for learning the Japanese language online. Rocket Japanese has a large community of 1,200,000 registered users.  

Pros and cons 

✔️. Very Easy to follow course material

✔️.2 months no-questions-asked full cost back guarantee

✔️.Balances speaking, writing, listening,  and grammar better than other Japanese courses program

✔️. Many speaking practices

✖️. Lessons/exercises can get repetitive

Who can take this course: this e-learning platform has 3 experience levels aimed at all kinds of students. 

Read more Rocket Japanese reviews to learn about this platform in detail.

6. Rosetta Stone

Best for Beginners

Rosetta Stone is one of the most beginner-friendly e-learning platforms for learning Japanese online.

It is also designed to help beginners learn the Japanese language. 

Pros and cons 

✔️. Very Good for a basic understanding of the Japanese language

✔️. good and suitable for absolute beginners

✔️. Very helpful and Intuitive course materials

✖️. Expensive

✖️. Not great for advanced learners

Course Instructor: Rosetta Stone Inc. 

Who can take this course: someone who wants to learn the Japanese language.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is a great learning platform that offers Japanese Course Online. It is also best for beginner-level to High-level students.

Pros and cons 

✔️. time investment.

✔️. user-friendly 

✔ ️. to start using.

✖️. is best used like a Subsidiary tool.

8. Attain Corporation, Udemy Japanese Courses

Attain Corporation is a Japanese educational online learning platform. These are ideal courses for business communication and JLPT prep. They also make and sell Japanese teacher training materials and Japanese learning materials.

Pros and cons 

✔️. entertaining courses.

✔️. structured and explanations are very clear and useful.

✖️. May need additional practical exercises and a notebook.

Course instructor: Attain Corporation, Udemy Japanese Courses Teams 

Who can take this course: someone who wants to learn the Japanese language. 


9. Waseda University Beginner Japanese Courses

Waseda University offers a Japanese online course for beginner-level students. It has some great principles: academic independence, the effectuation of open-minded citizens, and practical innovation. 

Read More >>>List of online Platforms for Education Worldwide

Pros and cons 

✔️. Best for beginners

✔️. course by a reputable and best course instructor.

✔️. a traditional and smart style of teaching

✖️. for advanced learners.

Course instructor: Waseda University Organisation Teams

Who can take this course: This course is aimed at beginner-level students. 

10. Mondly

Mondly is a great Japanese e-learning platform,  best for beginners. It also offers comprehensive courses in loads of different languages. 

Mondly is similar in style to Duolingo, Busuu, and Babbel. 

Pros and cons 

✔️. $9.99 per month

✔️. Best for beginners

✔️. course by a reputable and best course instructor.

✖️. for advanced learners.

Why learn Japanese 

A question arises! Why learn Japanese?. 

Learning Japanese will help you to understand your own tradition, culture as well as your own language because it improves your cognitive and communication skills.

Appreciating the Japanese language will open your eyes to Japanese entertainment, history, martial arts, culture, and fashion.

Best Resource to learn Japanese online

Here is a list of the best resources to learn Japanese online


1. Duolingo.

2. JapanesePod101.

3. Rocket Japanese

4. Spotify

5. Japanese Ammo on YT

6. Matcha

7. Easy Japanese Program by NHK

8. Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese 

9. Italki

10. WaniKani

11. Tofugu

12. Coto Japanese Academy

13. Blackboard

14. edX

15. Future Learn

Free or paid course list

Online Courses offered by state-funded colleges and universities are approved and inspected by the government. Private companies don’t offer online learning. so you will need to check to make sure that online courses are of Auspicious quality.

However, The  Distance Learning Quality Council’s guide may help you to find the best quality online courses.

Online Japanese language course

Develop an interest or hobby, improve your Japanese skills, or take care of your Japanese language pronunciation, speaking and writing skills, and mental wellbeing. 

Below, are some popular e-learning platforms that help you to learn the best online courses for free.  

1. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

2. Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

3. Nihongo Master

4. TCJ — Tokyo Central Japanese Language School 


6. Coto Japanese Academy

7. Blackboard

8. edX

9. Udemy

10. Loecsen

11. Skillshare

12. Japatalk


Digital and IT courses

Get online as a beginner, learn how to use Microsoft Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel, or develop advanced IT skills for things like AI (Artificial Intelligence), data science, Python, and coding.

  1. Barclays Digital Eagles
  2. Accenture
  3. Future Learn
  4. Alison
  5. Google
  6. Coursera
  7. Talented Training
  8. Vision2Learn
  9. IBM
  10. Rolls Royce Digital Academy
  11. iDEA
  12. Pearson (UK Learns)
  13. Khan Academy
  14. Learning Curve Group

English courses

In addition to Japanese, you can take the following courses to learn English. That can Improve your spoken and written English skills.

  1. Pearson (UK Learns)
  2. The British Council.

Best Method to learn Japanese fast 

Here are some tips for quickly learning Japanese online

1. First of all, you can start watching Japanese web series, movies, anime, shows, documentaries, etc.

2. Listen to Japanese music, podcasts and radio stations, and short stories or cartoons. 

3. Make your computer, MacBook, and smartphone work for you, switch the language settings to Japanese. 

4. Find Japanese native speakers where you live and communicate with each other. 

5. You may read any Japanese article by using Google.  

How to start learning Japanese  free 

Courses to learn Japanese online for free


Duolingo is a most popular language-learning app, website, and e-learning platform. For the last two years, Duolingo released its most popular Japanese course. It is the best way to learn free Japanese for beginners

There are lots of short, game-like activities in Duolingo. This platform is very different from the textbook, and quite an addictive way of studying. 


JapanesePod101 is only the most famous Japanese online course and e-learning platform.

It has been going on for years.

There are literally thousands of video and audio lessons, interactive quizzes, accompanied printable lesson notes, flashcard decks, and more facts in JapanesePod101. 

In our opinion, the JapanesePod101 free membership is also suitable for beginners. 

Usually, most of the free lessons are primary level.  Because of that,  these courses are free. 

However, you will likely need to pay for a premium membership,  when you get to a high level. 

At a glance my full JapanesePod101 review for the Premium membership area!

Japan Foundation’s Marugoto course

The Japan Foundation is the only comprehensive organization that also promotes the Japanese language & culture around the world. It has a few different courses that are accredited globally. You can easily learn the Japanese language for free online from this organization. 

Learn Japanese

As you would guess from the website name, this website teaches Japanese for free.

‘Learn Japanese’  is basic compared to other courses on the list. There are no interactive quizzes or games. 

There is currently a course of 27+ basic lessons for complete beginners with a lot of special lessons. such as vocabulary in different methods.

NHK World Easy Japanese

Easy Japanese is a popular online course. that was made by the Japanese national broadcaster. It’s a text, audio, and Video-based course of 50 lessons for beginners.

You have to Login or become a member without payment.  Because you will get all courses on this platform completely free. 

How to improve your language skills

A question arises! How do improve language skills in English? Or how to learn English quickly?.  We will explain a complete way to In Support Of these questions. 


Here is a list of the Best 10 Ways to Shortly Improve Your English Language Skills.

Watch web series movies or dramas in English

Usually Watching movies, dramas, and web series might not exactly improve your formal register or debating skills. but it is very helpful to you to understand pronunciation, get used to colloquialisms, the language better, and implicitly get a feeling for the language.

Being exposed to a language for the length of a web series, a movie or a drama might help you to start thinking in the English language and literature.          

Read English language newspaper

To learn English you have to try to read an English newspaper or magazine. It helps you develop your vocabulary and reading skills. 

Start a vocabulary book of useful words 

Either on your computer or in a notebook, start making a list of the most useful phrases and words. 

Every time you see or hear a word/phrase you are not familiar with, note it down. This will increase your vocabulary.  

Have conversations in English

As helpful as reading and listening tasks may be, you need to use English practice and interactively improve your own conversation skills. 

Increase curiosity

In order to improve rapidly, you should Increase your curiosity. You may ask questions and resolve them. Don’t just read phrases, analyze them deeply. 

It helps you learn English rapidly. 

have fun while you learn.

If studying anything (especially the English language) only feels like trouble or a burden, it will seem tedious.  you will not perform as perfect. 

So always try to learn with fun and joyfulness.  

Have silent conversations in English

Silent conversation is the repetition in English of the mind following the conversation of others. This way you can master English well through Silent Conversation.

Practice, practice, and more practice

A proverb is, that practice makes a man perfect.  It is universally true. To learn anything (especially English or any Language) you have to practice more and more. there is no alternative way without it. 


Is it possible to learn Japanese online

The good news is, It is possible to learn Japanese online!  Thanks to the internet’s magic, you can learn Japanese on any online learning platform from beginner to fluency. 

can I learn Japanese online

Whether you are a Fresher/beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your speaking, reading, and writing, Duolingo is proven to work.

can you learn Japanese for free

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform, website, and app. Last two years,  Duolingo released their Japanese course. It is a great way to learn the free Japanese language for beginners!

is it possible to learn Japanese from anime?

The good news is for you, it’s possible to learn Japanese from anime! absolutely, You can use anime to a degree, to boost your Japanese studies. anime to help you learn the Japanese language if you are smart and hard worker about it.

is it possible to learn Japanese by yourself?

Yes, it is possible to learn the Japanese language by yourself. But it takes a bit of work. You must have to be more hard-working,  to get these opportunities. 

can I learn Japanese by myself?

Can you learn Japanese by yourself? Yes, it is not impossible to do that – millions of learners are doing it all over the world. It takes a bit of hard work.  but truly you can make Japanese progress by yourself.

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