What to do after MBA Finance (Complete Guide)

After completing an MBA in Finance,  we don’t know what to do. So We waste unnecessary time until the result of the exam. To make the best use of our time, we can take several MBA Subsidiary courses, That provide extra facilities in the field of Job.  Today we will discuss an MBA course in finance,  and what we can do after completing an MBA. 

What is MBA programs? 

A Master of Business Administration means MBA,  is a graduate degree focusing on business administration and investment management.  MBA course is a comprehensive best degree in finance that is accredited worldwide.  


Financial Risk Management 

Financial Risk Management is an ideal program for you after you have successfully completed an MBA in Finance. The course helps you understand the classification and core fundamentals of financial risk management. However, It also provides practical and theoretical knowledge of the principles of liquidity risk,  market risk, and managing credit risk, as well as non-market financial risks. 

Top colleges offering a financial risk management course:

  1. University of Minnesota
  2. St. John’s University 
  3. Florida State University
  4. University of Washington

Quantitative Finance Course 

The Quantitative Finance course has some attractive facilities. The course is structured in such a way that you are taught how to analyze securities and financial markets including how to use large data sets and mathematical models.

Most universities offer the option of either a master’s degree or a diploma in this program. There are also a number of certificate course programs that are available online and offline.

The Top colleges offering a Program in quantitative finance:

  1. Fordham University
  2. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  3. Rutgers University
  4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Chartered Financial Analyst,  abbreviated to CFA, is not a short-term course program, but it can be done as Collateral to MBA. It is spread across 3 levels. Usually, MBA can’t clear all levels (3 levels) because it requires extensive experience of 4 years. 

However, the Chartered Financial Analyst course 

is a Gorgeous course program to do with your MBA finance.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a professional certification mark for financial Designer Given by the CFP Board (Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards) in the United States.  Minimum 25 other high comprehensive financial organizations Associated with the FPSB. FPSB is Financial Planning Standards Board. 

The Certified Financial Planner course is Connected to financial planning and includes investment planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, and tax planning.

Company Secretary (CS)

Usually, the job responsibilities of a Company Secretary (CS) are to track public issues, maintain acquisitions, manage legal records, and merge activities. The course not only adds good value to your CV, but it is also a complete job-based course.

NCFM Certifications

NCFM Certifications is a valuable and inexpensive certification after MBA finance. There are 3 levels of courses intermediate, foundation, and advanced. There is a Sincere gateway to going into the NCFM course program. Applicants have to download a pdf, then read it carefully and understand the content. You have to participate in an examination. If you pass the exam, you will get a certificate. 

Certified in Production and Inventory Management — CPIM

Certified in Production and Inventory Management is the best professional course program after MBA in finance. This program is accredited worldwide.  

Keep in mind, that this course is not the main course program but also an associate course program.    


The actuary is a valuable and expensive course that can be taken after an MBA in Finance. An actuary’s job is close-up to that of a financial risk manager. This course gives a massive demand to your CV.  

Top Recruiters company for MBA Finance 

We will mention a list of some companies that offer job opportunities for those who have completed undergraduate and graduate (above-mentioned courses) in finance.

  1. Boston Consulting Group
  2. McKinsey
  3. Deutsche Bank
  4. KPMG
  5. Goldman Sachs
  6. Ernst & Young 
  7. PwC
  8. Bain & Co
  9. Morgan Stanley
  10. Lehman Brothers
  11. JP Morgan
  12. Barclays
  13. Deloitte
  14. Merrill Lynch
  15. Financial Companies
  16. Public sector and Private sector banks, etc.

Best computer course after completing MBA in Finance

Below, we are giving a list of the best computer courses that you can do after completing an MBA course in finance. 

  1. Microsoft office
  2. MS Excel
  3. MFA
  4. DFA
  5. Networking Basics
  6. Taxation
  7. Tally ERP
  8. Oracle finance
  9. C++
  10. Java
  11. Animation
  12. Sap fico module
  13. HTML
  14. Sap misreporting in advanced excel
  15. Networking Basics
  16. Data warehousing
  17. NCFM online certificate course

Why You Should Study for An MBA

If you can not decide whether you should do an MBA or not, we will mention some reasons why you should definitely do this. 

1. An MBA Pays Well

MBA is an expensive and highest-paying degree in the world. Nowadays its demand is going out of Range day by day. It’s not only locally accredited but also worldwide. 

2. You Can Decide To Be An Entrepreneur

As a graduate of A Master of Business Administration, you already have the knowledge of how to do business,  financial,  business planning, and business management.  So you can start a company and apply your skills.   

3. Good Career Opportunities

There is large career scope and you can gain employment across various sectors such as project management, human resources, marketing, business development, financial consultant, etc. An MBA has the largest number of career opportunities worldwide.

9. Good Communication Skills

By completing your MBA course, You will learn how to not just talk to the community, but how to convince and persuade them into using business strategies that work.

Also, you will be able to know how to talk to investors.

By completing your MBA course, you will learn how to not only communicate with the community but also understand and persuade them to use business strategies that work.

8. It Improves Your Knowledge

It helps to improve your knowledge of business, for these reasons you will be a successful businessman. 

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