What should I do after MBA ( Marketing Courses To Change Your Career)

A question arises!  “what should I do after my MBA?”. Today we will explain the answer to this question including A to Z information about MBA in finance,  and the best jobs for MBA Graduates.  

What is the best course to do after MBA?

Here is a list of the Best courses in MBA including average cost and Course Durations. 

Course Average Salary  Duration 
Financial Director$80,000 – $123,0002- 4 years
Financial Controller$72,000 – $100,0001- 3 years
Management Consulting Firm Partner$140,000 – $221,0001 – 3 years
Chief Executive Officer$113,000 – $157,0005 years
Venture Capital Firm Associate$87,000 – $147,0002-3 years 
Vice President, Operations$99,000 – $135,0002- 4 years
Vice President of Finance$121,000 – $156,0005 – 10 years 
Chief Executive Officer $113,000– $157,0002-3 years 
General Manager$106,000 – $138,0004 years 
Entrepreneurship$29083 – $1339611-4 years 

Best jobs for MBA Graduates 

If you are achieving an MBA or interested in pursuing one, here is a list of the best jobs for MBA Graduates.

1. Financial Manager

Financial managers oversee a Bank or financial company’s financial transactions and activities. They are an important factor in the company. Because They (Financial managers)  create financial procedures, and investment activities and manage cash.

Average Salary: $109,740 

MBA Specializations Preferred: Having provided the best prospects

Market Outlook:

7% projected growth from 2019- to 2024, which is considered faster than for all occupations (average).


  • Highly demanding
  • High salary
  • job security
  • various work settings  


long hours

demanding responsibilities

Extensive experience needed high stress

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2. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is one of the most demanded job careers.  Usually 

Marketing managers develop pricing strategies, sell the company’s products, and manage budgets. 

Average Salary: $123,450

MBA Specializations Preferred: specialization in marketing.

Market Outlook: 9% projected growth, which is considered faster than for all occupations (average).


Potential for a lot of growth in the job field including encouraging and educating others, traveling, and Leading people. 


Having difficulty managing both bringing in business and Leadership to your team.

3. Health Services Manager

They are the most important factor in the health Department. They help government reforms to healthcare delivery. They Supervise the work of clerical, doctors, and technicians workers and make sure all service runs smoothly. 

Average Salary: $96,500

MBA Specializations Preferred: 

A specialization in Healthcare Informatics or Healthcare Management is excellent for this field.

Market Outlook: 17% projected growth from 2019- to 2024, which is considered faster than for all occupations (average).


  • one of the best highest-paid careers
  • good working conditions
  • Job security
  • Highly demanding


demanding responsibilities, 

Long hours,

Attached to complex systems.

4 . Computer and Information Systems Manager

Job career of a CIS manager is the highly demanded job opportunity in the world.  They serve all kinds of IT support in finance administration.   However, They also are responsible for coordinating, directing, and planning all types of computer activities in organizations. 

Average Salary: $135,800 

MBA Specializations Preferred:

It is preferred for cyber security and information technology

Market Outlook: 15% projected growth from the last 10 years.


High job growth 

top position in the IT field

Great pay


  • The field is constantly changing, meaning skills need to be updated continually. 
  • Long hours
  • stressful

5. Business Operations Manager

The goal of Business operations managers is to manage the global supply chain more Proficiently. They also use their skills and knowledge in operations management and chain management.  

Average Salary: $99,310

MBA Specializations Preferred: Chain management is Highly Profitable.


  • Good salary, 
  • potential to advance.
  • a variety of industries ( import/export, trading, etc.)


  • High pressure
  • Competitive
  • Long hours

How to get a Good job after MBA

Consider some factors before starting your MBA program like what are your main goals, and why you want to study for an MBA.   Ask yourself.  Are you perfect for an MBA or not? Decide wisely, success must come. 


Continue studying before the term ends –

Usually, a full-time MBA program is at least 2 years.  This time there are two short covers for the Course-Program.  

So if you want an attractive and comprehensive job after MBA, you should continue your study before the term ends. 

Continue your research and clean expectations –

Research is the best way to study. It complements knowledge. Increase your power of research. It helps success in a job career.

Clean What are your expectations after the MBA program MBA is a competitive program Which is also difficult in the case of jobs.  So Search for your expectations and try to achieve them. 

MBA career paths

MBA course is an expensive demanded Program in Business administration faculty.  It has many attractive career paths.  Here is a list of the best MBA career paths that are accredited worldwide.   

Business Analyst


Business consultant

Financial adviser

Financial accounting

Human resource management

General Manager

Management Consultant

Marketing management

Operations management

Investment banking

Financial Analyst

Business development

Product Management

Sales Management

Financial Management


Brand management

Chief Financial Officer

Information technology management

Market research

is MBA worth it 

Is it easy to get a job after completing MBA 

Of course,  it is easy to get a job after completing an MBA program. For this opportunity,  you have to meet some requirements.  

For example- you have to have a good GPA score, extra curriculum,  leadership, etc.  

Keep in mind, that outside of your MBA course you will need to acquire sufficient knowledge to qualify for the successful completion of official work.

You will get a job after completing the MBA program, you will be able to achieve these. 

  1. High GPA score
  2. Extra curriculum or skills
  3. Having completed an IELTS,  TOFEL, or any English skill development score (if you are not a native English speaker).

How to apply and admission MBA 

Here we will mention a process how to apply and admission for MBA Admission 2022: 

  • Step-1: First of all, Applicants can see the University they want to pursue and the entrance exam that it accepts.
  • Step-2: To qualify they have to apply for the sit, entrance for it, and cross the pass mark.
  • Step-3: then applicants will be able to apply at the official website of the Institute. However, in some special cases,  applicants can apply physically.  
  • Step-4: for the admission test, a  merit list will be published on a certain date. they will be able to participate in the admission test if applicants find themselves on the list.

Candidate requirements

Below is a list of some basic requirements for an MBA program:

  • Application Standard
  • GMAT/GRE score
  • Completed online application form
  • Application essays
  • Name and details of your referee
  • A copy of your university transcripts
  • A one-page curriculum vita
  • Proof of English language skill development certificate
  • Application fee

Pros & Cons MBA 


You will have one step in your competition, you can complete your MBA graduation from any top-ranked University.

An MBA provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to progress in your successful job career field.

You can earn a higher massive salary when completing an MBA course.  


You should not take an MBA course if you don’t intend to work in a management or Business-related field.

An MBA is a comprehensive research subject and a part of the business administration faculty.  So it has a higher cost to continue studying.  

Going to an unknown or online Institute will not get you Observed.

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