Why study Economics Abroad (Complete Guide)

Economics is one of the best huge subjects. It is based on finance and business, why study Economics abroad, many degrees provide the facilities, so much related to the wider world to spend an Allocation year in industry. Candidates of economics are extremely attractive to banks, international companies, and governments. So economics is the best place for a career.  

In addition to higher salaries, there are also benefits of traveling abroad. A student in economics can expect to be earning around £26,000 pounds in their first salary.

Best Countries to Study Economics

Below we will mention a list of the Best Countries to Study Economics Abroad. 

1. Spain

Spanish universities and the Spanish government both also offer various attractive scholarship opportunities for international students.  There is a good foundation of research and teaching, creating a healthy learning environment in Spain.  

Reasons: International academic reputation, various economics degrees, quality teaching, and research.   

Locations: Spain is known for its own cultural and historical background, Located in Southwestern Europe. Many international students choose the country because of its culture, environment, and location.

All universities in Spain also provide various degrees in economics. There are bachelor’s to Ph.D. degrees. These Degrees are best for those who want to specialize in economics. 


2. The United States

Reasons: experienced mentors, top-performing universities, and highly paid graduates

Locations: The United States is known best for studying abroad. The United States The world’s largest economy and a continuously growing country is a perfect and suitable country for international students in economics.  

Usually, if international students study here, they will be mentored by professors in the field or the best instructors.  On the other hand,  they can choose from the top-ranking universities globally. However, Economics is a highly paid and demanded major in the United States compared to other countries.

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3. Germany

Reasons: Affordable tuition fees, excellent higher education,  and English-taught programs. 

Locations: Germany is famous for having a highly advanced economy. If you are wanting to study in a European country without spending expensive dollars on tuition fees and a living allowance, Germany is an excellent country to study economics for domestic and international students. This country is known for its inexpensive universities with quality education.

You can continue to study economics for a low cost of the tuition fee in a world-class professional university with a quality education. 

There are no tuition fees available at most German public universities. So international students are also welcome thanks to the authority.  So many reasons this is the best for studying abroad in economics.

4. The United Kingdom

Reasons: Excellent universities, living costs and reasonable tuition, and more work opportunities.

Locations: The United Kingdom, is the best place to study abroad, and provides many educational and work experiences for international students to study abroad in economics. This country has a lot of World-ranking universities. And these universities are known for their research and quality teaching. 

5. China

Reasons: innovative education, Business-centered environment, and affordable tuition fees.

Locations: In terms of economy, China is one of the best leading economies in the world. The world’s largest economy and continuously growing country, universities in China can provide the best experience to economics majors with quality education, through their innovative teaching and practical. China is the first goal to study abroad for international students.

Top 10 Universities To study abroad for economics 

Stanford University

University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

University of California, Berkeley

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yale University

University of Chicago

1. University of Melbourne, Australia

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates: 9,050 AUD, and 39,168 AUD for International students. 

Tuition fee for Graduate: 

The University of Melbourne in Australia is 25th in worldwide and 1st  in Australia for economics.  This Institute has been teaching economics and business studies since 1855. 

There is a number of specialized research centers including an experimental economics laboratory at the University of Melbourne.  

International students at Melbourne University are accommodated with free pick-up service from the airport. Foreign students can access financial, housing, and well-being support during their move to Melbourne.


2. University of Toronto, Canada

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates:  

Tuition fee for Graduate:

The University of Toronto in Australia is 21st in the worldwide and 1st  in Canada for economics. This university is best for economics for international students. The university provides research and teaches a wide range of faculty in the economics field that applied data analysis, span theory, and econometric methodology.

3. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates:  

Tuition fee for Graduate:

China is one of the best leading economic countries in the world.  There are a lot of world-ranking universities for economics in China. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, abbreviated to HUST, is 2nd in Asia and 24th in the world. 

There are 60+ nationalities represented in their student organization. Their faculty of economics is also focused on the Chinese economy, economic development and growth, international economics, and industrial organization, econometrics.

4. University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates:  

Tuition fee for Graduate:

The University of Oxford is a comprehensive research and co-educational public university and is 7th in the world for its economics Course program.  According to a UK Research Assessment, Oxford University is the top-ranked University for overall research strength in economics. 

5. Erasmus School of Economics, The Netherlands

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates:  

Tuition fee for Graduate:

Erasmus School of Economics is one of the top-ranked universities in the Netherlands. It is based on economics and business studies.  This Institute is 12th in Europe and 44th in the World for economics by QS. There are 30% international students made up of their student body. 

Erasmus School of Economics is divided into two scholarships. 

6. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates:  

Tuition fee for Graduate:

ETH Zurich in Switzerland is a comprehensive research co-educational Institute, ranked 1st in Switzerland and 35th in the world in Economics. It’s Known for its Master’s program in Economics, management, and technology.  

7. Bocconi University, Italy

Tuition fee for Under-Graduates:  

Tuition fee for Graduate:

Bocconi University is a comprehensive research-based public university.  It is known best for Economics and technology.  It is 1st in Italy and 16th in the world for Economics. This university provides many attractive opportunities including tuition fees,  a living allowance, and scholarships.  

8. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a comprehensive research private university,  located in Chicago, Illinois Founded in 1890, it is divided into the two main campuses located: in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and another campus are out of the city. This university is known for technology and economics degrees.  

In Fall 2021, There are  18,452 students in this University including 10,893 graduate students and 7,559 undergraduates in Fall 2021. 

Selection Criteria

The universities included in our ”Best universities to Study abroad in Economics” list were chosen for a Diversity of selection criteria factors that we hope will help foreign students find their destination university abroad.

Selection criteria are based on extracurriculars and internship availability.  In this article, we discuss the world and national rankings of the university, ease of application to student visas, and popularity of the study abroad goals. That is the selection criteria. 

However,  we researched in this article the importance placed on programs and the percentage of employment of international students after graduation. 

  • Tuition fee for Under-Graduate)
  • Tuition fee for Graduate 
  • Selection Criteria

Best program for Study Economics 

  • Costs and visas
  •  Study duration 
  • Scholarships opportunities for Economics  


University of Glasgow

Degree level: Undergraduate

Qualification type: MA (Hons)—  Master of Arts (with Honours)

Course duration: 4 years

Course options: 2022 – 2023

Location: Gilmorehill (Main) Campus

Scholarship: available 


University of Glasgow

Degree level: Undergraduate

Qualification type: MA (Hons)—  Master of Arts (with Honours)

Course duration: 4 years

Course options: 2022 – 2023

Location: Gilmorehill (Main) Campus

Scholarship: available


1. ISEG – School of Economics and Management

Program Details

Institute: ISEG Summer School

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Program Type: Study Abroad

Term: Summer

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

2. Lexia Study Abroad: Barcelona — Business and Economics

Program Details

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Program Type: Study Abroad

Term: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer, Academic Year,

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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Lexia Study Abroad: Barcelona – Business and Economics

Program Details

This program introduces students to the language, history, art, architecture, politics, economics, and culture of Spain while locating Barcelona

in the larger context of the Mediterranean region. Coursework, language training, workshops, excursions, and t

Program Overview

Program Description: The Lexia program in Barcelona is affiliated with The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). The program also includes guest lectures from the government sector, public culture, artists, architects, and representatives of Barcelona’s ethnic communities.

What type of economics degrees are available

  • Requirements to study economics 

Here we discuss the requirements to study economics. 

Levels: Entry requirements range in economics from BCC to A*A*A, with the institutions most Generally asking for AAB.

English language course requirements: 

IB: 40-42 points, IELTS: 6.0 (at least) with a minimum of 5.5 points in each component.

Subject requirements:

All universities require: A-Level/ International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Mathematics

Admission assessment: 

All applicants in Economics are required to give an admission Test in Mathematics. Applicants must need to pass the admission test for their destination. 

Submitted work:

Details of the submitted performance requirements for the faculty of Economics for 2022-2023 entry will be here in April.

Further guidance: We will recommend you to do as much Excessive mathematics as possible. However please check the Faculty’s official website for more information.

Extra qualifications: See Gateway requirements

  • Future economics job & careers

Here is a list of growing and lucrative economic jobs that will put you on a clear gateway toward success.

1. Financial Manager

Financial management is one of the best classic Job careers for the business and economics administration Department.  They also devise Tricks to help companies expand. Normally a financial manager’s  Median Pay is  $129,890 US dollars. They serve as an important factor of a company. 

2. Securities Trader

Securities Trader is the main factor in a corporate company.  They sell and invest securities for clients ranging from individuals to 500 companies. Securities Traders are also responsible for the success of these transactions. Usually, they also use their economic foresight and knowledge to make good decisions. 

3. Budget Analyst

A budget Analyst is a front part of a finance company. Their main duty is to compile the budget. A Budget Analyst is also responsible for requests for funding, conducting cost-benefit analyses, reviewing budget proposals, and other duties.  Their median pay is $81,344 US dollars.  

4. Economist

Economists build economic models and present that to their senior Officers.  To study Economists you know how society uses limited resources, such as raw materials, water,  land, and human labor, to satisfy their needs and wants. Usually, their salary is around $129,826 USD (Median Pay).

5. Management Consultant

Management consultants are a demanded job career in economics. Usually, they propose ways to improve a company’s efficiency. The main service of management consulting is to analyze economic trends, risk management, and business practices.  A management consultant’s median pay is around $103,022 USD.


Studying abroad in Economics is a comprehensive research and accredited worldwide study abroad.  There is the highest pay in job career paths in economics. The percentage is growing exponentially day by day based on the demand for international students for the economy. In this article, we try to provide all information about studying economics abroad. If there are any topic mistakes, Please knock on our support team or comment on this article.  

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