Online learning tools for young learners

Learning is no longer confined to the classroom — these days, online learning for young learners helps support kids, young learners and brain development amid an glowingly modern world.  Today, we will discuss about online learning tools for young learners, a few amazing virtual learning tools, kids apps, e-learning websites, Best Free learning programs for young kids, and many more facts.

13 Online learning tools for young learners

In the last ten years, Our method of education has changed extremely. For benefit of online learning platform, Children can now study at home without going to kindergarten. Students can continue their education even during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

In this article, we are going to provide you our 13 interactive online learning tools for young to make their lives easier.

1. Learn English Kids

LearnEnglish Kids is one of the most well-known online learning tools, and is controlled and prepared by the British Council. It was also created to support parents and teachers whose children can’t go to preschool or school at the moment.

There you will find tips and advice about helping your children practise their English at home. Thus, you can find here a lot of free virtual games, songs, stories and activities for kids. 

For parents and teachers, there are articles, videos on using English at home,  and information about English language courses. 

The LearnEnglish Kids contains

1. Read & write about fun and interesting topics!

2. watch fun stories and videos and Learn to sing songs in English

3. Play games with our fun twisters

4. Learn how to spell English words with stories and songs. 

5.Learn how to say English words with songs and stories.

6. Know about grammar rules, watch fun videos, and play word games.

7. Print worksheets, coloring pages, and flashcards, or make some crafts.

Online learning tools for young learners

2. Starfall 

Starfall is offered by The Starfall Education Foundation, is a kid’s website that teaches basic English speaking, reading and writing skills. The main demographic of this platform is pre kindergartens , and kindergarteners.

It also focuses on reading and writing skills, but covers several other courses such as art, maths, and languages. 

Surprisingly, the Starfall app is a child-friendly Apps for all kinds of children (especially) who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia. Because the app was designed by professionals who faced this type of problem in childhood. 

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the best online learning tools for young learners. It is the easiest and most attractive way to study, practice and become adept in whatever your kids are learning. It also allows students to create short tests, flashcards, and spelling Quizzes.

However, this app makes learning fun and easy for the learners. You can sign up for a Quizlet; you can prepare themselves for practice. 

3. WordSalad

WordSalad is a great e-learning app for generating “word clouds” from the text that you give. It allows you to tweak the word clouds by changing fonts, word,  colours orientation. 

The app contains pretty pictures, magic,  picture books, videos, and free games that are also user-friendly for kids. 

4. Curious World

Curious World is a great e-learning platform that is accredited globally.  It has a lot of content to endorse learning and social proficiencies for kids.

There are free virtual games, videos, ebooks and Puzzle. However, this app is also user-friendly. Because there are no ads or external links.  Usually you can get to use this app without any payment for  7-days. Curious World app’s paid subscription is around $7.99 USD in a month.

5. StoryBird

Storybird is the most popular learner-based online tool for readers and writers. It provides a public library to writers and creation tools to readers around the world.

Learners can browse for articles, stories that they enjoy creating their own stories, picture books, and poems and reading.

With a StoryBird account, a user can keep a draft of poems and stories written by your learners in your private Storybird class. The app will help you build books in a few minutes.

Learners can design picture books, create their own stories, on their own or work in teams (e.g., author and artist) to create visually appealing representations of their knowledge.

6. Kahoot

Kahoot is the most popular free game-based  e-learning platform. Learning becomes more easy and fun with this learning platform. Also, with Kahoot you can create your own games, analyse and quizzes the score at the end. Learners of all ages (especially young learners) enjoy Kahoot.  

Kahoot creates a competitive environment in the class.  Because as learners receive points for their correct responses

7. Raz-Kids

Raz-Kids is an award-winning learning web and an interactive virtual reading tool that delivers hundreds of levelled eBooks that learners use to practise reading at home, or on the go. 

This award-winning website provides kids 24/7 Web access to the practice they need to become better and more confident learners. 

It is an excellent educational app for independent practice of reading comprehension proficiency, such as inference, vocabulary.

8. Spelling Stage

Spelling Stage is a most popular kids-educational and family entertainment app for iOS devices. It is also Utile for kids of all ages.  Spelling Stage allows spelling practice and users to play in 3 different competitions like Delirium, LLC, CA.

The paid subscription of Spellingstage app provides a wide range of words for several age groups, from preschoolers to young.

9. is a largest eBook and educational website for child learners. In this e-learning website, you can find lesson plans, hands-on activities,  printable worksheets, and games for kids staged 4 to 12. 

With over 30 thousand printable and digital resources, toddlers can learn about any topic they are interested in.

10. Wonderopolis 

Wonderopolis is a marvellous virtual learning  platform. This platform is designed for young kids, also provides readings to answer uncommon questions and exciting videos.

There are a lot of attractive and fun questions and virtual games on this platform.

The platform also offers content on maths, science, technology, social studies, art, culture, and languages. 

11. Epic (ages 2-12)

Epic! is an American kids subscription-based online learning tools. It also offers access to articles, books, videos, and free games for kids ages 12 and under. 

You can find kid’s books, short tests, and spell Quizzes and more funny games about helping your kids practise their work and test at home. 

This service can be used on mobile devices, MacBook, iPad, and desktop.

12. Hungry Caterpillar Play School (Preschool/ Ages 2-6)

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is a great e-learning Apps, that is perfect to help children learn the skills that they will need for starting preschool. There are five main areas of learning factors for kids to play in:  alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours, arts and puzzles and book reading.

It also thoughtfully designed a curriculum for kids  ages 2-6 , using the ultra modern classroom-proven techniques. Usually kids can have hours and hours of interactive activities as well as videos, and exclusive books in this app.

13. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a most popular and interesting, and a great community-centred learning app and website that provides a platform for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate and build a large community together.

However, it is the most well-known virtual learning tool that is American-based. This website supplements the classroom experience without replacing it, and at the same time it provides communication and positive reinforcement among parents, teachers, learners.

In Summary

These tools mentioned above are safe and user-friendly for toddlers and designed to study with fun. In order to enrich and support the learning environment, the most appropriate media or tool is an online learning platform. They also provide skills training as well as extra knowledge of the world. And the most comprehensive part is that you can enjoy the content together with your child.

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