Is Online MBA Worth it? How to Respect your Invest

A question arises! Is Online MBA worth it? The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is an Exalted professional business degree that opens you up to infinite career opportunities. Online MBA is also designed for professional MBA students. 

Whether the degree under Online MBA  is good or bad.  Whether we get a government job or not to study Online MBA.  We will explain all questions including these and complete guidelines to study Online MBA. 

What is an Online MBA Worth?

Online MBA is a professional course program that is accredited worldwide.  According to a US News report in 2017, the average salary for learners 3 months after graduating from an online MBA program. the student would get around $96,974 USD. According to GMAC, The average salary in an online MBA program in 2022 is around $115,000 USD. 


Online MBA vs regular MBA

Most regular full-time MBA programs take around up to 24 months to complete, while part-time MBA programs take around 4 years.  

On the Other side, online MBA programs tend to be lower, ranging from 1 year to 1.5 years in many cases. EMBA’s MBA is Just 12 months and the Quantic’s MBA takes 1 year to complete.  Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details of Online MBA vs regular MBA

1. Online MBA Other Top Programs

Avg Years Work Experience: 8

Average Age on Entry: 33

Average Cost: 

$36,166 USD at AACSB online business schools

$23,918 USD (Regional accredited university)

Average Salary Growth: 22%

Avg Time to Complete: 12-24 months

% Requiring GRE/GMAT Score: 54.6%

2. Traditional MBA Other Top Programs

Average Years Work Experience: 4

Average Age on Entry: 27

Average Cost:  varies between programs, but most of the time the same as online. 

Avg Salary Growth: Not update 

Avg Time to Complete: 1-3 years

% Requiring GRE/GMAT Score: 94%

3. Quantic Programs

Average Years Work Experience: 4

Average Age on Entry: 30

Average Cost: roughly the same as online, but vary between programs

Avg Salary Growth: 23% 

Average Time to Complete: 13 months

% Requiring GRE/GMAT Score: not required

Is Online MBA Difficult

Online MBA is easy to get into but sometimes difficult to complete. To complete your online MBA, you must practice self-discipline in the online class time. 

However, you can successfully complete your online MBA properly With a little care. 

Best online MBA in the world 

To make your search easier, we have created lists of the Best MBA College offering online MBA programs in the four top locations for domestic and international studies:

The United States

All the Online MBA schools mentioned below offer internationally recognized diplomas. Follow the links to the university website, and check out the online MBA or Business and Management. 


U.S. Best Online MBA Programs 2022

University of Southern California

Indiana University 

University of North Carolina 

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Texas 

Lehigh University

Arizona State University 

University of Florida 

Pennsylvania State University

Rice University

Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2021

University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)

Indiana University (Kelley)

University of Florida (Warrington)

University of Maryland (Smith)

Babson College (Olin)

University of Utah (David Eccles)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Arizona State University (WP Carey)


The following list of Business Administration schools is made up of top business schools ranked by Global (QS) MBA Rankings 2022.  

They also provide online MBA study options.

  • Monash University
  • The University of Western Australia
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Melbourne Business School
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • La Trobe Business School
  • RMIT University
  • Victoria University

The United Kingdom

Here is a list of the best MBA Schools offering online MBA courses in the UK

  • The University of Edinburgh
  • Durham University Business School
  • Aston University
  • Nottingham University Business School
  • University of Warwick
  • Imperial College London
  • Cranfield School of Management
  • University of Leeds
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Strathclyde


Below, is a list of the best MBA Business schools in Europe, they also offer the best online MBA courses. 

  1. Politecnico di Milano School of Management
  2. IE Business School
  3. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany
  1. ESSEC Business School, France
  1. ESMT Berlin, Germany
  2. Vlerick Business School Online

How to Get Admission in MBA

Step-1: Register & Application Apply for MBA Entrance Exam: 

First of all, you have to complete your registration to get admission to MBA. At this time, you can apply online from home

Step-2: Look Through in MBA Entrance Exam

Before applying to enter your exam,  you can appear in XAT, NMAT,  CAT, or other relevant entrance exams.

Step-3: Final Admission Process:

All the candidates will have to appear in the Written Ability Test, and Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview.   Some Business administration Institutes select appropriate candidates after passing all exams including WAT and PI. 

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How to Choose an Online MBA Program

1. accreditation

accreditation is one of the most important considerations. this includes the institute is accredited as well as the course program, and coursework. usually, accreditation is completed by international organizations.  accreditation shows that the institute abides by the MBA program and is of the best quality with an outstanding education, and all important guidelines. when you choose an MBA college, you know you’re getting an optimal education in finance, business accounting, and other coursework. 

you should choose this type of MBA program institute that is accredited globally.  

2. coursework and curriculum

you have to analyze your MBA coursework and curriculum, before choosing an MBA school. 

take a school curriculum that is better than all other schools.

this is not generally an issue if you make sure the school and program are accredited. but it helps to find out correctly what you will be learning.

3. cost and value

MBA degree programs online are not affordable, but the cost is not your only worry. finding out how much the complete program and learning materials cost is the main and important fact.

you should not choose the cheapest MBA program or the most expensive MBA program on your budget. 

4. financing options

find an MBA college that accepts outside financing, such as college loans, scholarships, or grants, if you need help paying for your college education. 

some online MBA platforms even have their own scholarships or grants for selected learners, so that is another option to consider. when looking for scholarships or grants for online MBA degree programs.  see if you have a list of recommended online MBA schools.

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5. course delivery

course delivery is the most important matter for online learning platforms‘ authorities and learners. 

because when you can not deliver coursework,  consistently your learners face trouble and leave the course program.  for these reasons, online MBA platforms and learners both are faced with economic loss.  

6. career allocation

many online platforms offering MBA programs also give some type of career placement resources. this is a great bonus that helps you to narrow down your search. learners, if you do not already have an idea of where to work after obtaining your MBA course.

7. academic support

this is very important from support in finding academic support, and a career at the online MBA schools.

usually, b-schools should still give endless support to study. but this facility is more difficult on online learning platforms. 

8. ask recruiters

“ask recruiters” is another good option for finding the best online school. recruiters are duty bound for finding candidates for various levels.

because of that, you should be speaking to recruiters of MBA. 

9. reviews

you can review it in two ways. such as online,  and offline. 

speaking to previous or current students of the online MBA college is an illustrious way to find out details about the college. they also tend to be more upfront and honest with you. 

on the other hand,  online is an effective way to review.  you can research and analyze all information from your home or current residence.  

10. graduates and careers

finally, ask recent graduates in the MBA of the online school what they are doing professionally.  whether they feel their MBA from that online business school helped them in their current field of job. 

Is an online MBA Respected

online MBA an internationally accredited course program? 

Since 1916, AACSB international has offered employers worldwide the quality assurance that job candidates have participated in high-quality academic course programs.

In truth, in the economist’s 2022 listing of the world’s 300 best full-time MBA course programs, 90% of them had an association to advance collegiate schools of business (AACSB) accreditation.

Online MBA cost &  fees

top-ranked universities online MBA cost and fees 2022. here are the top 15 universities for picking your online MBA cost and fees. 

1. the university of new south wales (unsw)

course details

course name: unsw business school MBA (extension) agsm

online / state: NSW

2022 fees: $104,400 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $104,400 ( for international)

2. monash university

course details

course name:  MBA (executive) 

online / state: nsw

2022 fees: $98,400 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $112,600 ( for international)


3. university of Melbourne

course details

course name: emba — executive master of business administration in the University of Melbourne

online/ state : VIC

2022 fees: $103,500 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $103,500 ( for international)

4. macquarie university

course details

course name:  professional mba 

online / state: nsw

2022 fees: $80,000 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $80,000 ( for international)

5. la Trobe university

course details

course name:  professional MBA 

online / state: NSW

2022 fees: $97,500 (for domestic)

2022 fees: not fixed ( for international)

6. university of Queensland

course details

course name: university of Queensland  (professional)

online / state: Qld

2022 fees: $78,240 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $76,560 ( for international)

7. bond university

course details

course name: mba (professional)

online / state: qld

2022 fees: $68,190 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $73,110 ( for international)

8. western Sydney university

course details

course name: MBA (professional healthcare management)

online / state: VIC

2022 fees: $71,508 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $87,900 ( for international)

9. university of Wollongong 

course details

course name: executive master of business administration (EMBA) at university Wollongong.

online / state: NSW

2022 fees: $68,040 USD (for domestic)

2022 fees: $72,288 USD ( for international)

10. university of Adelaide

course details

course name: university of Adelaide business school MBA (extension)

online / state: sa

2022 fees: $66,000 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $75,000 ( for international)

11. Swinburne university of technology

course details

course name: swt — mba (executive)

online / state: vic

2022 fees: $64,960 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $81,600 ( for international)

12. Bond university

course details

course name: unsw business school mba (extension) agsm

online / state: qld

2022 fees: $63,860 (for domestic)

2022 fees: $68,380 ( for international)

13. western Sydney university

course details

course name: wsu business school MBA 

online / state: NSW

2022 fees: $61,648 (for domestic)

2022 fees: under research ( for international)

14. Deakin University

Course Details

Course Name: Business School MBA (Extension) in Deakin University

Online / State: VIC

2022 Fees: $60,196 (for Domestic)

2022 Fees: $83,000 ( for International)

15. Universal Business School Sydney

Course Details

Course Name: Business School MBA (Extension) in UBSS

Online / State: NSW

2022 Fees: $31,920 (for Domestic)

2022 Fees: $31,920 ( for International)

Online Mba Pros and cons


Affordability:  Online MBA is a more affordable course program, that is accredited globally.   Usually, your living costs and other expenses are also accounted for.

Access to the best courses

You will be able to access the high-quality MBA courses by Choosing an online MBA course, no matter where your location and where you live.

Largest flexibility: Studying for a Distance/ online MBA gives the chance to work around your other commitments, and study flexibly such as family, employment, and caring responsibilities.

Time management: 

You can manage your time properly and take short courses or long courses in an online MBA.  

However, You can successfully complete your goals in the MBA program.  


1. You May need additional notebooks and practical exercises.

2. is a bit more test-oriented

3.  Not great for advanced MBA learners

4.  Use a more casual Program at times

5. There are Fewer networking opportunities

6. Less likely to receive financial support

7. Acknowledgement from employers

is online MBA valid for government jobs

Yes, an Online MBA is Valid for Government Jobs as well as further studies also.

There are a lot of questions in the minds of teachers, Students, and Parents. , Working people Concerning online MBA and the biggest question that arises is what is an online MBA valid for a government job?  

All online learning degrees awarded with Acceptance from the online education Council are valid degrees for applying to and Attachments central government jobs.

Whether the degree under Online MBA Degree is valid or not.  Whether we can apply for an online MBA  or not for a government job. Then there are so many such questions from students and parents. 

In a sentence,  we will say that an online MBA is a valid government job. 

MBA Salary

The most recent survey results show that the average MBA salary : 

MBA programSalary
bachelor’s degreeUS$65,000
median startingUS$115,000

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