Top 50 Best Educational Websites for Kids & Preschoolers free list

There are Straightly thousands of educational websites or e-learning platforms and online resources, covering a lot of subject areas, but it seems Inconvenient to know which websites are high-quality and fun enough to keep your kid’s attention for a while. This collection provides a list of the 50 Best Educational free Websites for Kids in 2023. This article is very useful for pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten students and their teachers and Guardians. 

1. (Ages 2-7)

ABC Mouse is Perfect for the youngest kids ages 2-7, ABC Mouse gives a full online curriculum covering reading, arts & colors, science, and maths. There are more than 9,000 activities available here. 

It is also designed for creates an immersive learning experience that your kids will want to explore for hours It’s free for the first 30 days. Check the official website of ABC Mouse to Get a free trial for the first 30 days. 

2. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is a comprehensive research and documentary platform.  Most people knew about National Geographic, but did they know that there is a free online platform or website dedicated completely to kids?

The National Geographic for kids’ high-quality website is the best resource for kids in primary and secondary school to learn about science, history, U.S. States, and more.

Your children can explore the world from their homes with the National Geographic Kids website, an interactive online platform from the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society is a worldwide nonprofit organization committed to protecting the wonder of the world.

Kids find online games, quizzes, funny fill-ins, science activities, videos about fun facts and amazing animals, free resources about space, science, U.S. states, histories, and so much more.

3. (K-12)

Does your toddler love to play games on their device? So Freckle may be the best Learning platform for your toddler. Freckle is especially for younger kids, and it’s a fully FREE website!

What makes it special is that it differentiates English Language Arts, Math, Science instruction, and Social Studies through fun games and activities. This website is very easy for children to use, and it keeps their concentration so that they can get their work done – without guilt. 

4. PBS Kids (Ages 3-10)

PBS KIDS is a most popular online platform for kids, offering kids ages 3-10 the opportunity to explore new worlds through digital media and new ideas – and most popular TV shows, of course.

Your kid’s experience on PBS kids is guaranteed to be high-quality and educational. All of your kid’s favorite characters join them in age-appropriate online games, they have free access to watch videos in Spanish or English, draw on a blank canvas, learn songs, print off coloring pages, and create their own scenes. PBS kids are definitely only one of the best free educational websites. It also has a free app!

5. (K-12)

If your school has not offered a lot in terms of online learning, Khan Academy is one of the best websites that doesn’t cost anything.

It’s only the best way to ensure a well-rounded Syllabus at home. There are lessons in every subject for the age group and every grade level.  It’s very easy for a child to use, still, you may get Divided to help with a transition here and there.

6. (K-6)

CoolMath4Kids is one of the best educational websites in the world. It makes learning math really and really fun. Kids of all grades, and no matter their Proficiency level, will love these math quizzes, plus lessons and math games, manipulatives, and brain teasers. 

However, CoolMath4Kids’ very interactive online learning platform will keep your children learning and entertained. its FREE version is available!

7. (K-12)

Mystery Science is a science-fiction fully teaching learning website.  It is intended to help teachers with their science lesson plans, but older toddlers will love to peruse the information and videos that they can access here. You can log in for free access for a limited time.

A child will love the science videos about topics like “Why do foxes or dogs wag their tails?” and “What type of animals might there be in the world in the future”

After the documentary video, there are fun Extent activities.

8. Ted Talks for Kids (K-12)

TED Talks are well-known for being informative, fun, and captivating to their audience. TED Talks will find online games, quizzes, funny fill-in videos, science activities about amazing animals and fun facts, free resources about space, science, U.S. states, histories, and so much more.

9. Crash Course YouTube Videos (K-12)

Crash Course is one of the well-known YouTube web pages. This YouTube page offers hundreds of fast-paced, engaging “Crash Courses” on every topic imaginable.

It is totally free to access. Each video content is about 15 minutes, and your child can choose any topic that Self-interest them!

Top 50 Best Educational Websites for Kids

10. (K-5)

Raz-Kids is a great learning website for ages K-5. It also is an award-winning website that offers comprehensive leveled reading resources for kids and students. They offer hundreds of eBooks at more than 30 different levels of reading Disadvantages.

Children access their leveled online eBooks through an interactive learning platform designed to keep them engaged and motivated.

All eBook is available in online platforms and mobile formats, and allow toddlers to listen to, record themselves reading, and read at their own pace.

11. Art for Kids Hub (K-8)

Learning to draw is a comprehensive skill that can bring life-long Delight to your kids. The Art for Kids Hub is a popular YouTube Channel that offers hundreds of step-by-step drawing videos of pictures your child will actually love.  This platform is a great teacher, is friendly and engaging, and always reminds the visitors that drawing is fun.

12. Time for Kids

From the publishers of the Time Magazine platform, we get Time for Kids, where school-age children will find age-appropriate news and videos like “Algorithm Art” and “Exploring Mars”.

Their mission is to nurture tomorrow’s leaders and today’s learners with authentic news and the critical-thinking proficiencies that shape active worldwide citizens.

13. How Stuff Works

“How Stuff Works” is an award-winning learning website, with reliable, easy-to-understand explanations and answers to how the world actually works. You will find games, quizzes, articles, videos, and more.

You will find thousands of videos about animals, adventure, science, tech, health, and more. Their podcasters, writers, editors, and video hosts share fun topics on videos, audio podcasts, and social media platforms.

14. Starfall (K-3)

Starfall is one of the well-known learning platforms for kids ages 3. It has been online since 2002.  it’s still completely ad-free and Its free version is available.

Starfall offers free language arts games, and math games for toddlers in preschool through 3rd grade, and keeps kids intrinsically motivated through positive reinforcement and play. 

The activities in this platform are research-based and align with Common and Individual Core State Standards in mathematics and English language arts. It has low-cost membership, but much of the material is completely free.

15. Science Bob

A great way to get your child excited about science and creative activities at home is with a visit to Science Bob. Science Bob provides science fair ideas, easy at-home science experiments, engaging videos, Science Q & A, and more.

16. Fun Brain (K-8)

Go to Fun Brain>>

Created for toddlers in grades Pre-k through 8, has been a leader in free educational games, and videos for toddlers since 1997. The fun brain provides hundreds of games, comics, videos, and books that develop skills in math, reading, literacy, and problem-solving.  

17. Nick Jr.

Go to Nick Jr. >>

Nick Jr. offers age-appropriate puzzles, games, and videos, as long as you are okay with your kids seeing their favorite TV characters like Nick Jr during learning time. Your kids can work on shape and number recognition, find fun printable worksheets, put together puzzles, and more.

18. Highlights for Kids

You may remember the Highlights Magazine from the doctor’s chamber when you were a Child. Today, Highlights is a great online learning platform that also provides activities, animated stories, science experiments, and games.

19. Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids is a great learning website. It features educational games for spelling, keyboarding, math, science, and more, plus lessons, videos, and worksheets for math, social studies, and science.

This website offers hundreds of videos, Games, eBooks, and comics for Pre-K through 3- 12

20. Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids

The Old Farmer’s Almanac For Kids is a great learning website for kids. 

Learn about the moon phases, amazing animal facts, monthly history highlights, and more.

This website is one of my favorite free educational websites! The Old Farmer’s Almanac For toddlers teaches toddlers about the moon phases and more.

21. Disney Jr.

On Disney Jr., our kids will find online coloring pages, plus Disney-themed games, and puzzles that focus on memory, color matching, number counting, and other proficiencies that young toddlers need to know. And, of course, our kid’s favorite Disney characters are with them. 

Our child’s favorite characters will learn them through educational videos, and games.

22. NASA Kids Club

NASA Kids Club is a comprehensive research and documentary platform.  Most people knew about NASA, but did they know that there is a free online platform and a Kids club dedicated completely to kids?

The NASA Kids Club for kids’ high-quality website is the best resource for kids in primary and secondary school to learn about science, history, U.S. States, and more.

Our little kids can join NASA Kids Club to walk on Mars from home, explore outer space, download hands-on STEM activities, and more.

23. Math Blaster

Math Blaster is a great fun way for toddlers to learn math through futuristic, competitive games and puzzles.

Math Blaster offers hundreds of games, videos, eBooks and puzzles, etc.

24. Duolingo

Duolingo is a Foreign language learning website.   Learning a language with Duolingo is addictive and fun. Kids earn points for correct answers, level up, and race against the clock.  You can learn English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

25. Make Me Genius

“Make Me Genius is a popular educational website. The website also focuses on science Lessons in games, and animation cartoon videos for Kids- 3-8 and up.

26. Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the best online learning platforms and the world’s most detailed world. You kids can explore 3D buildings, worldwide satellite imagery, and terrain for hundreds of cities.  

27. Wizarding World

Wizarding World is the official platform of Harry Potter, where you will find quizzes, funny characters, wizarding news, magical mischief, and games. It is the best place for your Harry Potter-loving kids.

28. Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a great learning platform.  Its official website is just right for prekindergartens.

The Sesame Street website is perfect for prekindergarten to find online coloring pages, appropriate games, art activities, and short videos.

29. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of the most popular virtual field trips is to the San Diego Zoo, where young kids can watch fun videos about animals, and learn fun facts. 

30. BBC History for ids

BBC History for Kids is one of the well-known e-learning educational websites for kids.

It also offers hundreds of games, videos, eBooks,s and puzzles for kids. 

31. Scholastic

Scholastic is a great Homebase learning platform. 

It is completely free to use with subscriptions, no download fee, or in-app purchases. You can customize your own character without a doubt.

Seussville is a most popular e-learning website – completely free! – Loaded with all the Bonkers characters from your favorite Dr. Seuss books, along with Seuss-themed games, puzzles, and a lot of videos based on the books.

33. BrainPop

Brain Pop is used in pre-kindergartens, and schools throughout the country, however, families can use Brain Pop, too!

BrainPOP Family program has the potential to transform Inactive screen time into active learning with quizzes and movies on 1,000+ topics.

34. Curious World

Curious World is a great e-learning website and an ad-free app for learning offline and online.

The curious world is subscription-based and includes several games, educational content, videos, and books, plus fun hands-on activities like craving, cooking, creative play, science experiments, and more across eight educational areas.

35. FunBrain

Created especially for children in grades Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, Fun brain provides hundreds of books, comics, videos, and games that develop skills in math, reading, literacy,  and problem-solving.

One of the favorite Fun Brain games is Grammar Gorillas. Toddlers have to help the gorillas identify parts of speech. Each time you select the correct answer, the Grammar Gorillas get food like bananas.

36. Kidz Page

Kidz Page is a comprehensive research website for kids packed with free online games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, clipart, and printable.

The best part is that it is organized by holidays and seasons so you can always find something Topical.

They add new educational activities, games, and printables on a regular basis.

37. Learn with Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution is a great e-learning platform and the pillar of new knowledge. It’s the world’s largest museum, research complex, and education, with a National Zoo and 21 museums.

And it also offers a website full of free resources, games, and videos for kids and teens!

Kids can meet the local residents at the zoo and museums, discover attractive and fun facts about them, and learn about Reservation status.

Usually, your kids can explore some of the Smithsonian’s most Stored objects, complete digital jigsaw puzzles, create personal collections, and so much more!

More free Educational Websites for Kids:

38. Storyline Online (Free!)

39. ABCya (Free!)

40. Fuel The Brain (Free!)

41. Youngzine (Free!)

42. Turtle Diary (Free!)

43. Mr. Nussbaum (Free & Ad-Free!)

44. TVO Kids (Free!)

45. Steve Spangler Science (Free!)

46. E-Learning For Kids (Free!)

47. Mission US (Free!)

48. Grammaropolis (Free!)

49. Fun Fonix (Free!)

50. Crypto Club (Free!)

Consolation: In this article, we have discussed more prekindergarten or kindergarten free learning websites, Best Free learning programs for kids, suitable YouTube channels for kids, online kindergarten websites for kids, and many more facts.

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